Top 10 CameraFRAUD Stories From 2010 – Part I

December 27, 2010

News in the world of scameras was everywhere in 2010. It would be nearly impossible to cover it all, but we’d first like to thank our friends from across the country for providing endless info and effort to push back on the fraud that is photo ticketing. Our right sidebar is where you’ll find links to their websites filled with stories of volunteers fighting the same good fight that we have been since 2008 in Arizona.

Collectively we accomplished a lot in 2010, but what’s coming in 2011 will more than likely be even bigger and better, so get ready.

In the first part of this look back, we’ll give you  stories #10 – #6. Tuesday will feature the top 5.

10. The Easter Bunny “Eggs Photo Radar.”

On the day before Easter, Shelton was on the scene at the intersection of Rural and University in Tempe to film an unknown person dressed up like the Easter Bunny “doing the job that Arizona State Legislature” refused to do in 2010. The egg definitely spoiled some serious profits for Redflex


9. Stats from all over show that cameras create more dangerous intersections and roadways.

Time and time again, statistics from independent studies and state departments of transportation show that camera installation is associated with increased accidents. Here are a few more examples (of many) that were released in 2010.

Los Angeles

New Mexico

Baytown, TX

Winnipeg, Canada


8. CameraFRAUD is covered by The Fox News Channel.

Because of the magnitude of the scamera issue, national news coverage is nothing new, but this report by the infamous news outlet in March covered angles that had been neglected by other national press.


7. Paradise Valley photo radar and red light cam scam takes major heat.

Paradise Valley was the first municipality in the United States to adopt photo ticketing. The initiative to ban the cameras in that town began to expose politicians, law enforcement and judges who are what we call “scamera apologists.”

In September, Channel 10 gave us the chance to have a  debate with former Police Chief John Wintersteen who has a very cozy relationship with both Redflex and ATS.


6. California begins to see through the red light camera rhetoric

Anaheim and Loma Linda saw major victories for the anti-photo ticketing movement. Anaheim was one of 5 cities that were able to vote on banning red light cameras and had the largest margin of victory with 73% casting their ballot to keep ATS’s automated ticketing machines out of their intersections.

Loma Linda city council was presented with clear evidence that red light cams are dangerous and signal timing is what actually increases safety. In an amazing display of common sense and public service, the cameras were taken down and an extra second added to yellow light times.

That city will undoubtedly see a decrease in collisions and more friendly intersections for motorists. Hopefully that action will serve as a model for many other municipalities who are actually trying to do the right thing and protect their citizens rights while increasing safety. This was the definition of win-win.

Come back Tuesday for our Top 5 stories from 2010!


Christmas, CameraFRAUD Style

December 24, 2010

Whatever your persuasion, these Christmas videos always seem to bring about that holiday cheer that can only come from those who truly appreciate all the freedoms and liberties we stand up for as Americans.


**you may need to click the link to watch these videos on**


Happy Easter!

April 4, 2010

He plays it off pretty well, but we talked to Peter Cottontail and he’s hopping mad about photo radar too.

ABC 15 Coverage

A Redflex Christmas

December 25, 2008

What happens when you steal from the poor and give to the rich? Santa cancels Christmas.

In other news, Redflex has a gorgeous tree decked out in their lobby. (Enjoy it: you paid for it.)


(Courtesy: Glyphunter)

Don’t Steal: The Government Hates Competition

October 29, 2008

Watch on YouTube

Ask for Shoba

October 22, 2008

Are you sick and tired of not having the cashflow you like? Wouldn’t it be nice to pay off all your bills in one day? Now, you can!

“Before this system, I used to live in a tree. But now, I own 17 houses!”

Just call and ask for Shoba: (480) 440-0647

“All They Want To Do Is Take Your Money”

August 26, 2008

New video shows valley demonstators have taken to the highways to object to Redflex’s illegal and illegitimate photo enforcement vans. The vehicles, which are “fully dressed” as DPS Highway Patrol vehicles, are owned and operated by the Australian firm, possibly in violation of multiple Arizona Revised Statues (We’ll have more on this later).

Those advocating the removal of the vans argue that a greater police presence is the only proven method to reduce traffic fatalities, as automated enforcement cameras cannot catch drunk drivers or stolen cars.

See the video at Youtube and be sure to send it to your friends.

Valley Activists Hang “Fraud” Signs on Photo Radar Equipment

August 18, 2008

This is only the beginning.

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