Top 10 Scamera Stories of 2011

January 3, 2012

In our estimation, these were the ten biggest stories related to photo radar and red light cameras from around the U.S. in 2011

We hope you enjoy this look back at activism and politicians meeting head-to-head throughout the past year.

#10 – Texas legislature eliminates penalties for driving without a license plate

#9 –  Michael “Big Brother” Bloomberg calls for a “camera on every street corner

#8 – Mayor, Police Chief Take Down Colorado Springs Red Light Cameras

#7 – Redflex’s Gamble Backfires, Sale to Macquarie/Carlyle Canceled, Stock Plunges

#6 – Peoria Red Light Cams Finally Come Down After 3 Yrs of Increased Accidents

#5 – Redflex Kicked Out of Tempe Arizona Over Cash Grab Lawsuit

#4 – 15 Simultaneous Red Light Camera Protests in Florida

#3 – Voters Kick Red Light Cameras Out of 7 Cities in 3 States on Election Day

#2 – Houston City Council Votes 11-1 to Ban Red Light Cameras

#1 – Activists Convice LAPD Comission and LA City Council to Take Cameras Down

Curtains Close on Los Angeles Red Light Cameras July 31

July 28, 2011

We made the bold prediction right here that the LA red light scamera program would be “overwhelmingly voted down” by city council. Alas, we miscalculated a bit as it was UNANIMOUS, just as it was in the LAPD Commission and the council committees this week.

The city of Los Angeles is done with their red light cameras and the rest of the country is certainly taking note.

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One Step Closer: LA Red Light Cameras Voted Down AGAIN

July 25, 2011

LA residents will enjoy safer intersections starting August 2011!

The big one is coming. Los Angeles City Council will overwhelmingly vote to end the red light camera program…. this week!

The formalities are mind-numbing, but they’re going to come quickly this week after the inevitable was delayed by some lame-brained scheming courtesy of American Traffic Solutions CEO Jim Tuton.

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Too hot for American Traffic Solutions in Arizona? Are they planning to move their headquarters from Scottsdale?

June 22, 2011

Could ATS be a-movin?

While the mercury in Phoenix is hitting upwards of 110 degrees in Phoenix, did CEO Jim Tuton finally decide it’s getting too hot in AZ for his taste?

Or is American Traffic Solutions so desperate to save their $80 Million scamera system in Los Angeles that they’re willing to relocate from Scottsdale to avoid the SB 1070 related boycott costing them a contract renewal?

You may remember the pesky little boycotts threatened by cities across California. Could they be rearing their ugly heads again, but this time in a positive manner for AZ?

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Poor Attendance Embarrasses L.A. City Council; Delays Red Light Camera Decision

June 22, 2011

Sorry L.A., we just "couldn't make it on time" - Your City Council

UPDATE: Is American Traffic Solutions picking up and moving their HQ from Scottsdale, AZ to another state in order to save their contract with the city of Los Angeles? Remember the SB 1070 related boycott? Could they be moving to California?

As it stands right now, the Los Angeles red light scamera program is set to expire on July 31, 2011. However, L.A. City Council can’t seem to make a final decision, mainly due to poor attendance at their meetings.

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Phoenix to consider more accident-causing red light cameras

June 20, 2011

Phoenix to be converted into a Photo Fraud Zone! (Picture courtesy of Adam Nollmeyer

It’s not getting any cheaper to live in the city of Phoenix. Over the past couple years, residents have seen taxes and fees explode at the same time that jobless rates have done the same thing.

What is the city’s grand idea to improve the standard of living? Install more red light cameras!!

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Vote on L.A. Red Light Cameras By City Council is “Likely” on Friday

June 15, 2011

UPDATE: After testimony, mostly by ATS employees, including Charley Territo and CEO James Tuton, LA City Council decided to delay even voting on the “suggestive measure” until Tuesday.

LAist has more details.


American Traffic Solutions is clinging to life in Los Angeles for another 48 hours, but the likelihood of them surviving the month of June is extremely low.

Two council members have been persuaded by an ATS lobbyist to introduce a motion to continue the red light camera scam on a monthly basis while a “safety analysis” is conducted.

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BREAKING: Red Light Cameras Voted Out of Los Angeles Intersections by Police Commission

June 7, 2011

Jay Beeber of Sherman Oaks, CA has been hard at work and it paid off in a big way today when the Los Angeles Police Commission voted to completely dismantle the city’s red light camera program.

Before the vote, Jay and some citizens from various parts of Los Angeles spoke out against the red light scameras. <read more>


Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program

April 25, 2011

American Traffic Solutions could be out of another major city, if the people of Los Angeles make their voices heard.

One man whose voice is being heard and hitting the airwaves is Jay Beeber, of Safer Streets LA. He was interviewed on KABC this month and his sentiments about red light cameras sound very familiar. Jay advocates the true method of making intersections safer, which is longer yellow light times.

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