12/18 CameraFRAUD Event

WHAT: Freeway Overpass Demonstration / Sign Wavesinwan43

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 18 @ 4:00 PM

WHERE:  1600 S. Longmore, Mesa AZ (@ the US-60)

WHY: Because the cameras are coming down.

HOW: Just come by… it’s so easy!

More Details / RSVP here, or to be notified of future events.

47 Responses to 12/18 CameraFRAUD Event

  1. Helldigger says:

    The weather looks like rain on Thursday.

    Please be careful getting there. Bring warm clothing and raingear.

    I hope your signs are waterproof. Good luck.

  2. RPr says:

    i will stand in the rain

  3. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    Thursday afternoon supposed to be drying up

  4. DG says:

    I sure want to make the event.

  5. ScamerActivist says:

    Maybe we need to laquer the sign faces for water / UV proofing. Always improving.

  6. MIKE S says:

    Maybe you should get a life and quit speeding.
    Cameras are GREAT!
    It slows the speeding jerks down.
    BTW For those that think it is invasion of privacy,
    think again.
    It is public domain and any and all pics can be taken.
    I have also spent the day at the corner by my house photographing people that make illegal turns and have sent them to DPS, Phoenix PD and Tempe PD.
    REMEMBER: It is a privilege to drive and NOT a right.

  7. Helldigger says:


    I have a neighbor who used to spy on people with her camera and send pictures to DPS and the Phoenix PD.

    She is in the State Hospital now, banging her head against the wall in paranoia.

    The nurses tell me, she takes notes on the other inmates now and tells on them for their transgressions. She caught people 3 feet over when they were supposed to be walking on the yellow line, taking seconds at the drink fountain and sleeping with an extra pillow.

    She got beat up by the rest of the ward last week for being a freak, even in the luny ward.

    You sound just like her.

  8. azmojo says:

    No one has said they are an invasion of privacy. They are; however, unconstitutional.

    Read http://PhotoRadarScam.com/summary.html for details.

  9. Ross from Redflex says:

    Mike S,
    Shhhhhhh… no one needs to know that camera supporters are that nuts. Keep that stuff to yourself or you’ll ruin the whole gig.

  10. Glyph says:

    It must be nice to get paid to cruise these discussions and write posts in support of cameras while posing as a regular user.

  11. jgunn says:

    My goodness, they even had the balls to send out the mobile vans today in a torrential downpour. Talk about a safety hazard when someone slams on the brakes and loses control on the slippery roads. But then we all know it has nothing to do with safety. At least the smart ones do.

  12. Kevin N says:

    Mike says,
    “REMEMBER: It is a privilege to drive and NOT a right.”

    That is complete and utter BS. If there was public transportation to every location in the valley, that may be the case. But there’s not. You HAVE TO HAVE A CAR to get around in this and most other major cities. Our metropolises are much to spread out and have been designed around the automobile for transportation.

    That was a specious statement used by the LE back in the 50’s and 60’s to scare you into being a better driver.

  13. azmojo says:

    You may say it is a privilege and not a right, but it is also a everyone’s right to a fair trial. Unfortunately with photo radar, you don’t get a fair trial and you are guilty until proven innocent.

  14. No One says:

    Mike S says: Maybe you should get a life and quit speeding!

    Oh, like wow man I never thought about just “not speeding”!! Yes, that’s the best idea ever! Thank you ever so much for your well-thought out post which utterly addressed all of my concerns, it has completely changed my life. I will go forth (slowly of course) and enjoy the rest of my life now!

    Seriously… why come to a website specifically dedicated against the cameras and make an inane, useless comment like that? What’s the point? It’s like going to a website dedicated to Ford cars and posting “CHEVY R00LS!!!” You’re not contributing anything of substance, you’re not going to change anyone’s mind with that mindless drivel, and to top it all off, “we” need to get a life?

    Someone here does need to get a life, and it ain’t us. 😉

  15. Az Driver says:

    I am glad people are taking action to get rid of these devices. All I can say for sure is my gut tells me they are wrong and who knows what direction these “enforcement” devices will take, or how far they will go.

  16. Az Driver says:

    I got a ticket from one of these cameras when I was on home for leave from Afghanistan. I was going a little over the limit because me and my wife were having a difficult day related to me being gone for over a year. When the ticket was issued they would not let me fight it or postpone it till I got back. I HAD to pay it. What bugs me the most is at night that flash startles me. It could be because I’ve been deployed 3 times now, or not. I just don’t like those devices.

  17. RPr says:

    welcome home brother

  18. Keith T says:

    I hope it rains like hell all day. It will support what people think of your activites. Maybe you guys can distract some drivers and cause accidents.

  19. Mike S says:

    You do noyt “HAVE TO HAVE A CAR” Ride a bike or better yet walk. You could probably use the exercise.
    As far as being paranoid,
    I guess I could take a ball peen to doors and mirrors when an ass speeds by me or turns illegally while I am riding my motorcycle. I’ve done it before and will do it again.

  20. Sick of Government says:

    Yes, you pretty much have to have a car unless you never plan on going anywhere like the grocery store et al. Don’t think I’m going to ride a bike or walk from north phoenix to downtown and back everyday. Yea, that’s realistic.. Sure, and if I want to take a bus I can plan on it taking anywhere between 3-4 hours each way. That’s logical…

    And, please wear a sign on your back when you’re riding your motorcycle so I can bump into you.. accidentally of course…

  21. Joe says:

    One could argue that a motorcylist who carries a ball peen hammer in his hands while he rides is probably looking for trouble, and will probably find it quickly.

  22. Sick of Government says:

    Don’t worry.. They’ll catch him on camera. 🙂

  23. Mike S is probably single says:

    but definitely bitter. Mike, YOU DON’T NEED TO OWN A MOTORCYCLE.

    We can’t see you Mike because we’re too busy looking for cameras. It sounds like you’re a real fitness freak too. What should I eat today to max my work out results? Do you have any investment advice? How should I raise my children.? Any particular religion we should choose for them? How’s life at your engineering and/or accounting firm? Does everyone listen to what you tell them to do all the time?

    I would love to see your disertation on logic and how it peratains to modern exurban living. That way I wouldn’t make any mistakes in my ultimate pursuit of eutopian bliss and personal discipline. If you want to answer all of my questions, please come to the next rally. Thanks and God Bless, or Shalom if you prefer. Praise Allah if that floats your boat. My apologies if I did something wrong, but I know you’ll tell me.

  24. scott4517 says:

    Some of these camera-lovers really need a more effective treatment for their fibromyalgia..

  25. Brenda F. says:

    First I have to say rip those signs down. They are causing accidents and doing nothing but cause trouble. No I have never received a ticket from one, yes I do have a radar dectar that has saved my ass more than once. However these cameras are a death sentance waiting to happen. What about the bad 7 car accident that happened this morning? They are saying it happened because of the cameras. Some are blaming the weather and people changing lanes, reguardless we all know that at least to a point the cameras had something to do with it. So all of you that say just slow down, that you don’t speed. You are full of crap. No one sets there cruise control on 55 or 65 and stays there. If you do, I have a message for you.. Move to Florida, and stay there.. We call you snowbirds. Don’t come back

  26. KL says:

    I saw, I waved, I honked!!!! 60 was messed up because of ya’ll… but once I saw that it was camerafraud.com I was HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go peeps!!!! I also noticed that once I started honking it caused a bunch of others to honk too… SO HONK HONK HONK!!!

  27. 2008 says:

    you say the cams are not safe. well i got rear ended today on us60 thanks to you guys. try thinking about others safey. because you didn’t think of mine or my family with your stunt on the overpass. so who do i send the bill to for med. bills and car repairs. there are better ways to get what you want. then bringing a freeway to a dead stop. grow up pay your ticket or use the trash can. do your research tickets in the mail aren’t legal service because they don’t know if you got it. (no points). for those of you who speed 80+ the faster you are going when you crash the % goes up of killing yourself or someone else. so think before you drive or walk.

  28. RPr says:

    isnt that freeway backed up every day from 4-6pm?

    I never saw an accident by the way LOL

  29. 2008 says:

    gee i didnt plan on getting hit for you but you must get off on that, or do you do insurance scams by causing them and shocking when we got towed past your little over pass the . freeway was free flowing. oh i drive the 60 every day i know where and when it backs up.

  30. jim says:

    i drive all these freeways everyday at all different times of the day these guys on the overpass are no different than anytime traffic suddenly slows on the freeway u cant say that u getting rear ended is the fault of dps when they have someone on the side of the road than u can say it was some people on a bridge it was the retards fault that ran into u or yours for suddenly stomping on the brakes suck it up just like when i get photoradar tickets (which is never so far) andget your car fixed the other guys insurance is paying for it anyways u crybaby

  31. camerafraud says:

    I think we would notice if an accident happened right under our feet.

    How about a police report number?

  32. Captain Obvious says:

    –oh i drive the 60 every day i know where and when it backs up.

    evidently not, else you’d have left extra following distance!

  33. 2008 says:

    didnt say it was under your feet dumb ass. it was in the back up that you caused. you’ll get the report number when you give me your address so i know where to send the bill and a copy of the report will be included. so when your ready except. that your stunt caused crashes. but why do you care you were up on the over pass where you were nice and safe. how would you feel if this happened to you or someone you care about? but all you care about is that you love too speed. maybe THINK of a safe way to protest like at redflex, gov office or dps not on the freeway

  34. Ross from Redflex says:

    You’re ruining the illusion that you got in an accident and have medical bills by going on this website and making posts. Cut it out now or no one will believe you.

    You camerafraudsters should get a job already. I think Redflex is hiring!!

  35. camerafraud says:

    How about sending us a Christmas card instead?!

    Send it to:

    3029 N. Alma School Road
    Chandler, AZ 85224

    Seasons Greetings!

  36. 2008 says:

    learn to read i didnt slam on the brake like some of you say above. i had room in front of me.(the reason i didnt hit the guy in front of me. i wasnt cited for the crash wasnt moving. and ill send a card maybe you should post your address on your site along with those you already have instead of posting it when you feel like it on this comment page. and to ross im not on any illusion every action has a reaction(ie med bill, loss of work days, and so on). but some of you are so perfect in every way. ya insurance should cover everything. you dont get it. where you did your protest was a HAZARD for those of us using the freeway (meaning of haz causing drivers to take eyes off of the road to look UP at you on the over pass. but oh well happy speeding and red light running to all of you and a mail box full of tickets this holiday season

  37. jim says:

    2008 u just need someone to blame besides the driver that hit u?

  38. No One says:

    I absolutely LOVE the logic displayed.

    “I (allegedly) had an accident where someone rearended me. The demonstrators were out that day. Based on this coincidence, I now know that not only did the demonstrators caused my accident, but that they did it on purpose, as sure as if they were driving the vehicle that rearended me. Therefore I should mail them a bill.” Maybe you should call Goldberg & Osborne, The Eagle!

    Even IF traffic backed up as a *direct* result of the demonstrations–which I for one don’t buy, I also drive this road nearly every day, and as often as not it is backed up around rush hour but we’ll go with it for the moment– the demonstrators could logically be blamed for making you late, for annoying you, or for any number of other things. But to say the accident is their fault? They weren’t driving the car that hit you! As to the argument that they caused an unsafe condition, guess what– DPS was there observing them to ensure nothing unsafe was happening, and were anything that distracting or that unsafe, one would expect it would have been stopped immediately. One would also expect to see that on the news, and….nope!

    Oh, and I also love how the demonstrators went from

    1) causing an accident; to
    2) purposely causing the accident; to
    3) enjoying the “fact” that it had occurred; to
    4) insurance fraud

    All in one fell swoop.

    There is no cause-and-effect relationship between these two events. This is the same fuzzy logic that is employed all over the pro-camera camp.

  39. dgpjr777 says:

    Keep the cameras and I will support them all the way. Maybe some of these cry-babies will start to slow down and drive the speed limit.
    I ride my Harley to work everyday and I have to deal with the Morons that just have to speed by you, weaving in and out of traffic everyday. It’s ridiculous to watch the idiots that drive that way. Since the cameras went up it has slowed people down and made them more aware of their speeds.
    Personally I would rather see the Vans out there with the Photo radar since they can change their locations. Go Photo Radar you have my support and plenty others.

  40. No One says:


    you did of course know that a person can drive insanely, cut you off, and make all sorts of other traffic hazards, all while driving within the speed limit, right?

    And of course it’s obvious that a person who’s speeding can be doing so in a straight line, and maintain their lane position for many, many miles.

    Again, the pro-camera camp linking two things that aren’t actually linked. These two may often be seen together but are not necessarily linked.

  41. Helldigger says:

    While the overpass demonstration was going on, another accident happened Southbound on the 101 on the West side of town where it merges onto I-10 Eastbound.

    There is a camera speed trap there where the rear end accident occurred.

    As I passed, I noticed both drivers flipping off the camera.

    The accident and subsequent backup for miles was obviously caused by The State of Arizona in conjunction with Redflex in their attempt to ripoff the public.

    Thousands of motorists were delayed and those involved in the accident face stiff fines, loss of property, increased insurance costs and are by now looking for ways to express their resentment for the state.

    We need more demonstrations and larger ones at that. The fraud in our government is running rampant in the name of safety, while revenue is their purpose.

    The Citizenry is becoming more and more pissed off as fines continue to mount for people who just want to get to work or home.

    Speed kills, cameras generate money for the State.

    The Kangaroo Courts continue to roll and ignorant drivers continue to mail in their new taxes to fill the coffers of our state which could not manage it’s finances.

  42. dgpjr777 says:

    Helldigger, good one, speed kills and cameras generate money. Golly geebetter to have law breakers pay the money to the state than raise our taxes. Speed does kill slow down and you will still get to work on time.
    I love America freedom of speech and the idiots that protest when something helps society. God Bless the Cameras !

  43. RPr says:

    it is not ok to raise taxes on the people.

    especially if the state legislature doesnt vote on it

  44. dgpjr777 says:

    We need to do what Illinois is doing – keep the cameras :
    Illinois Speed Cameras to Take License on 2nd Offense
    Illinois will begin using photo radar in freeway work zones in July. Second offense tickets are $1000 with license suspension.

    Beginning in July the State of Illinois will use speed cameras in areas designated as “work zones” on major freeways. Anyone caught by the devices will be mailed a $375 ticket for the first offense, but a second ticket will cost $1000 and comes with a 90-day license suspension. Drivers will also face higher insurance premiums as the first offense remains on the record for 4-5 years, but a second offense remains for a minimum of 7 years. This represents the harshest penalty structure yet for a city using photo enforcement.

    The state will begin with two camera vans issuing tickets in zones with speed limits lowered to 45 MPH. Photographs of both the driver’s face and license plate are taken. Officials plan to keep at least one van in the Chicago area on the Dan Ryan and Kingery Expressways while other vans issue tickets in the rest of the state. Illinois Tollway Executive Director Jack Hartman promised more work zones: “Since the Tollway just launched our $5.3 billion Congestion Relief Plan, drivers will see more work zones on the Tollway than they have in the past.”

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