Time Magazine – “Big Brother Backlash”

February 16, 2012

The CameraFRAUD meetup group was mentioned in this piece by Time Magazine’s “Moneyland.”

With bills like SCR 1029 making their way through state legislatures in Arizona, Iowa, Colorado and Florida to name a few in 2012, the citizen backlash is being felt by politicians everywhere on the state level.

The question is, are they listening?

Read entire article at moneyland.time.com.

American Traffic Solutions, Redflex Double-Down On Fraud

July 3, 2011

A Redflex employee hard at work in the company's North Phoenix processing office. (All tickets are reviewed by multiple "Homers," a derogatory phrase used by corporate managers to refer to the paper processors who usually make little money.)

Ticketing and surveillance giants Redflex and American Traffic Solutions are doubling down on their favorite methods of revenue generation: fraudulent business practices, blatant incompetency, and lawsuits.

Sioux Falls Fail

Beleaguered Redflex is so incompetent that the company mailed out 500 red light camera tickets… to people accused by the machines of speeding:

Michael Evans got the surprise in the mail that no one wants, a ticket for running a red light in Sioux City.

When he looked at the video of his offense he was confused to say the least, because his pickup is clearly on the interstate.

He alerted the police about the mistake, and they sent out a letter of apology to about 500 people who also received the wrong type of ticket, but along with the apology came new tickets for speeding violations.

Town dunce and Sioux City Police’s Cpt. Melvin William was quick to defend the “theft-by-shiny-badge” scheme, presumably at the request of his new private-camera-contractor overlords:

“Because in one spot we didn’t change the wording that the whole thing should be thrown out?  No…There is no error when it comes to the fines that were imposed.  They were the right fines for what had occurred.  There is no error when it comes to the evidence,”

…Except for the whole “accusing 500 people of the wrong crime” thing.

American Traffic Solutions: “Circle Jerk” Lawsuits In Houston

Taking the “American way of justice” further down the shitcan is American Traffic Solutions in Houston. ATS is angry that citizens voted the cameras out, so the company is blatantly engaging in frivolous lawsuits in an effort to block the will of the “voters:”

The ruling was a major victory for the legal strategy of ATS General Counsel George Hittner, who worked with the Houston city attorney to create a lawsuit in which city officials, who want the cameras back, sued ATS, which also wants the cameras back. The case was not filed in state court, which would be the proper venue. Instead, Hittner had the case filed in the federal courthouse where his father happens to serve.

Still voting?

Redflex Mail Fraud In Spokane

“…Spokane County Superior Court Judge Jerome Leveque ruled three tickets issued in Spokane using cameras to detect those running red lights were invalid because the electronic signature on the tickets was generated out of state.”

…Phony signatures. Phony tickets. Phony corporate cops that defend revenue schemes instead of constituents’ life and property.  Phony lawsuits. Laws and due-process ignored.

Happy Phony Forth of July from CameraFRAUD. Because the USA is where your ability to serve as a milking cow to the state and its corporate allies is patriotic job number one. Now get back to work, slave!

Redflex Bankruptcy Looms?

October 19, 2010

It has to be tough showing up to work in the perpetual Fraud Zone that is Redflex Traffic Systems.

Recent reports of low employee morale and executives running off with money while the company’s profit sinks can’t help the situation.

The latest all-out system failure of point-to-point speed sensors in Australia resulted in the Police department of Victoria  shutting them down. 68,000 tickets are now in question because of this major equipment malfunction and resulting refunds would effectively bankrupt the company. Recently their profit margin has been reduced to near zero.

Redflex will do everything they can to avoid paying these refunds and it’s hard to say what will result from this major failure of automated ticketing.

Locally, Show Low and Star Valley Arizona were the first communities in the United States to allow the scam of point-to-point ticketing by Redflex to invade their roads. How many fraudulent tickets have been issued in those towns as well?

3 on 1 Photo Radar Debate

September 11, 2010

Any good debate will have equal time for all sides, except this one. Try debating two scamera apologists by yourself while the moderator is clearly on the side of the opposition.

Two things clearly rang out from this debate.

1. Only the studies that he claims favor photo radar and red light cameras count to Professor Pendyala. He doesn’t even have time to consider any others.

2. The Mayor of Paradise Valley, Scott LeMarr knew the people of his town detest the scameras and that Redflex is a band of crooks. Now he knows that PV has more than its share of accidents because photo enforcement causes erratic driving.


…meanwhile, on one of those “main arteries”….

ATS Unveils New Business Model: Lawsuits

September 5, 2010

(Un)American Traffic Solutions is at it again.. and again. They have definitely found their niche of late: filing and losing at nuisance lawsuits.

To protect their scam, ATS execs are suing to block citizens rights to vote. They already had their suit tossed out by a Judge earlier this year in a suburb of Seattle, WA(Mukilteo) and now are making the same attempt in Baytown, TX. Their latest suit alleges that a citizens initiative in the Texas city with 1000’s of signatures violates the Voting Rights Act. Interesting take. Maybe ATS is also being scammed, by their own attorneys.

ATS lost their lawsuit against competitor Redflex, earlier this summer. You may remember that Redflex was forced to admit they used fraudulent documents to obtain contracts with municipalities all over the U.S. from 1997-2008. Even with that startling admission by Redflex CEO Karen Finley, ATS still lost mightily. A Federal Judge left no doubt about how badly ATS performed:

“At best the plaintiff has an extraordinarily weak case,” US District Court Judge Frederick J. Martone said with the jury out of the courtroom. “It is weak at every point.”

ATS lawyers have decided to refile that case, despite the embarrassment. Round two begins in Arizona next week.

Baytown, TX Red Light Cameras Exceptionally Dangerous

August 19, 2010

That title actually should come with an asterisk because Peoria, AZ saw similar numbers at many of it’s intersections after installation of surveillance ticketing devices.

If the city of Baytown, TX wanted to drive the accident and injury count WAY up in its intersections, they picked the right way to do it: Install red light cameras.

Numbers about to be released to the local media in the city just East of Houston show an alarming increase in collisions, up to 400% in several intersections. CameraFRAUD has been sent and advance report.

Press Release From Saferbaytown.com

Saferbaytown.com has been fighting for a November vote on banning the system outright, but with the current danger these devices pose to the public, their city council should move swiftly to have them removed before more crashes and injuries occur due to the driver distraction they pose.

Here are some of the alarming statistics from the report, compared with the previous numbers available at the Texas Dept of Transportation website (TxDOT):

Measurement Report 1 2009 Report 2 2010

% Change

Total accidents 50 70


Red Light related 18 20


Injury crashes 8 14


Red Light T Bones 11 15


Rear End accidents 23 42


Injuries 13 18


Some intersections have seen a dramatically large increase in certain types of accidents, most notably three that have seen a 300%, 350% and 400% respectively.

What would you call allowing this trend to continue after being given the figures that point to sharp increases in accidents? Profit over safety? Absolutely. Gross negligence and public endangerment? There is an argument to be made.

Whatever it is, Baytown, take down those cameras! The public shouldn’t be subjected to even one more day of the danger they pose. We all know the public vote will end the program, but why wait 2.5 months to do the right thing?

Houston Added to List of Cities Voting on Scameras

August 10, 2010

The 4th largest city in the country is going to vote on a photo ticketing ban. This can’t sit well with scam vendors Redflex and ATS. That list of cities is growing rapidly, but Houston, TX sticks out because it would be a dagger to the heart of the aforementioned fraud peddlers.

TheNewspaper.com covers the saga in at length in their latest article:

“The effort was able to take advantage of a high rate of voter interest and anger at the city’s red light program,” initiative campaign manager Philip Owens told TheNewspaper. “In some neighborhoods where we gathered signatures going door to door. We had a success rate of 90 percent — meaning nine out of every ten contacts signed the petition. That’s a staggering rate and shows this is a people-driven campaign.” The group now will focus its efforts on driving voter turnout in November and refuting the claims made by the paid spokesmen for ATS regarding the effect cameras have had on collision rates (view independent studies).

Also in the Lone Star State, Baytown and Port Lavaca are ready to vote on scameras. Stop Baytown Red Light Cameras turned in the needed signatures to compensate for some that were invalidated by the city. Quoted from their website,

The Arizona camera company(ATS) gets paid a bounty of 55% of each ticket collected in return for installing the cameras for free. source; Baytown Sun 3-27-10″

If it “isn’t about the money,” ATS sure has a funny way of showing it based on that last stat.

Outside of Texas, Mukilteo, Washington has won their court battle with a front group funded by scamera companies and that Seattle suburb will be voting on a photo ticketing ban.

The great state of Ohio is next on the radar screen with the cities of Garfield Heights and South Euclid, OH having their signature count validated recently. Both city councils are going to review them.

The Cleveland Camera Removal Team is still working on their petition. They are shooting for a special election in February 2011.

CameraFRAUD volunteers will be taking on Paradise Valley, where the scam started almost 25 years ago. Watching these other cities jump on the scamera-ban bandwagon should be plenty of motivation to up our own efforts.

Tonight’s Mission: Paradise Regained.

McCain Poses with Camera Lobbyist Group

August 6, 2010

The man who stopped his Presidential Campaign in 2008 to make sure billions of tax payer dollars were used to bail out irresponsible Wall Street firms and banks, also likes to show his support for paid advocacy groups funded by Redflex and ATS. Nice to see him smiling next to “Stoppy” or whatever their mascot’s name is.

Of course, now that Senator McCain is in a hotly contested race, he has assured everyone paying attention that he wasn’t really for the “bailout” in the first place.

We are certain that once Redflex and ATS are kicked out of AZ, he’ll insist that he was never a supporter of them or their front groups either.

For now he can take comfort in having his image next to two photo ticketing operations that make millions off the backs of Arizona motorists.

Both of McCain’s Republican opponents have [supposedly – ed.] come out against scam cams.

Let’s hope whether McCain wins or loses, he eventually changes his mind about automated ticketing, an inherently fraudulent system. We’re sure he

will once he realizes the wind has changed directions.

Speaking of, it looks like something funny was down wind from the intersection of Shea and Tatum Blvds. this week.

[Editor’s Notes: this article was updated to reflect that McCain’s [Republican] opponents have allegedly repudiated automated ticketing. We removed McCain’s opponents names as no endorsement towards them is intended.]

ATS Soaking Tourists With Car Rental Scam

July 28, 2010

It must be hard to keep coming up with new ways to scam the public and drive people away from the cities they operate in.

American Traffic Solutions of Scottsdale, AZ  just found another one, so congrats are in order.

Welcome to AZ where due process need not apply! Did you rent a car and get flashed by an error-prone scamera? Don’t worry, ATS will just automatically charge your card. You know, the same one you had to supply in order to rent the car in the first place. Let’s hope you still have upwards of $200 left on that limit!

In a story on a valley TV station’s website, they detail how ATS is now working with rental car companies to further gouge tourists, after they’ve gotten back from their trip. What a nice way to say, “Ya’ll come back now ya hear!”

From the Fox 10 story:

When you sign that rental contract, it allows some of the top rental car agencies to share your credit card information with American Traffic Solutions, the country’s largest operator of red light and photo radar cameras.

So if you commit a traffic violation behind the wheel of a rental car, ATS will bill your credit card directly for the ticket, including an administrative fee.

Motorists say it’s wrong, because ATS is assuming you’re guilty, without giving you a chance to dispute the citation.

It’s a good thing tourism isn’t a very big part of Arizona’s economy.

Not everybody who comes here and rents a car has enough to cover this fine on their limit. ATS should be forced to cover all the over limit fees and corresponding late fees from the tourists they soak.

Governor Brewer, are you ready to live up to your words and put this to a vote?

Updated – Governor Brewer: Turn Off Those Sensors

July 22, 2010

What exactly is going on here? It appears the deflection technique is in full effect at the Governor’s office, DPS and ADOT.

CameraFRAUD volunteers have been inquiring about Redflex’s continued operation of speed sensors after their contract expired with all three offices. We have evidence that nobody is taking ownership of the issue.

In an AZCentral “article,” it was stated that until the equipment is required to be completely removed, Redflex will still be operating their speed sensors and capturing our data for their use.

The contract states that they have 120 days to remove their equipment after it expires, but nowhere does it say that they can continue to collect data. These are public roads that Redflex littered with their mechanical heaps and they’d have to have some type of permit or contract for the continued operation of them.

Is anyone in charge here in AZ? The governor’s office emailed us and said it was false information being passed around. Maybe they need to make a phone call to Redflex and politely tell them that they’ve over-stayed their welcome.

Unless they want to use that data to make a case that Shoba, Redflex’s Master of Panic, is right. She predicted that “dangerous and aggressive driving” will be on the uptick. We’re still unclear about how those sensors can detect dangerous and aggressive driving. Maybe they can let us in on that.

Leaving the camera piezo sensors on to supposedly just collect data is a sham: our freeways are already equipped with intelligent traffic system sensors, which monitor the speed of traffic every one half to one mile. The boys from down under are up to no good.

But Governor Brewer’s spokesman has been very public lately in saying that she still wants a citizens vote on Photo Ticketing for the entire state.

We have 120,000+ names of AZ voters that agree with that sentiment.

Actions speak louder than words Governor Brewer. You’ve seen that work mightily in your favor lately.

Let’s vote on it.


ADOT has responded to our inquiry by posting a comment. Here it is:

Tim Tait, ADOT says:

Just to provide a bit of clarification, when the photo enforcement program ended, ADOT ensured that the power was off at all camera locations and that all in-pavement loop detectors were disconnected. ADOT has independent sensors (in-pavement and acoustical) that help to count cars and track general traffic flow; these sensors provide data that computers convert into the traffic maps and the travel-time estimates. ADOT’s system and that installed for photo enforcement are totally separate.

ADOT will continue to monitor the process of removal of the camera infrastructure to ensure that it is done safely and within all standards, just as we would do for any other project.

I hope this helps to provide some clarity.

– Tim Tait, ADOT

If the power has been shut off to Redflex’s fixed cameras and loop detectors (speed sensors) the info provided for this article was false:

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