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Why Oppose Automated Ticketing?

It’s a Direct Violation of Your Constitutional Rights – The system of photo ticketing violates the 5th, 7th and 14th amendments to the US Constitution. These violations include the right to due process, right to face your accuser (it’s a machine) in court and equal protection under the law. Among the exempted from photo tickets are those driving a vehicle not registered to them, business owners, private mailbox owners, politicians and judges.


It’s About the Money. Automated ticketing is admittedly a revenue generator, by not only the cities that use them, but more so by the private and foreign (Redflex) corporations who profit immensely from them. There is no benefit to increasing safety for these companies. They must continually see violations to make money. This is why they target poorly designed intersections, hide their radar vans in bushes and are constantly caught adjusting signal timing to manufacture more violations and make more money. In effect, for the system to achieve a profit, it must make intersections and roads more dangerous. There is no other way, which is why the camera company lobbyists and their front groups are always opposed to photo enforcement zone warning signs and lengthening yellow light times, which always decreases crashes and red light violations.


It’s Unsafe – Study after study proves that after red light cameras are installed, collisions increase. This is due to the distraction that they pose, which causes erratic driving by motorists trying to avoid a ticket, instead of making prudent decisions at intersections. Yellow light timing is often changed or never set to engineering standards for intersections where cameras are installed. Locally, Peoria, AZ saw anywhere from 100%-480% increases in collisions after red light cams were placed in their intersections.
It’s Big Brother – What the camera vendors try to keep a secret is that they are tracking every driver who passes by their equipment by capturing their license plate info with high-quality video that is streaming 24/7 and keep it without any oversight. The biggest data base of this info is being held in a foreign country by Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia.

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