Babeu to Gullet – Photo Radar is Still a Scam and I won’t back down.

October 25, 2011

Everyone knows the story of Paul Babeu winning the election for Sheriff in 2008 by taking on Redflex and promising to take their cameras down, for good, once he came into office.

Babeu delivered on that promise as soon as humanly possible. Many writers and commentors have taken issue with his politics in other arenas, so he’s become a bit of a hot button.

The good news is that he’s not backing down for his support of taking the profit motive of a private, foreign corporation out of law enforcement.

He’s even mentioned his promise keeping on this issue in a recent interview. Like him or dislike him, his potential run for US Congress deserves mention, especially if he’s leaning on his record when it comes to photo enforcement.

There are plenty of other issues to attach to Sheriff Paul, but the hard line he took on photo ticketing was a benefit to groups like this one and all over the country who are fighting the same fight.

Comments are wide open to criticize him for whatever you have take issue with.

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Come Visit Beautiful Fascist Arizona

June 12, 2011

Jan Brewer - Arizona's Governor

Arizona is a place where natural beauty, historic traditions, and modern conveniences combine to offer a fun medium-grade police state for people of all ages. Come visit Arizona this Father's Day; temporary entry permits are limited during the summer! - HRM Janice Brewer.

//Press Release//
//Ministry of Truth and Advertising//
//Arizona State Government//

Father’s Day: A Valleywide Guide to the Police State

sponsored by Corrections Corporation of America – We Know Fathers™ 

Mesa is well-known for its climate– perfect for serene and beautiful hiking adventures–, as well as its championship police brutality competitions. The community’s mix of entertaining activities (dancing requires a permit) and friendly (yet suspicious) residents makes visitors want to return again and again… (if you’re not arrested for a crime and held indefinitely.) Mayor doubles as a puppet for land developers and lobbyists (appointments and gloves available in City Hall, call (480) 644-2011).

Scottsdale might be known for having the largest and most prestigious mall in the southwest, but did you know Taser International calls this quaint bedroom community home? Taser Monthly says Scottsdale’s warm, summer nights and all-monkey police force make the “Most Livable City” an ideal nightspot for an electrifying, 100,000 volt adventure! Or, visit the Scottsdale City Kangaroo Court for a good laugh. (by alternate service invitation only, $0-$500).

Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the Redflex headquarters just minutes north of the valley. Once a thriving example of surveillance-state technology, the company now offers donkey tours through its United States headquarters. Children’s activities include “My First Ticket,” an interactive game where your special little ones can mail out a real fake ticket! 23751 N 23rd Ave # 150
Phoenix, AZ 85085-1858, (480) 607-0705 (Ask for Shoba)

Pinal County comes through just in time for Father’s Day with Sheriff Babeu’s “Day With Daddy in Detention.” Iris, facial, finger/foot/dental prints, and DNA sequencing are all included in this free introduction to the county jail system. FREE – Funding provided by Homeland Security Grants.

Border Zone
checkpoints don’t have to be near a border, so please be compliant and complicit. Docile and harmless unless told where the border is, these agents helpfully find lost items in passing cars and provide general protection to the public in removing hazardous and “inactivated” foods (possession of organic, “raw,” or “bitch punk-ass food” is a capital offense in the Grand Canyon State (SB 1081, Bitch Punk-Ass Food Prohibition of 2011, (R)- Pearce, Mesa.)

Pima County
knows how to take force too far. This county executes good fathers with bad warrants. Blood-curling shootings always in season, enough to make an avid fascist sick, for discerning authoritarian psychopaths only (or current office-holders).


Legislature Passes a Bill to Raise Photo Tickets by $13

April 20, 2011

Can anyone tell members of the Arizona House and Senate were anxious to “take their ball and go home?” After burning the midnight oil all the way until 5:30 am today, dozens of bills were passed in a flurry.

One of the bills would raise photo tickets by $13, for those who have been personally served. SB1398, as it now appears, would do just that, but who knows what it will say when the final version is updated.

We can be certain about one thing, in the first legislative session, Arizona passed exactly zero bills that would curb or completely eliminate photo radar and red light cameras from our roads and intersections. And nobody is surprised.

Check back later for more details on what this bill actually says when someone gets around to posting the final version and if the Gov, Jan Brewer, decides not to veto it.

Gregg Ostro, Media Guru, Entrepeneur, Redflex Hack

February 6, 2010

Thanks goes out to everyone who showed up today, especially to our volunteers who make everything possible. There will be a lot more to come on the success of our efforts. Many, many thanks to Sheriff Paul Babeu and special thanks to Dean Martin for attending as well.

He already answered the question four times Gregg. It's not going to change.

Everyone in attendance is probably wondering who the man in the sunglasses and black coat was. He was the memorable individual who fancied repeating questions to Sheriff Babeu and Dean Martin in an attempt to get a positive sound bite about photo traffic enforcement. He is Gregg Ostro of Go Media Co who was spotted later scanning his card to gain entrance to the Redflex building and “safely” driving his Black Cadillac Escalade backwards to conceal his license plate from our volunteers. We’re not sure what you are so worried about, if you weren’t doing anything wrong. 😉

He would not identify himself at first, but Gregg will never miss a chance to stroke his own ego. We applaud you Mr. Ostro for keeping it to yourself long enough to make everyone wonder why someone would show up and act in the covert manner that you did.

We all sincerely thank you for giving Sheriff Babeu and Treasurer Martin the chance to clearly repeat their distaste for photo traffic enforcement.

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar would love to know what your relationship with Redflex Traffic Systems is, in the interest of total disclosure.

We invite all of our supporters to take a look at the great work Ostro does and consider him for your next corporate video production. We’re sure he must do a great job if an esteemed multi-national, Australian-based company like Redflex would allow you to work on their behalf. We’d ask you to assist with our video production, but our people aren’t paid.

We also apologize on behalf of anyone who acted inappropriately towards you, but that’s what you were probably going for, is it not?

Ask Sheriff Paul Babeu

October 24, 2009

babeuPinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu will make an appearance at the CameraFRAUD booth at the Arizona State Fair tomorrow, Sunday October 25 at 2:00 PM.

Babeu, who ended a contract with ticketing vendor Redflex earlier this year, said that photo radar programs were “corrupting law enforcement.”

More recently, the Sheriff testified before the Globe City Council in strong opposition to automated ticketing.

Stop by and say hello!

Chandler PD: Exemplary Officers

February 20, 2009

chandlerpdCameraFRAUD would like to thank the Chandler Police Department and Sgt. Picquet for their professionalism and courtesy while ensuring public safety during today’s demonstration. Officers were at the location before we arrived, and actually left the immediate area to ensure that no one felt intimidated.

Sgt. Picquet exchanged phone numbers with a contact person at CameraFRAUD to ensure a line of communication in case of emergency. He thanked us for coming out and expressed the support the City of Chandler has for first amendment rights.

Chandler PD’s professionalism is in sharp contrast to the authoritarian intimidation tactics utilized in the past by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), the same agency which helps run the state’s profitable—and illegal—automated ticketing scheme.

In a related note, former Chandler PD veteren Paul Babeu was recently elected Sheriff in Pinal County, promptly ending automated ticketing.

Pinal County Photo Radar Contract Cancelled

January 21, 2009

sheriff-babeu11(CameraFRAUD Tucson:)

During today’s Pinal County board of Supervisors meeting, Sheriff Paul Babeu presented to the board why Photo Radar should be banned in Pinal County. In a 3 to 0 vote, the Board agreed with the Sheriff and cancelled the Photo Radar contract with Redflex. Thank you Sheriff Babeu for your leadership on this issue!

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors will now formally send Redflex a notice of termination. Photo enforcement in Pinal County effectively ended on January 1st as one of Babeu’s first decisions in office. The program “shall not be resurrected,” according to the Sheriff.

One can only hope that the incoming Governor, who is being sworn in today, will do the same (…contact her here).

Photo Radar Ticketing Ends in Pinal County

January 2, 2009

Exclusive – Moments after being sworn in as Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu spoke with CameraFRAUD regarding the fate of photo enforcement in his jurisdiction.

CF: Do you think Pinal County is going to be safer without photo enforcement?

“Yes. We actually met with Redflex, and through some of our discussions they knew very clearly that we were going to end photo radar in Pinal County.

I am against it, not only because I’m a strict Constitutionalist, but I believe… it’s driven to create money for the government. It’s corrupting law enforcement for us to be partnered with a private entity that creates revenue—clearly that’s their interest.”

Babeu continued, “I’ve never… seen a photo radar camera arrest a drunk driver or arrest a person with a warrant, see if someone has insurance, or to just simply give directions to somebody…

So I’m against it, we have ended photo radar for speeding. Photo radar’s last days are now behind us, because they ended on the 1st of January.”

CF: How do you feel about the Department of Public Safety putting their roving… speed vans in Pinal County? Do you have any plans on trying to restrict them…?

“They are allowed to do that, that is their purview, but I am going to continue to speak out publicly. I’m hopeful that our new governor Jan Brewer will see this issue as it is…

I’ve seen in the last two, three weeks, not only because of [CameraFRAUD’s] efforts but so many citizens that have been speaking out. They’ve had enough.

We’re in a tough economy and at the same time the government is trying to create more revenue— people are trying to pay their bills and go to work so yes, this is an additional tax on hard working men and women.

So I’m hopeful that Jan Brewer ends photo radar statewide.”

Babeu did express support for red-light cameras, but did not mention any plans to implement such a system or expand any current deployments.

Pinal County Sheriff Candidate: “End Photo Radar”

October 13, 2008

Campaign signs for Pinal County Sheriff Candidate Paul Babeu appear to have been updated with a simple, clear message: “End Photo Radar.”

The signs are readily visible along Hunt Hwy from Queen Creek to the Johnson Ranch area.

Pinal County contracts with beleaguered Australian firm Redflex Group to operate an undisclosed number of photo scam vans. Earlier this year, Redflex Group was found to have violated Arizona State Law on numerous occasions regarding traffic ticket integrity.  Redflex is also facing a potential class-action lawsuit for alledgedly using electronic devices not approved for use in the United States.

More recently, a process server in Pinal County was found to have used a racial slur while attempting to serve a Redflex-generated citation. The event was caught on tape, and subsequently released to the media by

Babeu is the second candidate this election to make photo enforcement a major part of his campaign, joining Mesa state rep candidate Joe Brown (I).

How Babeu intends to end photo radar remains unclear, although it is assumed that the Sheriff has the discretion to create or end certain projects.

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