Fraud and deceit alleged on the part of camera operators

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Aug 20, 2008 (Direct news media distribution)—- Local activists will soon express their disapproval with Redflex Group and American Traffic Solutions, Inc., two suppliers of automated traffic-enforcement equipment to the State of Arizona and various municipalities.

WHEN: Friday, August 22nd – 5:00 PM

WHERE: N.E. corner, Scottsdale Road and Thomas Road, Scottsdale, AZ.

WHY:, a web blog detailing the activities and politics behind the cameras, is inviting the public to join other valley activists.

Recently revealed information shows that Redflex Group and the Department of Public Safety may have knowingly conspired to use non-certified radar guns in at least two of their mobile van units, a move that prompted the agency to temporarily remove the vans from service.

Redflex had offered to refund up to 4,800 citations that were issued, but then later agreed with DPS that such a refund wasn’t necessary—calling the breach of due process an “honest mistake,” according to the Easy Valley Tribune1.

In July, Redflex was forced to terminate an employee who was discovered by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to have broken no less than four Arizona laws, including using an official notary stamp to falsify documents relating to traffic citations2.

Those attending the protest are advised to bring plenty of drinking water as temperatures are expected to reach 103 degrees.

Redflex Group is a privately-held company based in Australia performing law-enforcement activities in the United States3.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc., is headquartered in Scottsdale AZ, along with the company’s Orwellian “Global Network Operations Center,” which is “linked to all active cameras and data collection devices worldwide”4., founded in 2008, is a non-partisan group dedicated to “Slowing, Stopping, and Reversing the Theft of our Privacy.” They can be reached online at Limited media interviews or questions may be requested via email at






  1. no more cams says:

    Don’t TAPE me bro!

  2. afd0 says:

    Many years ago before Col. Powell son became FCC Director – foreign countries were controlled as to
    electronics brought / sold / used in what was the USA.

    Today $33 of every camera generated $214 traffic citation – will leave the shore of the USA and go to
    South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. These are the very same cameras in Scottsdale – were discovered
    last month to be faulty and the Print / TV / Radio media claims that motorist will be refunded there recent
    imposed fines – that were all “in error because of a faulty electrical relay.”

    Sure – I am to believe that the folks in South Melbourne are going to return $33 to each victim.
    Peoria traffic cameras set to start taking $214 photos . . .

    Redflex has installed red-light cameras at about 1,060 intersections in 180 cities across the United States.

    In Peoria, the pilot program with Redflex was approved by the City Council in October. It launched Jan. 1.

    Under the deal, the company will implement and maintain the equipment and receive $33 for each paid citation.

    The city and Redflex picked the initial intersections for camera enforcement based on collision data, police said.


    Director Mr Robin Debernardi of Redflex

    The Redflex Group is based in South Melbourne, Victoria, where
    it operates its own systems engineering and manufacturing
    operations, as well as complex system integration and research
    and development programs. An in-house team of more than 70
    experienced professional engineers is supported by Redflex
    management, finance and administration functions. The Redflex
    Group employs about 130 people in Australia, the USA and New
    Zealand with offices and representatives located on all

    Redflex Holdings Limited is an Australia-based company engaged in
    traffic management, road safety, defense, transport, security and
    communication products. The Company consists of two distinct
    companies: Redflex Communications Systems and Redflex Traffic Systems.
    It provides red light and speed photo enforcement systems and back
    office processing services for cities and other municipalities within
    the United States by Redflex Traffic Systems lnc, and continuing
    development and commercialization of traffic image processing software
    and associated traffic violation management systems and hardware by
    Redflex Traffic Systems Pty Ltd.

    Jerry in Peoria, ArizonA

  3. AZ Gunslinger says:

    Australia should have cameras EVERYWHERE, taping EVERYTHING,
    remember you were started as a Penal Colony. Obviously some criminals are CEO’s & directors of Redflex now.

  4. TJ says:

    I’m sorry, but what part of DON”T SPEED don’t you understand????Obey the law. “NO PROBLEM” no ticket. Why would you feel better if a live police officer gave you a ticket instead of patrolling the streets. Take some responsibility and accept the blame. GROW UP!!!!

  5. Malfeasant says:

    TJ : “what part of DON”T SPEED don’t you understand????Obey the law. “NO PROBLEM” no ticket”
    There are a few problems. For one, there have been cases where cameras were incorrectly calibrated and were snapping pictures at 10mph UNDER the speed limit instead of over. For another, cameras can’t catch someone who is otherwise driving erratically, but not speeding. And another, in most cases, what you receive in the mail is not an enforceable ticket, it basically asks you to admit to speeding so they can send you a real ticket. Do nothing, and more than likely nothing will happen, because there are a hundred other fools who will comply. So really, it can increase the reckless driving. Also, getting your picture taken will not leave a very big impression, you will likely continue speeding for the next few months until the tickets start rolling in. If you get pulled over frequently, that starts to eat up a considerable amount of commuting time, and you’re more likely to watch your speed going forward.
    And news flash- the police who patrol the streets are generally not the same ones who give tickets, so it’s not a case of “if they’re busy giving tickets, they’re not stopping real crimes.”

  6. Sleb says:

    Everyone needs to get a Plate cover from and use them. they aren’t illegal in the state of Az yet so get them and use them….they keep the speed camera’s from seeing the plate poof no ticket. I have tested it myself and they work…

  7. Greg says:

    I used the Photo Stopper hi-gloss license plate spray and received a photo radar ticket this month. The plate was clearly visible. 1 mile over was equal to 5 cans of the spray. Don’t listen to their advertising, it doesn’t work .

  8. Richard says:

    I travel 50 miles on the 101 daily and this has been the first time since the cameras have been install that there has not been any major accidents caused by excessive speed in the last three months. With cities such as ours with very tight budgets it is impossible for them to dedicate law inforcement on our highways. The cameras will save lives and fuel for future generations. If people would follow speed limits there would be no need for the cameras.

  9. Mary Thesling says:

    What part of your rights are being violated don’t you understand? One of the things that makes this country great is due process of law, that starts at the human level not a computer program! I don’t want my freedoms watched over my a “Big Brother Surveillance System,” that is a computerized cop, proscuter, judge and jury which has already made it so difficult and expensive that a person will just throw their arms up and pay! People are being punished when 3600 tickets go out requiring 3600 people to stand in a long line outdoors for hours with all the same computerized court appointed time in heat over 100 degrees! Parking is a nightmare, missing work is expensive and for some standing that long is also dangerous to their health not to mention the stress imposed. This is not justice! History confirms thousands of times that once one freedom is compromised, other freedoms and rights will be too! Don’t you understand?

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