ATS In Retreat Over ANPR

BEFORE: ANPR device is the lowest camera to ground

BEFORE: ANPR device is the lowest camera to ground

American Traffic Solutions has removed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition device after its use was discovered and publicized by CameraFRAUD (“Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates,” Jan 8). The auxiliary unit was quietly tied into an existing red light and speed-on-green enforcement system at the corner of McDowell and Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to sources, city leaders may not have been aware of the installation and the contract with ATS contained no provision for the use of such devices. The City of Scottsdale extensively utilizes Automated Ticketing Machines.

AFTER: Neutered! (Area of interest highlighted w/ red box)

AFTER: Neutered! (Area of interest highlighted w/ red box)

Appian Technology, the U.K.-based firm that manufactures the units, states in promotional materials (.pdf, 1.3MB) that the cameras are “specifically developed for military image processing applications” with the optional ability to track RFID-enabled license plates.

The ANPR camera was removed sometime around the beginning of February. It’s unknown when it was originally installed.

54 Responses to ATS In Retreat Over ANPR

  1. Helldigger says:

    Regardless of ATS eliminating this technology at fixed camera sites, the police are already using the devices on a regular basis.

    Throughout the year they troll the malls, parking lots, work places and search for stolen vehicles but are also looking for out of date tags and maybe YOU, if you have a bench warrant or perhaps if they have a vendetta.

    You can run, but you can’t hide.

  2. Chris T. says:

    Read the article and watch the video…

  3. Glyph says:

    Still, seeing ATS quietly take these and other cameras down is quite satisfying. But Helldigger’s point is well taken as this is no victory. DPS has mobile ANPR and is accumulating data faster than they know what to do with.

  4. geez says:

    Funny, it was being tested, but ya’ll are basically taking credit for it being removed.

  5. timmah says:

    “geez,” putting in overtime again i see.

    looks to me like KPHO’s story was a day after camer fraud broke the story.

    It probably would have flown under the radar indefinitely, no pun intended… after all, the msm sure doesn’t have the time to do real investigative work anymore.

    and let it be known a litle bird says that the new mayor was none too happy about finding out that his constituents were being used as guinea pigs

  6. Mike says:

    So you’re perfectly okay with citizens who have done nothing wrong being spied on by a private company?

  7. Mike says:

    ^^^ That was meant for “geeze”.

  8. geez says:

    Do you go to any casinos,atm’s,convenience stores,banks,malls,parking lots of stores,stores,drive on the freeway,shop online,have a drivers liscence,credit card,have any fry’s cards or alberstons cards etc..?

  9. I'm Back says:

    Does anyone know when HB2106 goes to a vote again?

  10. Geez, do you wear a license plate when you go into Casinos, convenience stores, banks, malls, etc?

    Didn’t think so.

  11. I'm Back says:

    I like to wear a bar-code on my back and forehead so that everyone knows where I have been and can use it to track me. It makes me feel like an American. 😉

  12. Joe says:

    Where’s Law? National holiday over in Australia?

  13. Doc says:

    I believe that LAW finally crossed th’ line, & has been blocked. I really don’t miss him/her @ all. If someone’s got a legit argument to a thread, In my opinion, GREAT! Quality rebuttal/constructive criticizm is a good thing. But, as we all know, there unfortunately was absolutely no winning with that individual…Good Riddance!

    As to HB2106, I had a meeting with Senator Steve Pierce (R-Dist. 1) last Wednesday. He told me that NO bills will be worked on until the budget fiasco is wrapped up. He was very receptive, & I think he’ll be behind us 300% once this fiscal matter is resolved, but ’till then…not so much.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  14. I'm Back says:

    Thanks for the info. It’s good to hear that you have such a great contact.

    If you have any info on how our money has been wasted for the last 6 years, I would love to hear about that too.

    Nice work.

  15. What do you think about showing up to the Wed. Transportation Committee to discuss HB2629? This bill exempts people with handicapped placards from the requirement of showing their license plate if they have a wheelchair carrier that happens to block it.

    I was thinking about showing up and being facetious in opposing this bill on the grounds that it unfairly exempts this class of people from photo enforcement and is a violation of the state and federal constitution’s equal protection clause.


  16. Doc says:

    Thanks I’m Back! I REALLY wanna’ help with this. I’m very concerned by our law enforcement’s attitude regarding their flagrant continued violation (nose thumbing…) of the U.S. Constitution. Their excuse that the military grade tracking technology used by them for the garnering of criminals is straight out Bullsh*t! What they fail to see, or they are simply too sheepish & complaicent to understand, is that when they’re off duty, or when their family members are out on the roads, this same technology is USED ON THEM!!! When something really bad happens to one of theirs, because private corporations have access to citizens information, & they trace it back to the use of this tech., THEN will they see? Their track record says not.

    That’s like our current government’s view of the 2nd Ammendment. Courts & Legislators believe that it has to do with Hunting, Sporting, & HOME defense…which is all true. HOWEVER, the founding fathers meant it to be for the CITIZENS, in case the GOVERNMENT got outta’ control. The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 (th’ score shoulda’ been 9 to 0)in favor of the 2nd Ammd. should scare th’ beJesus outta’ every citizen in America, no matter what party they vote with! The use of Military Grade Tracking Tech. being utilized on the civilian populus is just 2 steps down from the types of laws Hilter used on the Germans, in my opinion. The fact that the 2nd Ammd. was the SECOND thing the founders took care of should speak volumes. However, in todays apathetic society, people generally just accept Government intrusion, such as scameras, & Tracking tech., as 2nd nature. I say these branches of Government need to use DUE PROCESS of LAW!!! If ya’ got a reason to be checkin’ into me, ‘cuz ya’ believe I’ve DONE somethin’ wrong, that’s 1 thing. However, here in th’ good ‘ol U.S. of A., folks are INNOCENT ’till PROVEN guilty inna courta’ law. It sets a very dangerous precident. Usually, if you give legislators or (unfortunately) law enforcement a millimeter, they’ll take a country mile. Ya’ just gotta’ stay on top of ’em. As we ARE doin re; scameras.

    remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  17. kandaris says:


    Not that I have any problem with handicapped folks but that is not a facetious argument… Its perfectly reasonable and another good reason to apply the same standards to photo enforcement. As you obviously know by posting that point, there are already a whole class of vehicles that photo enforcement does not treat equally.

  18. Mark S says:

    Back into parking spaces when you park, then the mobile ANPR units cannot scan your plate.

  19. I'm Back says:

    …..until we get front license plates like CA and other states. I’m surprised that hasn’t happened yet. They could easily add to our vehicle tax or a few more dollars to photo tickets to pay for it. GO JANET!!! WOOOooOOOoo00

  20. Mark S says:

    We had front plates in this state up until about 10 years ago. They eliminated those to save money back then.

  21. RPr says:

    cutting back to save money what a great idea!

  22. I'm Back says:

    Nope. That’s old news. Let’s just create some equation which proves that over-spending, fiscal irresponsibility and bloated government is actually a good thing and people who don’t believe it are just “tinfoil hatters,” “bitter renters” or better yet, just need to move out of their parents’ basement.

  23. I'm Back says:

    Then we can overbuild our city, offer free money to credit-risk borrowers all the while stuffing the pockets of corrupt politicians who couldn’t hack it in California. Then we can come up with unfair taxes that are hidden under the guise of law-enforcement and public safety.

    Am I too late on this one?

  24. Doc says:

    Nope—ya’ ain’t 2 late! That crap was sung about by Aerosmith in th’ 70’s…”it’s th’ same ol’ story…same ol’ song -n-dance…my friend!!!”

  25. kandaris, I guess I meant that my arguments would be facetious in that they would be almost pro-camera.

  26. No One says:

    There goes Geez again, asking questions that have already been asked and answered…

    There is a big difference between the local convenience store and the cameras discussed here… particularly when the specific cameras being discussed here are verifiably equipped with ALPNR technology.

    This has been discussed at length, as far back as 2 and a half months ago. I’ll spare repeating it all, if you really want to know have a look at the December 7th comments.

  27. Walter says:

    If ATS had those little white boxes to hide there cameras in like redflex. No one would have noticed the ANPR camera. Just what all is it those little white boxes anyway? Just what is it that they are trying to hide? We found out about the 24/7 video. What else is going on?

  28. Observer says:


    The comments you guys make sound as if you are the ones with something to hide. So what are you up to?

    We live in a ‘free’ society but it has a price in our present times and we should not be concerned about this technology as it is extremely effective at getting the bad guys. The ‘bad’ guys include robbers, drug dealers and terrorists so don’t give me your teenage comments about being spied upon.

    This is Big Mother and not Big Brother.


  29. Joe says:


    Why do we “need” this?

  30. What we “need” is traffic engineers to “fix” the roads and intersections where safety is a problem. Engineering is the answer, not enforcement.

  31. Doc says:

    Observer…Nobody said F R E E D O M ain’t without a price. Liberty isn’t a is a God given Right! Vigilance Man! That’s the PRICE! Apathy is the COST! Apathetic People who let government run their lives are sheep. These people refuse to take any responsibility for their lives or their actions. They just TRUST big brother & the government to “take care of them”, & LET these bastards make up rules as they go, in the name of “safety/security”. Think About It!!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  32. No One says:

    Observer- we are talking about traffic enforcement cameras, and strictly speaking these are not capable of apprehending drug dealers and terrorists.

    The only way to make them into a system capable of doing so with any kind of efficacy involves a dramatic expansion of both their numbers and capability… which puts it squarely into Big Brother territory, even if in your opinion it’s not there already.

  33. geez says:

    But the camera’s do free up the time police spend doing radar, to go do other things, like apprehending drug trafficers, work dui’s etc.

  34. Walter says:

    The cameras don’t free up anything. The same cops are still out there doing the same things they always have been. I still see the same amount of cops pulling over cars on the freeway as I ever have. In fact it seems like there have been more lately.

    Face it….The cameras are only there for one reason. and that is to make money, Lots of money. And NOTHING ELSE. NOT for safety, Not for freeing up cops.Or anything else. Just MONEY, MONEY, MONEY

  35. Doc says:

    Walter…Man, I gotta’ refer you & ALL to this site -look for an article titled,
    “Radio chip coming soon to your drivers license?”
    Dude- I’m tellin’ ‘ya…J-No used us all for guinea pigs. Money was/is just a side benefit. Check it out!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  36. Walter says:

    The link didn’t take me to that article. But I did read about it from another link somewhere on this site. VERY SCARY.

  37. geez says:

    take the tinfoil off, wrap it around your license. No need for drama, it’s that easy.

  38. geez says:

    Well Walt, you’ve seen more cops, the other folk here claim to see hardly any cops anymore, I don’t know what to tell you.
    I had a motorbike officer tell me since the camera’s went up he’s been able to concentrate on DUI’S and more extreme criminal activity, rather than accidents and reckless drivers. I took his word for it, and we all know how ya’ll like cops now, after the _massive_ chandler protest.

  39. RPr says:


    I would like to point out that we have always been Pro law enforcement. The very first sign wave we held many signs that said COPS NOT CAMERAS.

  40. geez says:

    You didn’t care for them to much after the first Scottsdale protest I bet..

  41. Doc says:

    Austrailian trolls have arrived…Don’t feed th’ trolls…

  42. Walter says:


    Why did the motorbike officer pull you over? Or are you just making crap up?

    You MUST be an aussie. I have never heard anyone here in the USA call them motorbike officers.

  43. geez says:

    Nope, I’m not JGUNN, I don’t make crap up.
    I’m not an aussie, sorry. well, whatever, believe what you want.
    Just ran into a motorbike (what do you want me to call it???) at the Qtrip and asked him.
    He told me he is assigned to DUI patrols, but constantly got pulled off to work accident scenes and run radar (he noted he got 100mph violators often).
    He said he really likes the photo radar alot, because since it has started, he has rarely gotten taken off dui patrol to work accidents, and the few times he’s run radar, in the last 3 months he has not gotten anyone over 100mph. He also said concentrating on the dui patrol also brings accidents down tremendously, a trickle down effect of photoradar.
    Truth and a different view does not make me a troll.

  44. Glyph says:

    @Geez: I thought the cops at the Chandler protest were pretty civil. Officer Friendly came out, shook our hands, gave us some ground rules, and everything went pretty well.

    And the first Scottsdale protest went off without a hitch. The media (radio, print, and television) came out and gave CameraFRAUD some exposure to the masses. The only downside was the triple digit heat.

    As for the second Scottsdale protest, that’s a different story…

  45. geez says:

    You know Glyph, what happened at the second protest was not your fault. For lack of better words, someone there dug there own grave and flung themselves into it. Not you. What gets me is people making a foolish decision to blindly follow people like that. Those types will only lead you off a tall cliff to your own demise.

  46. […] Arizona has been a hot testbed for such technology, starting first when Show Low decided to track their population like tagged cattle by using Redflex scam cams. One month later, CameraFRAUD discovered the technology being secretly tested in Scottsdale by American Traffic Solutions. The public exposure led to the equipment being quietly removed. […]

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