“We’re taping you, 24/7.”

watchingyouThat’s the message that Representative Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, believes that everyone should be privy to.

State lawmakers were “surprised” to learn that the “photo enforcement cameras they authorized last year to catch speeders are actually taking – and keeping – videos of everyone who passes,” according to the East Valley Tribune.

“…they learned that the cameras do more than snap still photos of those clocked driving at least 11 miles over the speed limit. In fact, they actually are recording streaming video around-the-clock.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, said what’s worse is that Redflex Traffic Systems, the private company hired by the state to set up and operate the cameras, advertises that it has technology that actually can scan in the license plates of every vehicle that passes the cameras. And that, Biggs said, allows creation of a database that can find out where people have been at any given time.”

Of course, this isn’t news to the people who’ve read CameraFRAUD.com over the past 4 1/2 months.

In honor of their rekindled interest in representing the will of the people, we humbly present the following reading list. Feel free to send this list to your state reps (click for lookup/contact info).

Arizona Representative and Senator
Recommended Reading List


1/19/09: Redflex and Red China: Partners in Oppression

1/08/09: Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates

12/12/08: Show Low To Track Drivers Like Cattle

12/07/08: Delays, Technical Problems Plague Redflex Rollout

12/05/08: DPSRedflex Contract Available Online (The politicians should have read this already!)

9/16/08: Cameras to Track Everyone, Everywhere

9/09/08: Redflex Driver DUI

88 Responses to “We’re taping you, 24/7.”

  1. Steven says:


  2. Joe says:

    Every unfortunate soul who DOES get served, should subpeona the videos of their vehicles traveling along the highway. Not just at the camera that cited them, but at each camera station along their route that day. I would imagine we should have the right to view all video that is relevant to our case, and that includes other cameras.

    If enough people subpeona this evidence, DPS and Redflex will be overwhelmed with requests, and it will make them sorry for ever collecting the data in the first place.

    If you do this, file a “subpoena duces tacem” and you can probably get that evidence before your court date. If they fail to provide it after filing it, ask to have the case dismissed.

  3. Shelly says:

    This article is from 2007 ! The state KNEW the cameras were recording devices !

  4. Joe says:

    I’m gonna go on record one more time and then shup-up about it. The organizers should have put ANPR data collection language in the ballott initiative. As a stand-alone issue, it will be MUCH harder to get the signature numbers needed, as most people signing simply hate the idea of possibly getting a speeding ticket. To hell with actual freedom.

    We had the opportunity to give them two for the price of one.

  5. Joe says:

    So what will result fron this new state legislature (or even the ballot) initiative? The cameras will simply stay up and the contract will shift into an ANPR data collection job. Same cameras, different purpose. Same end-result.

    And because of the word “radar”, the police could still issue possible speed citations by timing the time travelled by each respective license plate between cameras. As radar will no longer be responsible for the “speed” determination, DPS will simply revert to time calculations between fixed points (collected by ANPR technology, and not radar). Same cameras, different methods of determining guilt.

    Seriously, consider scrapping this ballot thing, re-writing a new one and then taking the current momentum of this movement and moving forward with it. There is still time.

  6. camerafraud says:

    Joe: Have you had a chance to read the initiative wording?

    It’s quite comprehensive while still meeting state’s requirements to only address one issue.

    It also eliminates photo enforcement no matter what the measuring technology.

  7. Joe says:


    I’ll concede that this prohibits them from issuing speeding tickets or other citations. But it does not prohibit the collection of the data (and storing and perhaps misuse of it).

    The attorney who wrote this must have the skills to keep a singular purpose statement that encompasses warrant-less data mining AND traffic citations. Language having to do with “needing probable cause” to collect data could clearly have been added.

    But like I said, we still have an opporunity. While I’m sure many signatures have been collected already, it’s still 100% possible to write this in a way that bans the big-brother aspect.

  8. Redflex Corporate says:

    Joe, dont be silly. We’ll bully and sue and bitch and moan about whatever the wording is.

    We’ll even fight to have ballots thrown out if the collector’s cousins’s uncle’s son is a felon, state law be damned.

    It’s best to obey us and just get used to it.

    Our omnipresence is godlike.

  9. RPr says:

    redflex corporate,

    The house committee hearing unveiled your fraud.

    have your phones been ringing from down under? LOL

  10. Redflex Corporate says:

    Silly RRP, you just don’t get it.

    We’re an Aussie company with our US corporate filings in the best shell-company state there is: Delaware.

    Our friend Janet now heads DHS. Our friend Joe (remember, Delaware) is now VP.

    Resistance is futile!

  11. Doc says:

    I’ve already sent a letter to my Congressman Andy Tobin, my Representative from District 1. Doc from Prescott

  12. RPr says:


    Gov brewer shocked to learn of video recording

  13. geez says:

    Ya’ll are just mad because while you were out there taping video of those drivers, making fools of yourselves, you were also being taped. More proof your just mad you got caught and nothing more.

  14. Uncle Slam says:


    Has anyone seen what this has evolved to in Great Britain?

    Captain Gatso!

  15. No One says:


    Yes, that’s it. All of us are mad just for that reason, even those of us (like myself) who weren’t there. Nothing else about the unsupervised illicit surveillance of millions of people for purposes unknown bother us at all.

    Sorry, try again.

  16. Zebra says:

    Anyone who might be curious about the link that Bill posted above, it’s a list of pro-camera arguments stright out of the ATS “Public Education” book.

    Nice try to increase traffic on your blog, friend, but I heard this spiel when the cameras were introduced.

    Then I saw what really happened.

  17. I'm Back says:

    I went on Bill’s site to let him know what I think of his propaganda. I suggest everyone else who gets a minute to chime in. Just like Zebra said, nice work getting traffic to your blog. I’m sure it will do wonders.

    I’m still waiting for one of you trolls to make a Pro-Scamera website. It doesn’t seem to be materializing. Maybe Bill can spearhead the effort.

  18. No One says:

    I popped over there for a second myself– and I think it’s interesting he doesn’t even attempt to address the issue on this very thread, from which he placed his link– namely that the cameras are taping 24/7, regardless of guilt or innocence.


  20. Doc says:

    SSSooooooo-KPHO TV 5 said last night-01/25/09 @10p.m. newscast- that in THEIR poll, the greater percentage of people responding said that they were FOR both speed & red lite scameras. My question is,”Do all of these folks know they are being TRACKED by “der gestapo” dps AND “BIG BROTHER?!?!?” I notice that we haven’t heard much more about Cmndr Woodwards revelation that THEY ARE TAPING EVERYBODY, 24/7 & THEY ARE KEEPING THIS INFO FOR 90 DAYS, since the initial broadcast about it, last week.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  21. Bob says:

    There has already been surveillance cameras up for years on a lot of the major intersections in Scottsdale and Phoenix before the photo radar cams went up. Don’t forget about all the cameras ADOT has. The cameras don’t issue tickets. They are for surveillance just like any store that you walk into records you walking in and out. Dont know why everyone is freaking out.


  22. Glyph says:

    Just like you Bob, we’re well aware of these cameras and have known about them for years (just like you). But these cameras serve a much different purpose and are operated by the state government as opposed to a private foreign company. They are in place as a means to monitor the flow of traffic, not generate income.

    And here’s the big one Bob…

    Average folks like you and me can go online to the link you’ve posted above and see what the folks at ADOT are seeing. It’s called transparency in government. Redflex and ATS aren’t offering that (although their cameras are certainly capable).

  23. Bill Conley says:

    I think State lawmakers were “surprised” because they had their head stuck in their behinds for so long. Over shadowed by money…

    Don’t worry lawmakers…we will help you pull you head out..

  24. geez says:

    So I suppose Glyph that Wells fargo should give you access to their cameras, along with Wallmart, Fry’s, the Mall etc? Those are for prosecution also.
    I’m not sure how anyone could be surprised, it’s all right there in the contract..
    Besides, like I said before, I’d love to see someone pick out a license plate off some 30 frame per second highly compressed jpg video, of a car going by at 55mph. Good Luck.

  25. No One says:

    Bob– take a look at the pictures posted there. Those cameras are looking at traffic patterns, not looking at a specific vehicle. Nor are they capturing license plates or faces. They are not attempting to enforce any laws or collecting any revenue. There’s a big difference.

  26. Glyph says:

    @Geez: I can choose not to go to WalMart, Fry’s, Wells Fargo, etc. Those businesses have competitors who I can give my money to. The point I’m trying to make is that the ADOT cameras are different than Redflex’s because they serve a different purpose, are operated by the state government, and are accessible by the people. And I agree with you, it’d be a pretty good trick if they could get a readable plate from a moving vehicle based on that video.

    But don’t think they aren’t trying :-/

  27. geez says:

    Really Glyph?
    Ok, Target, Albertson, Bank of America.. Oh wait cameras there also
    Kmart, Food City, Wamu…………………Oh wait cameras there also

  28. for cameras says:

    so are security cameras in every store you go into. for years these have been happening

  29. Bill Conley says:

    For Cameras,

    The cameras in walmart aren’t sending you tickets for $300. Plus, if have a problem with the cameras in walmat, you can choose not to shop there…

    You can’t choose not to drive in an intersection.

  30. I'm Back says:

    No Bill that’s not true. I know that whenever I shop in a store with security cameras, they mail me a ticket for $181 every time it “looks like I was shoplifting.” In fact this is a common practice in Europe, so we might as well just accept it here.

  31. No One says:

    Geez- this is in regards to your statement “I’d love to see someone pick out a license plate off some 30 frame per second highly compressed jpg video, of a car going by at 55mph. Good Luck.”

    This is not Redflex specifically, but the technology to read license plates in subprime conditions is definitely out there. Have a read:

    “…in the dead of night, this system can read tags of vehicles of passing cars in excess of over 100 miles per hour. ”

    This is from http://www.hendonpub.com/publications/article/?mag=PSIT&articleId=207063&articleLoc=Other+Featured+Articles

  32. geez says:

    Yes, no one…
    Your talking ALPR, which the DPS camera’s DON’T have.
    Everyone is complaining about just plain old video.
    Two different systems.

  33. Ryan says:

    They have admitted to having technology that reads the plates as they go by. Isn’t this why the state required us to have license plate frames that have the word ‘Arizona’ visible so that the camera reader can identify the plate easier?

  34. geez says:

    No, reality is that the word ‘arizona’ law was passed in 2006 (before dps photo radar, before ALPR). It was created because there is something like close to _70_ different plates you can get in Arizona. The state is concerned the law enforcement and citizens will be able to identify that a plate is from Arizona, considering there are almost 70 different designs.

  35. Doc says:

    geez-I’m not sure WHAT dps has; they don’t seem to know how to be, or understand the concepts of being forthcoming & truthful to us lowly slaves unless they HAVE to. As to use of military grade tracking equipment being used on us, check out redflex’s contract with Show Low.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  36. […] that the 24/7 video recorded by the main ticketing machines can be rendered ineffective with a simple Post It Note, Redflex has […]

  37. Steve says:

    As far as front license plates go, they were ready to do away with them in Ohio to save money, but the State Highway Patrol fought the legislation because they said that is the best target for their lasers to measure speed.

    It has looked like we are getting Redflex and their crooked ways here in Canton, Ohio, until this week. We have several council members that have heard opposition from voters and are now planning on voting no on these cameras. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will get voted down, and we are doing everything we can to get the word out.

    Great website. Keep exposing the wrongs imposed on people where these red light cameras are installed.

  38. […] has reported on the far-reaching capabilities of the so-called photo radar / enforcement cameras since its […]

  39. […] for the City of Phoenix and Redflex into installing “light rail cameras,” which would surveil 24/7 under the guise of catching drivers who illegally cross the tracks of the mass-transportation […]

  40. […] are great opportunities to raise awareness with the public about automated ticketing and the “surveillance state” tactics being utilized by Redflex and ATS against the people on a daily […]

  41. Aib says:

    Great info , thanks a lot.

  42. Napier says:

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    Repent and follow Jesus wile you still have time.

  43. […] Redflex’s roadside ticketing cameras are found to record and transmit video 24 hours a day, despite denials by company lobbyists. Politicians feign […]

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