Upcoming CameraFRAUD Event

the-face-of-camerafraud1"She's like a rainbow..."

FRIDAY, January 16 – 4:00 PM

East vs. West Sign Wave / Demonstration + Sign the Initiative!

CameraFRAUD will be holding TWO simultaneous demonstrations / sign waves to see which side of town is really serious about the cameras coming down!  Come on out to also sign the ballot initiative outlawing photo enforcement in Arizona.

(The East Side is currently beating West Side in registrations: 36 East, 24 West. 1/12/09 @ 6:40 PM.)

RSVP EAST SIDE: 67th Ave and 101: Click for details…

RSVP WEST SIDE: US-60 and Longmore: Click for details…

10 Responses to Upcoming CameraFRAUD Event

  1. RPr says:

    west side is gaining


    This is the best set up fraud by a lousy Governor. Not only citizens paid for everything else but on top of a lousy economy, people having hardly any money to support their families add the stress of paying $181.00 for a ticket.
    We should know better not to drive fast and to be aware drivers, we do not need to be patrol 24/7. We are a free country and we go out to other part of the world preaching freedom when here at home governors rules your life. At least they try, WE HAVE TO STOP THE ABUSE.
    This morning I am driving 51 south and I get the lousy flash in mmy face. First thing I do is to check my speed, I had aready set my cruise control,so it could not be me. The flash was sure in mmy face, 4:30 am it is not fun to get that flash in your eyes, did someone said this is safe? It should not have been me so did the bike in front of me get that photo? how would I know. How could I fight this ticket and show that my cruise control was on. LET’S GET ALL CAMERAS OUT OF FREEWAYS,WE DO NOT NEED ALL THAT MONEY WASTED IN CAMERAS. GO FIGHT OTHER ISSUES WITH THAT MONEY. I AM SO HAPPY NAPOLITANO IS OUT OF HERE ,SHE IS A LOUSY GOVERNOR AND FOR SURE NOT READY TO TAKE THE POSITION SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN BY ANOTHER INMATURE FUTURE PRESIDENT.

  3. champagne says:

    Nice job. Keep the faith.

    We are quietly being prepared for the fothcomming police state.

  4. Uncle Slam says:

    Man that is some funny shit. Set to the Hamster Dance – classic!

    See you all there tomorrow – EAST SIDE!

    I’m bringing my kid. Bring yours – or someone else’s.

    Fight for your freeedom from robot tyranny!

  5. mike hanson says:

    Saw the demonstration on Longmore tonight…..Great job!! I had no idea you existed!

  6. Jane Fitzsimmons says:

    Saw you guys in Mesa today! Nice work!!! I was honking so much my horn almost broke.

  7. Derkins says:

    Granted, people are morons for insisting on stopping and HAVING to stare at some stupid protest going on, slowing down traffic, but the protest is far more obnoxious than a few speed cameras. Think about how many cumulative man-hours you guys wasted of peoples’ time. Think about how many people may have been made late for something important at a time when traffic is NEVER that bad, even on the crowded 60. Peaceably assembling does not equal OBNOXIOUSLY assembling. If a few friends and I were to stand on the street outside your house and block your driveway with a protest, making you an extra 20 minutes late for work, you wouldn’t be so happy then.

    Speed cameras are stupid and a blatant cash grab by our floundering municipal and state governments, but they WILL reduce speeds and will reduce emissions as a result. Seen that gross brown cloud over our city? Plus, damn it, our governments NEED THE MONEY, since they’re even considering cutting complete essentials like education budgets right now.

    Your protests are worthless, too, by the way. They’re not going to do anything. The cameras will continue to go up regardless of what a small group blabbers on about- they will only come down once the majority decides they don’t like them and hate them enough to protest. The majority didn’t do that with the 101 cameras, and I sure doubt they’ll do it now. If anything, you’re annoying far more people than you’re actually convincing to think about your cause. Did you ever think about that?

  8. Glyph says:

    So, Derkins… are you going to Copy and Paste your little statement in EVERY discussion on this board?

  9. Mr. SO says:

    Let me just say for starters I could careless if the cameras come down. I do however feel they are unsafe a flash that bright is not olny dangerous but distracting. I say leave the cameras up already up. BUT dont put anymore up, I agree use our taxes for paying police officers that can catch speeders,theivs,drug runners and so on. A camera only sees speed but a police officer can catch criminals

  10. a citizen says:

    Your idiotic demonstration yesterday over the US 60 Eastbound lanes (where there aren’t even traffic cameras) acheived nothing other than delaying traffic and wasting people’s time and gas. Congrats!!!

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