About CameraFRAUD:

Founded in August 2008, CameraFRAUD has been a leader in the fight against automated ticketing. Operating originally in the Phoenix-metro area, CameraFRAUD now has affiliates in seven states plus the District of Columbia.


Well known for its “sign wave” demonstrations, the organization has pushed the backlash against the cameras to the forefront of Arizona politics with a complete volunteer-based campaign.

"She's like a rainbow..."

Because of enormous grassroots support, CameraFRAUD members in Arizona alone outnumber Redflex and ATS employees almost three to one, contributing to our success as an aggressive on-the-street watchdog of both companies.

Our mission is simple, our slogan basic: The Cameras are Coming Down…

Contact CameraFRAUD:

Due to a large volume of email received on a daily basis, a personal response is not always possible. Be assured that all emails are read and we appreciate your time in contacting us.


TICKET QUESTIONS? Please post them on our message board to receive free help from others (sorry, we can’t answer these types of questions via email.)

General Comments: cameraFRAUD@CameraFRAUD.com

Media Inquiries / Requests: media@CameraFRAUD.com

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