Australian Media Slams Redflex

August 12, 2010

It’s hard to find a mainstream media piece as perfect as this one. Enjoy the video and post your comments below.

Good: The lovely Tracy Grimshaw of A Current Affair asks the question of automated ticketing: “Life savers or just revenue raising cash cows?” CameraFRAUD as well as are mentioned in the story.


Quotes from the video: “Governments all around the world are in a lot of debt, they have to raise more money, and what better place to raise money than from penalties and speeding fines.”

“The cars are unmarked and there’s no warning sign until after you’ve driven past, and even then it’s tiny.”

REPORTER: “What do you do to pass the time when you’re sitting in here?”

REDFLEX DRIVER: “We watch the instrument.”

REPORTER: “And you need all three of you in here to do that?”

REDFLEX DRIVER: “That’s correct… at the moment…”

Best: The closing video of the UK show ‘Top Gear’ using a vehicle-mounted rocket launcher to take out a Gatso scam cam.

East vs. West Demonstration is FRIDAY

September 22, 2009


Click for video from the last East vs West demonstration

Join other CameraFRAUD volunteers this Friday for another fun, horn-honking freeway overpass demonstration!

Back by popular demand, it’s:

EAST Valley vs. WEST Valley!

“Sign waves” are great opportunities to raise awareness with the public about automated ticketing and the “surveillance state” tactics being utilized by Redflex and ATS against the people on a daily basis.

Bring your own sign or use one at the demonstration!


“I’m going to the East Side event!”

“I’m going to the West Side event!

Use the comments section below to discuss this event!

ATS, Redflex Vans Targeted for Protest

August 19, 2009

van-leavingAn unannounced protest last Friday morning targeted an American Traffic Solutions’ van in Mesa as well as a Redflex van in Tempe.

Numerous volunteers from CameraFRAUD appeared for a “flash mob” around 7 AM. Large signs reading “Scam Cam Zone”, “Pirates Ahead,” as well as”Fraud Alert” were used to warn drivers of the speed trap ahead near University and Stapley. Many motorists honked and yelled in support of the demonstration.

“CameraFRAUD demonstration signs reduced traffic speeds up to 50%, thereby causing the van driver to soon leave due to an unprofitable location…” said one volunteer. “Perhaps the City of Mesa should contract with us instead.”

Time is money with profit-rich photo radar vans. Any disruption to their operation could instantly destroy their profit margin for the day.

goodbookWith the early Mesa victory, it was off to an unmanned Redflex van in Tempe near McClintock and Elliot. Tempe police eventually arrived but watched from a distance. Concerned about their equipment, Redflex dispatched an employee to the scene.

For some reason, the talivan operator didn’t want to be identified, and tried to duck into a large book full of policies and procedures.

The unannounced demonstrations will continue.

Ban Photo Radar: Demonstration Today in Chandler, AZ

February 20, 2009


Its time to make another great showing of solidarity and determination. Automated ticketing and overzealous surveillance will no longer be tolerated in the Grand Canyon State.

Come on out anytime between 3:00 and 7:00!


Also a good idea: Forward this event to a friend, call a co-worker with the news, or for you Twitter users why not consider posting an update to your account?


Photo Radar Protests Spread Nationwide

February 17, 2009

kcmoMembers of the “Liberty Restoration Project” recently held a demonstration opposed to the use of automated ticketing machines in Kansas City, MO. They are supporting state Senate Bill 211 which would ban the practice outright.

nbcdcIn Maryland, members of CameraFRAUD DC held a small rally which drew the attention of NBC Washington. “Do you really think that these people came out today because they want to be able to drive too fast?” said one forum participant on the NBC Washington website.

“They came out because they did a little investigating and found out what a racket this is...”

In Arizona, CameraFRAUD plans to hold a rally on Friday afternoon in the Phoenix-suburb of Chandler. Past demonstrations in Arizona have drawn hundreds of participants and captured the attention of local media.

Sign Wave / Demonstration Saturday

February 5, 2009

the-face-of-camerafraud1WHAT: Sign Wave / Demonstration (and Petiton Signature Gathering)

WHEN: Saturday, February 7th @ 10:00 AM

WHERE: 91st Ave and Bell Rd- Peoria, AZ 85382

RSVP here / get more details

Upcoming CameraFRAUD Event

January 12, 2009

the-face-of-camerafraud1"She's like a rainbow..."

FRIDAY, January 16 – 4:00 PM

East vs. West Sign Wave / Demonstration + Sign the Initiative!

CameraFRAUD will be holding TWO simultaneous demonstrations / sign waves to see which side of town is really serious about the cameras coming down!  Come on out to also sign the ballot initiative outlawing photo enforcement in Arizona.

(The East Side is currently beating West Side in registrations: 36 East, 24 West. 1/12/09 @ 6:40 PM.)

RSVP EAST SIDE: 67th Ave and 101: Click for details…

RSVP WEST SIDE: US-60 and Longmore: Click for details…

Upcoming Event: Tucson Sign Wave / Demonstration

January 6, 2009

the-face-of-camerafraudWHAT: Sign Wave / Demonstration
WHEN: Saturday, Jan 10 @ 10:00 AM
WHERE: Oracle Rd and River Rd, Tucson AZ

CameraFRAUD Tucson is holding its first demonstration on the corner of Oracle and River this Saturday.

We will start with a short meeting at 10:00am. Bring a sign or use ours.

Anyone from Phoenix who wants to go and (needs / can provide) a ride should coordinate here.

12/18 CameraFRAUD Event

December 15, 2008

WHAT: Freeway Overpass Demonstration / Sign Wavesinwan43

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 18 @ 4:00 PM

WHERE:  1600 S. Longmore, Mesa AZ (@ the US-60)

WHY: Because the cameras are coming down.

HOW: Just come by… it’s so easy!

More Details / RSVP here, or to be notified of future events.

Street Action / Demonstration 12/12/2008

December 10, 2008


WHAT: Street Action / Demonstration & Sign Wave

WHEN: Friday, December 12 @ 4:00 PM

WHERE:  Rural Road and University Drive, Tempe AZ

WHY: It’s fun, the weather is beautiful, and the drivers love us!

HOW: Just show up. Bring a sign or use one of ours!

RSVP here, or to be notified of future events.

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