Photo Radar Ticketing Ends in Pinal County

Exclusive – Moments after being sworn in as Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu spoke with CameraFRAUD regarding the fate of photo enforcement in his jurisdiction.

CF: Do you think Pinal County is going to be safer without photo enforcement?

“Yes. We actually met with Redflex, and through some of our discussions they knew very clearly that we were going to end photo radar in Pinal County.

I am against it, not only because I’m a strict Constitutionalist, but I believe… it’s driven to create money for the government. It’s corrupting law enforcement for us to be partnered with a private entity that creates revenue—clearly that’s their interest.”

Babeu continued, “I’ve never… seen a photo radar camera arrest a drunk driver or arrest a person with a warrant, see if someone has insurance, or to just simply give directions to somebody…

So I’m against it, we have ended photo radar for speeding. Photo radar’s last days are now behind us, because they ended on the 1st of January.”

CF: How do you feel about the Department of Public Safety putting their roving… speed vans in Pinal County? Do you have any plans on trying to restrict them…?

“They are allowed to do that, that is their purview, but I am going to continue to speak out publicly. I’m hopeful that our new governor Jan Brewer will see this issue as it is…

I’ve seen in the last two, three weeks, not only because of [CameraFRAUD’s] efforts but so many citizens that have been speaking out. They’ve had enough.

We’re in a tough economy and at the same time the government is trying to create more revenue— people are trying to pay their bills and go to work so yes, this is an additional tax on hard working men and women.

So I’m hopeful that Jan Brewer ends photo radar statewide.”

Babeu did express support for red-light cameras, but did not mention any plans to implement such a system or expand any current deployments.

42 Responses to Photo Radar Ticketing Ends in Pinal County

  1. Glyph says:

    I probably can’t just send him money… Does this guy have a favorite restaurant or something? Maybe I can send him a Gift Card!

  2. RPr says:

    Day 1 he gets rid of redflex. amazing

  3. Kenny S> says:

    Finally ………someone with a brain!

    The biggest problem with the cameras, is the changing speed limits on our roadways.
    Who’s got time to watch for camera’s , and changing speed limit signs?
    So what happene??????
    Everyone drives 63mph on EVERY road no matter the speed limit! Even if it’s 65!
    The dunski’s of our state never thought of just dropping the valley speed limit back down to 55 . Problem solved.

    • Dr Jett says:

      Better yet, instead of artificially low speed limits designed to create revenue make 65 the minimum speed on all freeways. Next eliminate drivers that can’t pass upgraded driving tests that would make driving safer for everyone.

  4. j says:

    i would say the average speed without cameras on freeways is 70 to 75. i drive everyday for work and it seems that is what traffic flows at. some areas where the speed limit is 65 and there are cameras traffic slows to 55 which is annoying. other areas where cameras are at and the speed limit is 55 traffic seems to flow about 60 to 65. so it seems like most people know where the cameras are and they should hopefully not make any money. i would say that the most dangerous drivers on the freeway dont respect other drivers. both kinds are very selfish when it comes to safety and they antagonize each other. the ones that pull all the way over to the left lane and drive slowly and the ones that ride there asses instead of keeping a safe distance and driving around them. if both these types of drivers realized that we all share the road and had respect for other drivers i bet the roads would be alot safer. GOOD GOING PINAL COUNTY.

  5. jgunn says:

    That is berra, berra nice! This proves that once and for all that we CAN get rid of the photo menace. Janet Brewer, are you watching? Do you want to be Governor for another term? You know how to get that second term! You will have my vote and a heck of a lot of other votes. You will be a shoo in if you banish the Redflex photo scam to the depths of heck where it belongs.

  6. Kenny S> says:

    Funny…….over the last month and even today, 63 is the norm when I’m driving.
    Not saying everyone is going 63 but most are otherwise I’d be hearing horns and getting the finger………but that’s not the case at all..
    70-75 reminds me of a year ago .
    the only time I hit 70-75 is when I pass firebird raceway.

  7. Kenny S> says:

    J………….. your right but only on the 202…………..otherwise I’m in th e 63 mph zone all the time even when it changes.

  8. j says:

    when i drive west on the 60 everybody drives about 70. 10seems to want to go 70 but lots of cameras and speed limit changes traffic usually drives in low 60 to 65 range. 101 in scottsdale usually around 70 right now (no cameras) when it is not too crowded. what i am saying is i think speed limits are a little low to start out with and some common courtesy among drivers would go alot further towards safety than a bunch of stupid cameras intimidating everyone to go really slow on these freeways so our money can get stolen from us! DOWN WITH CAMERAS AND UNFAIR TAXES!

  9. get a life says:

    When are you people going to get a life! Do you have nothing else happing in your life to deal with all this camera bull s*@$. Gesh they are there trying to slow people down.
    GET A F*^&ING LIFE!!!!

  10. Bill Conley says:

    ..Now you see why I campaigned so hard for Paul….
    This is what happends when the prople get involved and take back their government!
    Get involved…changes things (I’m not talking about the Obama kind of “Change”)

    – Bill

    • Dr Jett says:

      Yeah Bill,
      Lets keep positive change and get rid of all of the deadbeats in government and replace them with people that actually care about America and their fellow citizens.

  11. Freedom From The Flash says:


    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  12. RPr says:

    get a life,

    if safety is their goal then why does a portion of every ticket go to the clean elections fund?

  13. camerafraud says:

    If safety is their goal, why does the DPSRedflex contract only talk about financial milestones, not safety or accident prevention?

  14. Shell123 says:

    Gee, what do you think my chances are of avoiding the “flash” I got on Hunt Highway Dec. 31 taking my kids to Walmart? What a shock. I just moved here 2 months ago, what a bummer, I haven’t had a ticket in 28 years. Anyone ever just get a warning from the radar van?

  15. j says:

    wow getalife u sound like u have something to lose if the cameras go away?

  16. Mark S says:

    I think he needs to run for Gov., or work on replacing the head of DPS.

  17. Bill Conley says:

    How Ironic, the head of DPS was Pinal’s Sheriff for a few years…
    He left for DPS, leaving Chris Vasquez Sheriff.

  18. J.W. says:

    # Glyph Says:
    January 2, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    “I probably can’t just send him money… Does this guy have a favorite restaurant or something? Maybe I can send him a Gift Card!”

    He likes San Tan Flat. Now that there will no longer be Photo Vans on Hunt Hwy and the Dance police are gone everyone should head out there. Great place to eat.

    I’m so glad I voted for this guy!!! No more Photo vans parked down the street from my house anymore. I can drive to work in peace now.

  19. Law Talking Guy says:

    Guys — do NOT send him gifts. It is likely a violation of the county ethics statutes.

    Instead, get everyone you know to send him a thank you card, postcard or note. When interviewed about why he took the action he did, he would be able to point to a mountain of mail and say, “look, I’m serving the public.”

    All it takes is a bit of card stock and a laser printer and you can pre-print some postcards and hand them out to friends to send in.

  20. I'm Back says:

    Has our highly acclaimed local media picked up on this story yet? I can’t seem to find anything.

    Congrats to this gentleman who delivered on his campaign promises. I don’t live in Pinal County, nor do I go there, but it is good to know that they are starting a precedent. It’s also good to know that Sheriff Babeu is asking our new governor to take a serious look at ending the program state-wide.

    I do have to agree about the red light cameras, but only if there is a way for us to know that they are not still intentionally shortening the yellows to catch more people, because that does cause accidents.

    The people of Pinal County have spoken. The photo scam is coming to an end there. The red light cameras can probably stay. I hope when Redflex and ATS finally go out of business, there could be an ethical company that could take over the operations of the red light cameras as a small part of their overall business.

  21. BumpyVT says:

    I am not surprised at Babeau’s stance on photo radar. He was a victim of it last year. Well, not himself as the driver, but a relative that was driving his SUV. When he received the ticket in the mail, he returned it with the statement that he was not the driver and he did not know who the driver in the photo was. You could clearly see his children in the back seat, but it was difficult to tell who was driving. On further inspection it turns our to be the nanay of his kids. Then a big stink made out of it all by his then opponent in the election for sherriff due to the fact that Babeau refused to divulge the name of the driver… So everyone wear a mask as you drive or ride so they can’t identify you, that’s what i do on my motorcycle…

  22. I'm Back says:

    Thanks RPr!

    Okay, I’m off to the Cards game. I hope I don’t get flashed. Go Red Birds!!! Down with Redflex!!!

  23. Got tagged says:

    I just got my photo in the mail. I got tagged on the 101, east bound at 35th Ave where it goes from 65 to 55 for no apparent reason. I had my cruise on 65 and got clocked at 66. Now I’m out $181.50. WTF? I really hope Jan does something about it, but how are they gonna kiss all that money goodbye?

    • Dr Jett says:

      Ignore the ticket in the mail because it is improper service. A process server has to serve you in person before it is legal service. Don’t respond to the ticket in any way and don’t answer your door or let anyone in your household open your door for strangers. This is why Redflex is losing so much money as stated in the previous post. Nobody is responding to their illegal service by mail anymore.

  24. Give me your money people! ALL OF IT

  25. Steve says:

    I hope he runs for governor.

  26. Mike says:

    I bet Arpaio is pissed that another sheriff is getting media attention. lol

  27. […] We’ve warned you that “all they want to do is take your money.” Government proponents of photo enforcement have even told you that they want to raise “bucketfuls of money.” Honest law enforcement professionals say photo enforcement is “corrupting law enforcement.” […]

  28. Joe says:

    “The biggest problem with the cameras, is the changing speed limits on our roadways.”

    Ain’t it the truth! And the areas that have the highest concentrations of cameras? They also happen to be the areas with the greatest incidence of speed limit changes. I got popped by a van last week while driving in the carpool lane, never saw the enforcement zone sign, but figured I was safe as I often drive the same portion of freeway (I-17) in the OTHER DIRECTION with a speed limit of 65. Yep, on the opposite side, apparently the limit is 55 (in the same stretch). I was going about 66 or so.

    Of course, I have to sweat over this for 2 months now, as I’m still not sure that I was the guy who got popped. Traffic was moderately heavy. Coulda been another guy. Heh heh, it was my wife’s car anyway, so come and git me! I will not be answering my door.

  29. Joe says:

    “I am not surprised at Babeau’s stance on photo radar. He was a victim of it last year. Well, not himself as the driver, but a relative that was driving his SUV.”

    A family member of mine received a ticket in the mail that his daughter had gotten while driving his car. He was about to go to court to fight the ticket when a lawyer friend of his stopped him. Had he taken the stand to press his case, he would have been compelled to reveal the name of the driver when cross-examined. Instead, the lawyer went to court on his behalf, stated that clearly a female was the driver (and not his client), and the ticket was dismissed.

    Lesson learned: If you are not the driver, and you know who IS, do NOT go to court. Find an attorney who will represent you for those few minutes.

  30. […] In a related note, former Chandler PD veteren Paul Babeu was recently elected Sheriff in Pinal County, promptly ending automated ticketing. […]

  31. […] the government/surveillance-complex in Arizona (the extensive collaboration of  private companies corrupting law enforcement with the prospect of bucketfuls of money), it sure does seem like it’s hard to catch a break […]

  32. Doc says:

    I’m re-naming the Arizona Department of Public Safety
    …Th’ Arizona Woodward Crime Family,,,a.k.a th’ A2Z
    MOB!!!!!!!!!! Givin’ corruption out here in th’ wild, wild west a whole new name! Yee-FREEKIN’-HIGH,ova-herh

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  33. g. bellis says:

    I was coming north on I-10 from Casa Grande. Not 200 yards past the drop from 75 to 65 they had their trap.
    I admit I was going about 73 moving with traffic. Busted in the classic version of a speed trap.

  34. […] vocal critics of automated ticketing. Wasilewski’s comments are reminescent of Babeu’s comments just a few months back: I am against it, not only because I’m a strict Constitutionalist, but I believe… it’s driven […]

  35. […] County Sheriff Paul Babeu has publicly stated that photo radar money is “corrupting law enforcement.” A former DPS officer even went as far as to say he’s ashamed of his former agency for […]

  36. […] Babeu, who ended a contract with ticketing vendor Redflex earlier this year, said that photo radar programs were “corrupting law enforcement.” […]

  37. DAVE says:


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