Taking It To The Streets! (Sign Wave)

February 23, 2010

CameraFRAUD volunteers are planning to hit the scamera companies where they live, again! This time it’s a sign wave at the corner of Rural Road and University Drive. This has been one of our more popular locations in the past and it’s littered with fraudulent automated ticketing machines. Thursday February 25th is the date and 5 p.m. is the time.

We’re always well received by the University crowd, as you can imagine. $181 could pay for a lot of books, but Redflex is just out to funnel everyone’s money to Australia. Let’s get together and tell them how we feel about it.

Get out there and be heard Arizona!

(check the meetup for details)

Thank YOU!

February 6, 2010

Please share your favorite moments during the Showdown at High Noon with Sheriff Babeu. This is an open forum. Bravo!

Ban Photo Radar: Demonstration Today in Chandler, AZ

February 20, 2009


Its time to make another great showing of solidarity and determination. Automated ticketing and overzealous surveillance will no longer be tolerated in the Grand Canyon State.

Come on out anytime between 3:00 and 7:00!


Also a good idea: Forward this event to a friend, call a co-worker with the news, or for you Twitter users why not consider posting an update to your account?


Photo Radar Protests Spread Nationwide

February 17, 2009

kcmoMembers of the “Liberty Restoration Project” recently held a demonstration opposed to the use of automated ticketing machines in Kansas City, MO. They are supporting state Senate Bill 211 which would ban the practice outright.

nbcdcIn Maryland, members of CameraFRAUD DC held a small rally which drew the attention of NBC Washington. “Do you really think that these people came out today because they want to be able to drive too fast?” said one forum participant on the NBC Washington website.

“They came out because they did a little investigating and found out what a racket this is...”

In Arizona, CameraFRAUD plans to hold a rally on Friday afternoon in the Phoenix-suburb of Chandler. Past demonstrations in Arizona have drawn hundreds of participants and captured the attention of local media.

Upcoming CameraFRAUD Event

January 12, 2009

the-face-of-camerafraud1"She's like a rainbow..."

FRIDAY, January 16 – 4:00 PM

East vs. West Sign Wave / Demonstration + Sign the Initiative!

CameraFRAUD will be holding TWO simultaneous demonstrations / sign waves to see which side of town is really serious about the cameras coming down!  Come on out to also sign the ballot initiative outlawing photo enforcement in Arizona.

(The East Side is currently beating West Side in registrations: 36 East, 24 West. 1/12/09 @ 6:40 PM.)

RSVP EAST SIDE: 67th Ave and 101: Click for details…

RSVP WEST SIDE: US-60 and Longmore: Click for details…

12/18 CameraFRAUD Event

December 15, 2008

WHAT: Freeway Overpass Demonstration / Sign Wavesinwan43

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 18 @ 4:00 PM

WHERE:  1600 S. Longmore, Mesa AZ (@ the US-60)

WHY: Because the cameras are coming down.

HOW: Just come by… it’s so easy!

More Details / RSVP here, or to be notified of future events.

ACTION ALERT: Wednesday Demonstration at Redflex HQ

December 2, 2008

sinwan4WHAT: Street Action / Demonstration

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec 3 @ 4:00 PM

WHERE: Redflex Traffic Systems – 23751 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix AZ

Click to RSVP For This Event (recommended but not required)

DPS political officials, co-conspirators in the biggest case of FRAUD in the history of Arizona, have released their much-anticipated photo scam numbers.

40,000 automated tickets have been generated out of thin air within the past two months, according to the Associated Press.

CameraFRAUD estimates that the illegitimate and fraudulent tickets have a street value of over $6.6 million dollars, if the theft of $165 is successful in all cases.

CameraFRAUD.com, the leading activism group promoting the elimination of photo enforcement, will be taking the fight directly to the heart of the Australian beast: Redflex Headquarters.

The Cameras Are Coming Down.

“All They Want To Do Is Take Your Money”

August 26, 2008

New video shows valley demonstators have taken to the highways to object to Redflex’s illegal and illegitimate photo enforcement vans. The vehicles, which are “fully dressed” as DPS Highway Patrol vehicles, are owned and operated by the Australian firm, possibly in violation of multiple Arizona Revised Statues (We’ll have more on this later).

Those advocating the removal of the vans argue that a greater police presence is the only proven method to reduce traffic fatalities, as automated enforcement cameras cannot catch drunk drivers or stolen cars.

See the video at Youtube and be sure to send it to your friends.

CameraFRAUD.com Success: Media BLITZ!

August 22, 2008

We got their attention. Now, we need your help to get this in the national media. Please take a moment to send these links to your favorite publications. Some suggestions include DRUDGE Report, CNN, and USA Today. Enjoy!

UPDATE, SAT Aug 23 2:11PM: We’re getting some national coverage. See “new” links below:

KTVK-TV 3: VIDEO: “Many protest radar in Scottsdale”

KTVK-TV 3: 9PM (More extensive follow up video)

(NEW!) MSNBC.com has picked up the Tribune article

AZCentral: Speed camera protesters say “Honk for Privacy”

East Valley Trib: Protestors bash photo radar at protest

KTAR 92.3FM’s coverage (ran promos for this story all day)

KNXV-TV ABC 15 – People in Scottsdale Protest Photo Radar

The Arizona Republic featured us in their Saturday print edition (see “Valley and State”)

The East Valley Tribune also featured us in their Saturday print edition.

Photo.BLORGE (Australia) has picked up the story

(NEW!) Phoenix New Times mentioned CameraFRAUD, linking to the KTAR story

KPHO 5 or KPNX 12 were also present, (waiting on footage)

(Even Cat Galaxy Media was present, a special-interest “Cat-talk” net radio station. )

If you attended, please post a reply to this message about your experience today!


August 19, 2008

Fraud and deceit alleged on the part of camera operators

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Aug 20, 2008 (Direct news media distribution)—- Local activists will soon express their disapproval with Redflex Group and American Traffic Solutions, Inc., two suppliers of automated traffic-enforcement equipment to the State of Arizona and various municipalities.

WHEN: Friday, August 22nd – 5:00 PM

WHERE: N.E. corner, Scottsdale Road and Thomas Road, Scottsdale, AZ.

WHY: CameraFRAUD.com, a web blog detailing the activities and politics behind the cameras, is inviting the public to join other valley activists.

Recently revealed information shows that Redflex Group and the Department of Public Safety may have knowingly conspired to use non-certified radar guns in at least two of their mobile van units, a move that prompted the agency to temporarily remove the vans from service.

Redflex had offered to refund up to 4,800 citations that were issued, but then later agreed with DPS that such a refund wasn’t necessary—calling the breach of due process an “honest mistake,” according to the Easy Valley Tribune1.

In July, Redflex was forced to terminate an employee who was discovered by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to have broken no less than four Arizona laws, including using an official notary stamp to falsify documents relating to traffic citations2.

Those attending the protest are advised to bring plenty of drinking water as temperatures are expected to reach 103 degrees.

Redflex Group is a privately-held company based in Australia performing law-enforcement activities in the United States3.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc., is headquartered in Scottsdale AZ, along with the company’s Orwellian “Global Network Operations Center,” which is “linked to all active cameras and data collection devices worldwide”4.

CameraFRAUD.com, founded in 2008, is a non-partisan group dedicated to “Slowing, Stopping, and Reversing the Theft of our Privacy.” They can be reached online at http://www.CameraFRAUD.com. Limited media interviews or questions may be requested via email at media@CameraFRAUD.com.

1. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/story/123214

2. http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/24/2464.asp

3. http://www.redflex.com/html/holdings/index.php

4. http://www.atsol.com/about/AboutUs.html

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