ACTION ALERT: Wednesday Demonstration at Redflex HQ

sinwan4WHAT: Street Action / Demonstration

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec 3 @ 4:00 PM

WHERE: Redflex Traffic Systems – 23751 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix AZ

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DPS political officials, co-conspirators in the biggest case of FRAUD in the history of Arizona, have released their much-anticipated photo scam numbers.

40,000 automated tickets have been generated out of thin air within the past two months, according to the Associated Press.

CameraFRAUD estimates that the illegitimate and fraudulent tickets have a street value of over $6.6 million dollars, if the theft of $165 is successful in all cases., the leading activism group promoting the elimination of photo enforcement, will be taking the fight directly to the heart of the Australian beast: Redflex Headquarters.

The Cameras Are Coming Down.

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  1. RPr says:

    ATS your next LOL

  2. Ray says:

    Keep up the good work guys and keep the true criminals at bay – Your Government.I once had an attorney say to me that if everyone stopped breaking the law tonight, they’d scramble to make a whole new subsetset of laws that would be rediculously draconian to keep the money mahine well oiled.

  3. hooleyboy says:

    Bring the noise! People will listen, get more TV spots and People will see you, Use the word “unconstitutional” many times and it will wake people up. I have a Speech Communication background, and people key into words. Like the word “FREE” people hear that over other words and it gets them to listen. In this case “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” will have the same effect in getting people to listen. Use it and use it often. We will take back this State one movement at a time.

  4. ScubaSteve says:

    I just found this site, keep up the good work. It may be unrealistic but, I think everyone who gets a photo radar ticket needs to take it to court, with the number of tickets given, the court system would be jammed up for years.

  5. Jeff Seiser says:

    The camera flashed at me & my vehicle for allegedly speeding as soon as the cameras went up on the freeway. On that particular stretch of the freeway, a decreased speed limit sign was posted BUT covered up by a large highway sign on wheels covering the decreased speed limit sign. I went back later that night to take pictures of this deceptive “speed trap” knowing that they would most likely move the large highway sign the next day, which they did. I’m fighting this ticket as everyone else that was falsely ticketed should do!!!!! I already sent this response in regarding the ticket and requested a court date to plead innocent, but the bureaucratic system, or whatever company they farmed it out to, just sent me out another duplicate of the same ticket, picture and payment schedule. (Is anybody even home?) I encourage everyone who is fraudulently ticketed to take photos for evidence and fight the corrupt system. Don’t pay it!!!!! Many people were scammed. I know I’m not alone!!!!!

  6. Rosie D. says:

    I wasn’t speeding. It was rush hour and the traffic was bogged down by the camera flash went off!!!! On T.V. they announced that they still have to “work the bugs out” of their system. If I get a ticket via U.S.P.S. I’m definitely fighting it too!!! It makes me wonder how many wrongful people are getting these highway robbery “nastygrams”.

  7. John says:

    I Live in Prescott Valley, AZ. I hate these photo radars popping up all over our city. I got popped once…right when they added them(red light). They changed the length of the yellow AFTER I got popped. So I tried to fight it…to no luck. They screwed me..because not only did I pay a fine for court…they then MADE me go to traffic school and charged me AGAIN..and took 8 HOURS out of a Sunday!!! Hell they even popped me for 7.00 in paper work! So everyone gets a piece of the pie! The cities, the counties, the state, heck, even the traffic schools!!! Talk about getting scammed??? Totally outrageous!!

  8. Dood says:

    Jeff, why even respond to the ticket? First and best bet is to avoid the process server for 120 days. If you get by the 120 days then you are free and clear. Not sure when the 120 days start. It would be GREAT if this site had a list of a “what you should do” in the case of a photo radar ticket. Of course it would have to be stuck up with “this is not legal advice etc. etc.”

  9. azmojo says:

    Having read the previous article about the treasurer saying the cameras are illegal and the fact that only about 25% of all camera flashes result in citations, I think there are plausible grounds for a class-action lawsuit against the State of Arizona. I recommend contacting lawyers to see if they are interested in persuing refunds for all who have paid fines.

    A little clarification on my point about the 25%… this demonstrates the weakness of the cameras and the inherent inequality of the system. How is it that we allow a system that can target at best only 1 in 4 drivers? That is, it targets only people driving their own cars registered to themselves and employing no evasion tactics.

  10. Just dont not speed says:

    I do not understand why you all are worried about the cameras. If you focused all of your energy on something worth it, the world would be a better place. Speed traps how can you say they are speed traps. Look I go over the speed limit at times, but for the mot part I travel and have the cruise locked around 70 or so and I am safe no flash. If you are doing nothing wrong then why try to get them down. We all want better roads, more freeways etc. What a better way to pay for it then the people who continue to speed, it is like the same people who get a DUI every few months. Just do not speed and you will be fine.

  11. Mis Huevos Son Tus Ojos says:

    Look, if you’re really unhappy about getting a photo radar ticket, if you get it by regular mail, just shred the letter and throw it away. That way they’ll have to send someone in person to your address to serve you the ticket in person. Otherwise, how can they ever prove in court that you ever even received the violation notice? Your defense would be, “I never received anything in the mail…” and they would never be able to prove that you lied about it.

    On another note, just so you guys know, the radars themselves are NOT what detects the speed. There are two radars that detect the passing of the vehicle at two separate points on a particular lane of traffic, and then speed is calculated by time vs distance, kind of like VASCAR.

    They’re somewhat annoying, but so far I’ve seen no evidence on this site that the tickets are fraudulent, and no stats to prove that the flashes “cause more accidents” as some complainers have alleged. And so what if the cameras are made in Australia? Lots of things are outsourced to other countries. I wonder how many of the people complaining about getting photo radar tickets were speeding on their way to WalMart to take advantage of the Black Friday deals on cheap Chinese clothing.

    Many of the above comments sound like whining to me, like, “…not only did I pay a fine for court…they then MADE me go to traffic school and charged me AGAIN..and took 8 HOURS out of a Sunday!!! Hell they even popped me for 7.00 in paper work!”
    Boo hoo, don’t you have anything better to complain about? One co-worker of mine was saying, “this is bull***t, I think if someone needs to speed a little bit, he/she should be allowed to speed, wouldn’t you agree with me?” I looked at him and said, “No, not really.” If you need to shoplift just a little, should they be allowed to shoplift just a little? Anyway, in my case, so far I have NOT gotten a photo radar ticket, probably because I just don’t drive that fast (and I’m in a line of work that involves a LOT of driving, probably 70 miles/day on average). So far that’s been key for me: Just slow the **** down! And if you really have to speed, think of the fine as an extra tax you pay for the privilege of speeding.

  12. Mis Huevos Son Tus Ojos says:

    One other thing: My understanding from DPS is that these particular photo radar tickets do NOT include points on your license. The worst thing you get is the fine, but it shouldn’t hurt your driving privileges or you insurance premium.

  13. Just dont not speed says:

    Mis Huevos Son Tus Ojos
    great post!!!

  14. I Drive alot more than most says:

    First of all, I drive sometimes up to 400 miles a day, fortunately I drive a vehicle that has out of state plates and is not registered to me.

    My question to Just dont and Mis Huevos is this…. knowing that these are machines and knowing all machines are subject to malfunctioning. Also knowing that the State openly admits that there are flaws in the system, how can you say just don’t drive fast? Lets say for example you have your cruise control set at 70, you see a flash, you get a ticket that shows you going 76 mph, pick any number, if there is a malfunction and you get one of these automated tickets in the mail, the 2 of you will be whining and crying like babies. Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it can’t. If the state is on the side of Redflex or ATS, which they ARE, you won’t be able to prove you were going 70 or 65 or pick any legal speed. I once got a red light ticket in my personal vehicle, the picture clearly showed my vehicle BEHIND the line and NOT in the intersection. Go fight it and pay court fees on top of the original ticket.

    Now, I’ve registered my vehicle in my wifes name and hers in mine, whenever I get near the cameras, I lower both visors and sit high in the seat so there can be no face pic. I typically do not speed, sometimes I do unintentionally. Either way I rarely am ever driving a vehicle that is registered to me. In the out of state vehicle I have “tested” the cameras and the registered owner has yet to get anything in the mail.

    You people that are willing to give up your civil liberties or put all your faith in the idea that “if I don’t speed I won’t get a ticket, just keep on believing, but if and when you do get a fraudulent ticket that you KNOW you don’t deserve, don’t bitch about it, go to the front of the line and pay it. Me? I will continue to do what I can to circumvent their cash cows.

  15. hooligans says:

    So based on “I Drive alot more than most”, if all machines are subject to malfunctioning, then your speedometer is also at fault.

  16. ScameraActivist says:

    Actually, you must not have read enough articles on or These cameras and the companies that operate them ARE fraudulent. I won’t go into more details now, other than to say do more research.

  17. getnf'd says:

    Mis Huevos Son Tus Ojos,

    Since you use the roadways more than others, maybe the traffic cameras should log plates, locations and times and then in turn at the end of the month, you are sent a bill in the mail for an Excessive Roadway Usage Tax?

    And another idea, since Arizona does have a large hispanic community, legal or not. Maybe hispanics should be road taxed more because they find it necessary to go 10mph under the speed limit on roadways, and 20mph under on freeways thus causing greater traffic congestion.

    Bottom line is, using Cameras to Police their citizens are Unconstitutional!

  18. Ross says:

    Nice work with all the website traffic. It really seems like the debate is gaining momentum!


    The governor asked for the cameras, made a mess of this state and then gets her suitcases ready to move out of here before the s—t hits the fan. Great, people are stressed plenty without having to worry how they are going t pay $180 for a stupid ticket. Life is way to difficult to make it worst ticketing people that perhaps are just surviving, no work, now having to pay a ticket. Early iin the morning when is dark and those cameras flash hit you in the face is very unsafe. GET THOSE THINGS OUT OF OUR LIFES, WE DO NOT NEED THEM . Again a really well put together business A compant making money out of a selfish Governor, I am sure her friends. I like to know who is this company and what kind of favor is she paying by having them rip us off . As it is we do not have money.

  20. From: RFM says:

    Let’s look at the Governors logic to see if she makes any sense as well.

    Her answer for global warming was to get rid of the leaf blowers (maybe okay) and pave all vacant lots (cost prohibitive), which by the way anyone knows, that Arizona doesn’t have many yards or vacant lot with grass and that grass counters the global warming affect. Also, she wanted to raise gas prices so that the tax payer would drive his/her automobile a lot less (possibly okay) , of course only the poor tax payers would be impacted the most and the increase gas would be a local inflationary pressure which would stifle job opportunities or in the worst case cause employers to terminate employees.

    Her answer for creating jobs was to spend billions on BioTech industries that may or may not create the jobs that the money was intended to create………..sounds very risky and unaffordable to the tax payer especially since Arizona is currently running in the red by billions.

    Her answer to the educational problem in Arizona was to supply all students with a book purchased by the tax payers.

    Sounds to me that many of her initiatives were impulsive and not well thought out, granted she’s only human and susceptible to making human errors, but I wonder whether she consulted anyone before making these decision or did she make them in a vacuum. When anyone is responsible for making decisions for the people it is there responsibility to carefully weigh out the consequences to their actions, be informed and consult with experts….etc. The Governor’s position should not be a position to express your ego, exercise your omnipotence or a license to run amok

  21. I saw the link you posted on Freedom’s Phoenix I think. The link was broken, but the newest video on the DPS photoradar take on 40,000 tickets was well done. I think facts provided by you guys helped the story “comes to over $7 million dollars in fines.”

    By the way it is $165 for the fine plus an additional political welfare tax (Clean Election Fund) that brings it to over $185.

    Great dink on the state: “That’s just another 40,000 new members on CameraFraud.”

  22. Just to clear it up: 120 days starts when the flash goes off.

    Vans use photoradar. Permanent mounts along the highway use embedded sensors in the road … meaning radar detectors won’t have anything to detect.

    If you are served they slap an additional $35 or so onto the ticket for process service. My understanding is they try to stick you with this unsolicited fee even if you manage to get the ticket dismissed or are found innocent.

    But, in the past only a third of tickets were served that went unanswered. This is such a business now that I am sure they hire all the servers they need unless you live in the toolies.

    Servers can lie under penalty of perjury that they served you without fear of repercussions (like loss of their server permit, fines, jail) for filling out an affidavit of service. When they file that and you miss your court date you will be found guilty in absentia, your license will be suspended and potentially your license plate tags will be revoked. You usually find out about this when you get pulled over for something. Arrested, plates confiscated. The server’s word will be taken over yours. Unless you can absolutely prove you were physically out of town when they claimed to have served you, you are in trouble. Pain in the ass to get license reinstated. Never get your plates back even if the state made a gross error…pay for replacements sucker. Slave.

    Fear. It is the easiest weapon they wield.

  23. RFM also says:

    Police Radar Guns transmit microwave radiation and detect your speed with the Doppler Effect. Microwaves can be hazardous to your health especially when they are transmitted within a “narrow frequency range” and at high amplitudes.

    Studies have also shown, even at a low amplitudes, radio wave transmissions of cell phone cause salivary gland cancer……………..need I say more?

  24. get a life says:

    You all just really need to get a life, except for the people telling you all to calm the f*** down! if you would concentraite more on your driving then crap you write on here you would not get a ticket. Going and protesting, you don’t want to take time out of your day and go to traffice school but you have time to do this s****! What ever you all just need to shut up deal with it, and drive better!

  25. Ross from Redflex says:

    Wow, it seems like everyone from Redflex found this website. I swear I didn’t give it to them.

    Seriously folks, calm down and keep paying those tickets. My family needs to eat.

  26. Mike says:

    I got a ticket from a camera up in prescott….was doing 67 in a 55…..i was pretty ticked about it. The ticket came to $190.00 total. bottom line was i wasnt paying attention to the posted limit so it was my own fault. I went to traffic class paid my fee and was done with it. I dont have a problem with freeway cams as much as the red light cams….those are definatley questionable. Due to my ticket and what i learned in traffic class i pay way more attention to the posted speeds and make sure i dont give these cameras a reason to flash me….thus keeping those nutbags from sending me a ticket….bottom line is make sure your keeping your eyes peeled for photo enforcement signs and drive smart and you should be ok….seems like legitimate arguments from both sides though. be safe everyone!

  27. Safety or Profit? says:

    To address “Justdontnotspeed”

    I am completly against the scameras and this is because I have EDUCATED myself on ALL of the issues. I have never had a ticket via cop OR camera so this is not some personal vendetta. I’m glad people are waking up and seeing the truth, there are a lot of great facts/articles on I recommend you look into it further.

  28. El Alacran says:

    dude, you cant even spell camera.

  29. El Alacran says:

    cameras are objects, they can’t scam you. Go cry to your city who contracts them.

  30. Ace Evans says:

    I’m really find it hard to believe that this is for safety sake, they put up cameras where you rarely if ever could speed anyways. Take the I-10 cameras by the tunnel for instance, when can you speed there at 3 or 4 AM – I think we should be able to fine them if we CAN’T drive the speed limit.

    What happens when these cameras malfunction? What happens if you have 3 or 4 speeders on each others tail – who gets the ticket, hmmmm.

    One more way for Big Brother to always be watching us.

  31. don't have to pay says:

    lawyers around town tell you that if you don’t acknowledge the ticket you do not have to pay it…

  32. Speed Racer says:

    I cannot believe there are really people out there that are behind this. They are probably the same people who drive 5 miles under the limit in the passing (fast) lane completely oblivious to all other traffic around them. Of course they think it is just peachy, they cause as many accidents if not more than people who are speeding, at least the speeders are alert and aware of their surroundings. I speed constantly and get about 1 ticket per year, I have just learned to deal with that and consider it to be the price of my actions, I have, in 30 years of driving, never caused or been involved in an accident caused by my speeding. This does not mean it cannot happen but I am much less likely to have an accident than one of these ass kissin babies who back this crap. I do not believe its fraud by any means but it is wrong and everytime I see a camera I am going to smash my brakes as HARD as I can and I hope one of these idiots run their precious little Prius right up my ass. I have always thought that those fake balls hanging from the bumper were pretty gross but now I am going to get a pair for my VW Jetta so the last thing they see before they go under my car is my balls. I cannot think of any better way to prove to them that the cameras are just down right stupid. YES, they have the ability to generate some decent income that may help offsett the budget that is all jacked up because of that fat ass dike Janet thinks she knows how to run a state. We will all be better off when she is gone except that she is headed to Washington. I doubt she can skrew that place up any worse that it is already.

  33. John Q. Public says:

    You know I feel everyone that has a comment on this page is just mad because they got busted. If you don’t break the law you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t speed or run redlights you’ll be fine. I really feel that people could better use their efforts fighting much worse things than this.
    Before people complain about something they should learn about the technology behind it. The technology is available to do a job cops used to have to do. This free’s up cops to worry about other things. If all the pictures aren’t clear or a camera malfuntion, you won’t get a ticket. Just because the flash goes off doesn’t mean you will be getting a ticket. These kind of programs generate funds for cities and keeps taxes down.

  34. I really try to be good says:

    There is no forgiveness for error? If the money and I mean all the money went toward perhaps a charity that would be differant. As soon as the state or city or county stopped profiting from this as well as having to pay the camera company their kickback it would all be over. The police are not even allowed to cruise the area where the lights are. I am not a chronic speeder but every one makes mistakes. Why not post signs that tell you how fast you are going if safety is truly the desired effect. But revenue is the real reason they are doing this. At night if you glance in your rear view mirror on 101 it looks like firework. Some people dont seem to mind this total intrusion of Big Brother and the erosion of our rights. When I was young I broke the law and didnt get caught. People arent perfect. The Government shouldnt profit from human error.

  35. Scott says:

    I don’t believe this site is about speeding…I think it is about an illegal state activity.

  36. interested reader says:

    What a bunch of whiners!! Crying becuz you got caught for doing something illegal. Grow up and act like an adult. If you do something wrong, you’ll pay the price. It’s not like they’re hiding anything-everything is posted. If you choose to ignore the signs, then you have no one to blame except yourself, Duh

  37. Read the news... says:

    PHOENIX — The following is a press release from the Department of Public Safety:

    During an eight hour period on November 26, 2008, 42 mobile photo enforcement units participated simultaneously in Operation Border to Border which was aimed at reducing pre-holiday collisions on heavily traveled interstates in Arizona. During this eight hour period, which began at 3 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m., there were a total of 505 photo enforcement activations resulting in 436 notices of violations.

    The mobile units were spread out across the state about 20 miles apart along Interstate 10 and Interstate 40 from border to border. During that eight hour period there were only two collisions reported along those heavily traveled interstates. Only one collision involved injuries. During the same period last year, there were 29 collisions reported along those same interstates, including three collisions that involved injuries. There were no fatal collisions reported this year or last year.

    On September 26, 2008, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) began implementing the expanded statewide photo enforcement program at the direction of the Arizona Legislature. The law specified that 100 cameras be placed on highways statewide. By Feb. 1 of 2009, DPS will have a total of 40 mobile photo enforcement cameras and 60 stationary cameras in operation throughout the state.

    Since September 26, there have been 166,176 photo enforcement activations by the DPS program resulting in 40,401 notices of violation. The highest recorded speed was 130 miles per hour. That occurred twice in two separate incidents. One incident occurred in the southbound lanes of State Route 51 at Bethany Home Road with the second occurring in the West Valley.

    *The Associated Press rpeorts that if the mandated $165 penalty were collected on all those

    tickets, the fines would total $6.6 million.

    “Photo enforcement does not replace the highway patrol officer. It cannot pull over impaired drivers or aggressive drivers or distracted drivers. It can help slow people down and that goes a long way toward preventing serious injury or even fatal collisions. As you can see the results paid off during Operation Border to Border,” said Roger Vanderpool, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

  38. Read the news... says:

    To I really try to be good…
    Hey dick.. That’s what a damn speedometor if for!!! Use it and stop relying on everyone else to do it for you!
    Human error…… lol……. Stop rushing your life and obey the speed limit.

  39. GS says:

    One word – Privacy.

    Think about it.

    We’re giving it up more and more. These cameras are yet another way in which we are being monitored.

    We go on the Internet, use Google, facebook, Yahoo Mail. We knowingly give them information about us – our email addresses, our names, our addresses, birthdate, who our friend and family are, business contacts, interests, and so much more.

    Our cars have license plates that tie the car to who we are.

    Now, cameras are looking at those plates. Not just speed cameras, either.

    How long until someone in the government thinks it is a good idea to put all of this information together in one easy to search index?

    Sure, you’re not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about…

    Sure, nothing to worry about there. Not at all.

    This forum is focused on just a single facet of an insidious problem.

    That aside, the cameras are nothing more than a revenue rake, a tax. Who asked for them? The people? I doubt it. Time for them to go.

  40. GS says:

    BTW – next time there is an “Action” pending, try to pull it together in a more public location like in front of US Airways Arena before and after a Suns game. You’re likely to get a lot more attention. Maybe even I’ll come. 😉

  41. jgunn says:

    Wow lots of shills registering and posting here from Redflex supporting the speed cams. Guys, I could care less about your empty arguments about follow the law and you won’t get a ticket. I have technology to fight yours and you won’t be seeing any of my money. You guys must really be worried about us succeeding and banning the cameras and you guys losing your cushy jobs! It will be karma, sweet karma when you Redflex guys are on the streets like you have helped do to all those in Arizona who have lost their jobs by taking millions of dollars out of the hands of local businesses! Hope you Redflex guys are saving your money for the time when YOU don’t have a job.

  42. Habitual Speeder says:

    Number one – Buy a radar detector with GPS capabilities. Yes the cameras on a pole do not operate on radar but rather use loops in the roadway to detect speed, no your radar will not detect that . Yes very similiar to VASCAR. However, with a GPS radar, you have radar capabilities plus you can mark the physical locations of the pole cameras. One maker of these type of radars are Escort, you want the 9500 x or xi. That will do the trick. Speed on my fellow friends. Yes the detector is expensive, around $500 but I look at it as my privilage to drive the way I want and do what is sometimes necessary out there. Yes you can learn where the cameras are but there will be a day that you get distracted and forget about it. Also for like $20 extra a year you can download updated locations every month. (Although I’m not totally satisfied with their data base yet)

    To someones comment about it will free up the police to do other things…..Yeah my *ss. That is why we have increases in violent crime because they are arresting speeders. Hell I hardly see a cop on the highway and this was way before cameras. Trust me they weren’t doing much of a job out there before the cameras.

    Here is a tip for you, with less cops on the freeway tint your windows so black that the camera won’t work. Also get the drop down black strip on the front windshield. Don’t worry the cops won’t be on the freeway according to the above poster.

    For the poster above about registering the cars in the other spouses name…..brilliant because the registered owner is under no obligation to tell who was driving the vehicle.

    Everyone knows it is fact that the cameras were placed to generate revenue, nothing more, nothing less.

    I agree with those that bring up the fact of not being able to fight the ticket. The article I read today stated that very same fact. The state doesn’t want you to fight the ticket, hence why you don’t get the points nor is it reported to the insurance companys. They just want the money.

    Besides the cameras are a joke. Safety, I don’t think so. Once people know where the cameras are, they slow down for the camera for the next 200 feet and then pound the accelerator to the next camera. So tell me what safety is there.

    Speed Racer – yeah that was a fuuny post and I feel your pain, however please don’t slam on your brakes in front of me (no I don’t have a Prius)…haha….but you make a very valid point on the fact that people do jam on the brakes for the camera…see above.

    As for the camera at I-10 and 51 (both directions on I-10) that is the worst place to put a camera especially when there is so much going on with merging lanes and lane switching traffic, and hov lane that also exit on the left. You shouldn’t have to deal with that plus cameras where sometimes it is necessary to speed up to get in the correct lane under heavy traffic. However the state knows that and it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    For those interested in the process server – I believe that they work between the hours of 7am to 9 pm. They will only target the place where the ticket is mailed, not your place of business. They will usually target you when they know you will be there, or be off guard like right after getting home from work. They will also step it up when it gets closer to the end of 120 days. If you go the 120 day route, DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR FOR ANY REASON, no to girlscouts, no to Jehova Witnesses, no to the pizza guy. For a single person this is very easy to do. For those of you married this maybe harder, so get a post it note and stick it to the door. My friends brother was there opened the door then called for his sister and the server got her right at 118 days.

    Hey I drove in Germany where there is no speed limit so don’t tell me that slower speed saves lives either. The ultimate problem here is that most Americans can’t drive period. It is simple:

    #1 there are three lanes

    #2 The slowest traffick is in the far right lane.

    #3 The next slowest but passing traffic is in the middle lane

    #4 The fastest traffic is in the left lane and if your not passing you don’t belong in that lane.

  43. Steven tolver says:

    Where was 4409?

    Arrested again?

  44. Why do you have to complain? says:

    Why do you guys have to complain about the cameras? I have had a couple of them and learned a lesson or two from each incident. Simply don’t drive like there is no tomorrow nor drive too slow of course. I don’t agree with cameras almost everywhere I go but it gives me a sense of security knowing that there are going to be people out there who deserve a speeding ticket if they are speeding. If you get one oh well, pay it, take a class and be done with it. LIFE GOES ON! you guys act like this is the worst thing that has happened to you all. I swear cameras are everywhere whether you like it or not…for instance ATMS…banks….grocery stores…gas stations…schools…EVERYWHERE. Deal with it if they are on the roadways, It is because of us that cameras were implemented and installed. If you don’t like them so much, DON’T SPEED and then there will be less citations to be sent out and maybe they will see that there is a sharp decline in speeding…at least in the locations of the cameras…Pretty much you guys are wasting your time trying to fight it. It will come down eventually like you guys say right?! HMMM who knows, only time will tell. I probably didn’t reply to most of the stuff I read about but pretty much use the time you guys take to complain onto your college degrees and careers. There are much better things to do in life. Trust me, so many things I should do before I leave this world.

  45. Mis Huevos Son Tus Ojos says:

    I Drive alot more than most Says:
    “Lets say for example you have your cruise control set at 70, you see a flash, you get a ticket that shows you going 76 mph,..”
    -70’s too freakin fast in the city, slow the **** down.

    “knowing that these are machines and knowing all machines are subject to malfunctioning.”
    -How many drivers are willing to admit that their brains are subject to malfunctioning, ie, bad judgement?

    getnf’d Says:
    “Mis Huevos Son Tus Ojos,
    …Maybe hispanics should be road taxed more because they find it necessary to go 10mph under the speed limit on roadways, and 20mph under on freeways thus causing greater traffic congestion…”
    -Haha, you thought I was Hispanic just because I use a screen name with Spanish words in it, -too funny!

    A VERY UPSET CITIZEN Says: “Early iin the morning when is dark and those cameras flash hit you in the face is very unsafe.” Oh, give me a f@#%ing break! Statistics, please?

    Speed Racer Says:
    “I cannot believe there are really people out there that are behind this. They are probably the same people who drive 5 miles under the limit in the passing (fast) lane completely oblivious to all other traffic around them.”
    -I have on occasion driven in the fast lane and had other cars either tailgating me or speeding around me, but that was because I was already going 5 or even 10 OVER the speed limit and that wasn’t good enough for all the other lead-footed drivers on the freeway. Fortunately that seems to have changed since the cameras went up.

    Speed Racer Says:
    “I have always thought that those fake balls hanging from the bumper were pretty gross but now I am going to get a pair for my VW Jetta so the last thing they see before they go under my car is my balls. I cannot think of any better way to prove to them that the cameras are just down right stupid.”
    How does this prove to anyone that the cameras are stupid? It wouldn’t prove anything, except maybe that you’re a moron.

    I really try to be good Says:
    “Some people dont seem to mind this total intrusion of Big Brother and the erosion of our rights.”
    Oh, COME ON!!!! It’s a PUBLIC FREEWAY. NO ONE is INTRUDING on anyone’s PRIVACY! ANYTHING you do on a PUBLIC THOROUGHFARE, whether it’s speeding, texting, or eating while driving, is FAIR GAME as far as I’m concerned.

    GS Says:
    “Our cars have license plates that tie the car to who we are.
    Now, cameras are looking at those plates. Not just speed cameras, either.
    How long until someone in the government thinks it is a good idea to put all of this information together in one easy to search index?”
    It’s ALREADY in an easy to search index. Duh.

    Habitual Speeder Says:
    “To someones comment about it will free up the police to do other things…..Yeah my *ss. That is why we have increases in violent crime because they are arresting speeders. Hell I hardly see a cop on the highway and this was way before cameras. ”

    -That’s true that the police weren’t out on the highways enforcing speed even before the cameras. That’s BECAUSE this is such a high crime city, so police departments are too busy responding to homicides to put a lot of resources into traffic enforcement, hence the traffic cameras. I used to live in Pittsburgh, and up there you didn’t dare speed anywhere because the freeways were always crawling with cops on speed enforcement duty. They had the resources to do it without cameras, because they only had about 50 or 60 homicides per year. If you think traffic enforcement is strict here, try living in western PA. Over there, 90% of all traffic light intersections were “NO TURN ON RED”. Now THAT is something to protest about!!!

  46. Scott says:

    Who is “DT”….Could this be JD Hayworth????

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