Phoenix Red Light Camera Disappears!

It seems that over the weekend, ATS has quietly pulled down one of their Red Light Cameras within the City of Phoenix


This is southbound 19th Ave. at Thunderbird Rd. Orange traffic cones sit on the mounts where ATS’ cameras once stood. A quick check of ATS’ Scameras at nearby 7th St. & Bell Rd. and Greenway & Cave Creek showed they were still up. See more pictures here!

60 Responses to Phoenix Red Light Camera Disappears!

  1. Sick of Government says:

    Guess they weren’t making any money off that one, eh?

  2. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no they finally caved in to the protests of 6 people … camera fraud has won!!! you can shut the site down now!!! you can celebrate… glyph started early with the booz!!! he has a head start on you guys!!!

  3. glyphhunter says:

    …and now you’re calling me a drunk. nice.

  4. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    nope… i said you were drunk.. there is a difference..

  5. Glyph says:

    Two alcohol references, two sexual orientation references… What’s next Law?

  6. some dude says:

    ATS is having hard times… they’re probably stealing their own cameras, collecting the insurance, and then selling the copper for scrap!

    Now THATS a business model!

  7. timmah says:

    What goes up, must come down

  8. Kenny S> says:

    I pass that camera all the time and I doubt it even works. It’s been up there for years and I’ve never observed it going off.

    If I had to guess, they may be removing the 2- 100 ft tall dangerous looking palm trees from the BofA corner.
    They may have removed the camera for fear of it getting hammered by the tree removal.
    Just a theory…………K>s>

  9. Glyph says:

    It’s as good a theory as any other at this point, but I didn’t notice any 100 foot tall palm trees on the southwest corner at the gas station. There’s construction going on about half a mile away on Thunderbird, but the project looks a little more like ‘water diversion’ than new camera installation..

    I doubt they’ve just thrown up their arms and said “you win CameraFRAUD, we learned our lesson,” then started taking their cameras down. I expect that they have something a little more sinister in store for us, like ANPR plate readers like the ones they put up in Scottsdale.

  10. Joe says:

    Perhaps they’re re-allocating their resources and going with a location that stands to produce more revenue.

  11. No One says:

    So, did anyone else follow the link posted above for the city of Phoenix, and did anyone else catch what I did?

    “Q: How do Red Light Cameras work?

    The camera is activated by sensors which are located at the intersection and are only activated when a vehicle is detected entering the intersection after the light has turned red.”

    Reading it the first time, it sounds like the camera is not active without a vehicle being detected. But read it closely, paying attention to the grammar, and you’ll see something else.

    The “camera” is singular, there is only one. The parts which “ARE only activated…” refer to the sensors– and that is plural. The sole time the word “only” is used here is in reference to the sensors, and not in reference to the camera. Indeed, the camera might be “activated” by the sensors, but the normal state of the camera is not specified and the “activation” could very easily refer to the flash.

    Despite its appearances, there is nothing here to indicate the cameras are not constantly recording. Especially when later, the following statement is made.

    “The program operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in all weather conditions.”

    The “program” being what, exactly?

    Very tricky, hiding this in plain sight.

  12. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    holly red light bat man… i think you have found the smoking gun hidden right there in plain sight…

  13. Dan G says:

    Holy red light Batman… I think we have found a redflex troll right here in plain sight!

  14. geez says:

    No one had his tinfoil hat on for that post.

  15. James Mason says:

    WOW! After reading through replies (or conversations) throughout this site, its pretty amazing how immature and frivolous some of the conversations and comments are.

    I don’t by any means agree with the site, the opinions, or judgmental criticism by anyone here, but, I do highly agree with fighting for what you believe in. So with that said, I give a lot of credit for doing so.

    On the other hand. I am one of these so called “scamera” van operators. Im not out to “scam” anyone. I am simply doing a job to support my family and provide food for my children. We don’t get paid a commission, or get bonuses. I just wanted to clear that up. And with the times as hard as it is now, Im very fortunate to actually have a job regardless of what it is.

    As far as protestors being at the vans and blah blah blah. Who cares. Like I said above, fight for what you believe. I have been protested several times at my van. It does not bother me one bit. I’ve had my picture taken and video taped, and I am glad you did not post them. Why you did not post them is beyond me.

    So, my name is Jason and its nice to meet you. I’d be happy to answer any questions that is in my ability. God bless and have a delightful day.

  16. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    way to go james…. the boys here are not going to like you… hope you have thick skin… you have already read that you are the enemy… no matter what!! hell i like you already

  17. Glyph says:

    Welcome aboard Jason.

    You’re absolutely right about the frivolis conversations. It reminds me of the BBS ‘Flame Wars’ of old, where people would say anything they wanted as long as it was hurtful and made no sense.

    The original plan was to share ideas and information, and while this forum still serves that function, much of it has devolved into a childish exercise in I know you are but what am I?

    Be safe out there, people whiz by you at pretty high speeds.

  18. Snarky the Troll says:

    We try to keep it mature, and it will be interesting to hear from the other side of the fence on some of these issues. A fresh perspective is a good thing! I’m also glad to see that even if you may be on the other side of the issue you can see the benefit of fighting for what you believe in, as regardless of which issue it may be too many people have lost that sense.


  19. No One says:

    Tin foil hat, eh? Typical of both of you, you cannot address the veracity of the post, so you take it off in a personal attack direction.

    I will be the first to admit, that could potentially be a bad editing job from City of Phoenix, from a grammatical perspective, that’s exactly what it says.

  20. geez says:

    Unfortunatly james,
    While your just trying to hold down a job and provide for your family, there are people here who feel the need to harass you while trying to do so. It’s already happened to you. It’s to bad that while a man does what he can to honorably support his family, others feel the need to hold you down.

    No one, it is typical of you to put some crazy spin on a basic story. So don’t be throwing stones.
    Reminds me of the spin put on the fact that they put red filters over some of the flashes, and it got spun into some conspiracy thing about new technologies to spy on us, when it was only because of the airport being nearby. Another tinfoil hat moment huh?

  21. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Jason/James Mason – I have some questions for you, but can you email me at


  22. I'm Back says:

    Again, I wish someone had told me how corrupt my company was a few years ago. It would have saved me some time and stress. As it is, I was only there for a year. If you think it’s not a big deal, this is a company that’s in the news all the time.

    I am so glad that I cut and ran in ’06 because of how embarrassing it is to say you work for that company today. It was getting bad back then and trust me, it only gets worse when your corrupt employer starts struggling.

    James/Jason, I hope you are appreciative of our efforts. I think you are, but I am just interpreting your tone. We know that you don’t get bonuses or commission. Why would they take good care of you like that as an entry level employee?

    As for everyone who keeps telling us to put on our tinfoil hats, why do you keep suggesting that we are so paranoid? Do you promote blind faith in your government? If you do, it’s because it’s easy and you’re just lazy. Personally, I think you camera supporters are the paranoid ones. If you can’t drive with traffic, stay right or take the bus/light rail. 😉

    If you feel strongly enough about this to post comments at 4:15 a.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday, you really should either come clean about your associations with the industry, look in the mirror because you’re crazy or get your own damn website. This is getting to be ridiculous. Everyone here knows who I am talking about. It’s no secret that there’s something else going on with this guy.

  23. I'm Back says:

    I am not going to judge you for wanting to feed your family and I know it’s a tough job market.

    In fact, if you need some help finding a job, I’ve lived in AZ since ’88, have a lot of friends/family and associations here – I could probably help you.

    If you’re interested, sign up for a twitter account(very easy) and some find me at . I will see what I can do. I like your approach and appreciate your candor.

  24. James Mason says:

    Glyph, Snarky, thanks for the welcome.

    Law A. Bidingcitizen, I am not here to have people “like” me. Yes I have very thick skin. Its almost a requirement as a van operator. Dealing with angry people yelling at you all day long. All part of the job. As far as ” you are the enemy”, Im not an enemy. I’m not the one that “approved” the so called scam vans. I too agree that the use of photo radar should have been voted by the people. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Therefore I am a normal citizen of this land of the free and home of the brave country called USA. By the way I like you too.

    Geez, with all do respect, I never said i was harassed. Like I mentioned above “I have been protested several times at my van.” People tend to misconstrue the word “protest” into a method of showing violence, harassment or vandalism. Unfortunately this is only because of what is read in the paper or watched on television. The media does not want to show you a simple “protest” of people demonstrating their beliefs or rights. That doesn’t “sell”. All the other stuff does.

    PhotoRadarScam, I would be happy to email you. By the way, the real name is James. If I have met you at my van you will know me as “Jason”. *wink*

  25. James Mason says:

    I’m Back, Thanks for the comments. I have lived in AZ all my life so I too know alot of people. Im sure I could find another job. But there is no need for that. At least not until the removal of photo radar vans. Until then, I wont stress myself or my family with that.

    I have not subjected myself nor will I, to any of the so called online friend communities such as twitter, myspace or whatever else is out there. I prefer to keep my sanity and only get involved with forums. Just a personal preference. Thank you though for the invite.

    P.S. How does one here a “tone” on a text source? Just busting your chops!

    Good day!

  26. Joe says:

    James, If that was you on the 101 this morning, uh, sorry about flipping you the bird.

  27. I'm Back says:

    Haha that’s why I said I was interpreting.

    I’ll get in my little plug for twitter, since you gave me the opening. It’s very limited but a really effective way to communicate in breif little messages. No pictures or personal info is needed. (I can keep my tinfoil hat on). It’s also very mobile, kind of like you 😉

    It creates very little obligation, unlike facebook, etc.

    In about two weeks, I’ve been able to attract almost 200 followers and seen a lot of feedback from people both in AZ and other states. Your company might want to try it out. If anyone is wondering, I still have not had a pro camera message come my way. I have all but begged for people to give me a contrary opinion to my own.

  28. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    im back – i will

  29. I'm Back says:

    I’ll be looking forward to it.

  30. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    will i have to give personal info? if so will you be selling it to dark side? will i be taken away in the middle of the night? just a second… the foil is coming off my windows…

  31. I'm Back says:

    If I could sell it, I would. I don’t think there’s a market for it though.

    Make sure to recycle!!

  32. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    oh but i can tell you … i am in high demand

  33. Doc says:

    I’m Back & James Mason- Your honesty is Most Appreciated, @ least by many of us here on this site! I recently posted about “posting” on this site, on multiple threads, @ all hours. I mean folks are free to post whenever they want, I just think it’s strange that there’s barely 6 hrs between posts on a different thread from the particular individual in question; 1 @ around 9:30p.m., the next @ 4:30a.m….whatever. It was also suggested that if response to this person went away…

    Anyway, I personally don’t begrudge a man a job. It beats th’ hell outta’ unemployment/food stamps. Again, I applaud your honesty. I’ll reconsider sporting th’ finger next time I pass a talivan. I need to remember, maybe th’ driver is just a guy tryin’ to support himself/family. There’s very little I wouldn’t do to take care of mine; If I had to, I’d sit in a talivan in a minuite. For th’ record, however, I’m against their OWNERS, & the Govn’t entity(s) who’s responsible for th’ whole stinkin’ mess.

    It’s disconcerting to me that our Governor would do this to her own citizens, whether it be for financial gain, or my hypothesis; other, more nefarias reasons. I refuse to believe that she didn’t know about th’ “tracking” technology being used, & the real reasons for keeping it from the general public. Also, her ease of ignoring American citizens Constitutional Liberties…& her new & improved standing in the totalitarian regieme. In th’ grand scheme of things, ours is a relatively small, but Important point of contention. However, the implications & ramifacations are huge! The biggest problem I see, & I believe others may as well, is the APATHY of our fellow citizens, & of some of our elected officials. Hopefully, through the petetions, & support of our legislators who are on our side, we can stomp this out, & convince the drive-by media that they need to report the truth…or maybe I’m just day-dreamin’!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  34. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    im sorry doc… can you post the rules again… i must have missed them at the door? thanks

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  35. No One says:

    James Mason– by all means, stay a while I like hearing the other point of view from someone who knows firsthand.

    And you’re absolutely right, some things are worth fighting for, no matter whether it’s putting food on the table during a tough time in the economy or a political issue like this one… and I think nearly everyone here can respect that.

    I look forward to some good conversations!

  36. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    JAMES !!! reread past posts .. and you will find that these guys are 2 faced liars… they have done nothing but crucify the van drivers and gone as far as to say that what you do is criminal….. my point here is be carefull…. if it looks like a snake and slithers like a snake/// THEN ITS A SNAKE!!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S!!!

  37. Patrick Henry says:

    I’m wondering why Marxists like Law A. Bidingcitizen are under the delusion that speed kills, and how blind, oblivious adherence to unconstitutional laws (such as the speed limits) somehow equates to safety.
    Slavery was legal in the U.S. for nearly half of our history, but that doesn’t mean it was right. Law A. Bidingcitizen is the exact type of harpy who rejoiced at the passing of Prohibition and denounced anyone as a criminal who touched alcohol for the time it was banned. The Nazis and Bolsheviks could not have ever attained power if it wasn’t for the unquestioning, narrow-minded complicity of spineless collaborator-civilians like Law A. BLINDingcitizen.

    Case in point: Seoul, South Korea has the highest civil adherence to traffic laws among all major cities in the world. They also happen to have the highest accident rate and motorist fatality rate in the world. Please explain that one to me. Germany’s Autobahn system is mostly unregulated for speed. Their accident rates and motorist fatality rates are far below the highly regulated U.S. I had the privilege of spending a month there in 2007, and I drove safely across that beautiful nation at speeds over 150 mph (240+ kph). In fact, the largest fines on the Autobahn are reserved for those driving in the left lane while not allowing faster traffic to pass. This, of course, in in direct contrast to the U.S.’s traffic ideology, and it works! Las Vegas, last year, had a ban on Photo Radar enforcement and saw it’s traffic accidents and fatalities improve by a whopping 82%. That is better than the improvement rates cited in Arizona cities that instituted photo enforcement. The fact of the matter is that the entire nation experienced lower than average accident and afatality rates simply because there were less vehicles on the road last year due to a souring econmy and rising fuel costs. The more vehicles on the road, the slower traffic moves, therefore it can be inferred that moving slower casues accidents. The Germans rationalize it by common sense: if you are driving faster, you will pay greater attention to what you are doing. They constistently have accident rates that are less than 1/3 of ours. Not once did I see an accident anywhere in Germany for the month that I was there, and I easily logged over 1500 miles.
    If everyone “speeds”, then obviously there’s something wrong with the speed laws.

    Let’s face it, the only people who don’t speed are old people, Asians, a few non-working housewives and illegal immigrants — none of whom contribute to our economy. A state would be committing suicide to institute a system whereas it’s most efficient and productive members of society will eventually be disenfranchised of their right to drive and maintain a financial livelihood. This enforcement policy was very much NOT thought out.

  38. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    that was a lot of nonsense to get to the last paragraph… and i think that paragraph has to be one dumbest things… no .. it is the dumbest post i have read on this site yet…

    YOU ARE WRONG there are many people, old, young, middle aged that go the speed limit and are quite satisfied doing it… if its for work they set their alarms and plan the morning to get to their destination in time… and for anything else they plan accorningly…. they dont have to wake up at the last minute, speed on teh surface streets.. cut in line, get on teh freeway and hit the gas cutting in and out of traffic… and pray that they are on time…. how stressfull would that be?

    and just where are ” its most efficient and productive members of society” they going to do? you maje it sound like if they dont get their way they will throw a tantrm!!!

    i have rights to .. the right to life , libery and the pursuit of happiness….

    and you can stop with the facts being thrown out…. unless you post the link to try and verify your claims… they are nothing but numbers pulled from your back side…

  39. Patrick Henry says:

    To Law A. Blindasscitizen:

    Every single industrialized economy’s state department puts out warnings about driving in South Korea, Hong Kong, Beijing and Vietnam. If you don’t believe me check for yourself. The above link is a U.S. Army article describing the danger of driving in Korea. It has gotten so bad that South Korea has outlawed left-hand turns except on signals with arrows that permit it. Seoul has the highest traffic law complicity rate in the world among large cities, too. The U.S. has recently banned Korean pilots from landing at U.S. airports. Apparently they are considered dangerous fliers as well as drivers. KAL and other Korean-owned airlines must hire non-Korean pilots to fly their aircraft. Conversely, the accident and fatality rate in Germany, a nation with no speed limit on their Autobahn system has a far greater safety record than the U.S. Again, you can verify this for yourself or you can bury your head in the sand and pretend that your inferior driving skills justify lower speed limits. The highest accident rate among counties in California is L.A. County – which also happens to have the highest percentage of Latinos and Asians in the state, as well as the slowest traffic.

    You may have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but once you try to deny those same rights to other people then you forfeit all of your rights. People who drive slow are inefficient, inferior, slow-reacting, slow-thinking, inconsiderate, self-centered, arrogant blights on our society. They are exactly the same reason why we have become so uncompetetive in the world. I can tolerate you incompetents only so long as you stay out of the left lanes (which, I might add, is actually a law in many states as well as most of the world). If you act considerate towards people who may be running late for an emergency, or toward people who think and move at a pace far above your ability to think, by staying out of the left lanes, then I have no issue with you, and I will respect your right to drive as you please. But, if you show extreme inconsideration toward others on the roads by inflicting your inferiority upon them AND by actually having the audacity to insist that laws are changed to suit the lowest common denominator of society (yourself), then you and your ilk need to be exterminated. I would feel privileged to do the honor myself. Your kind is as un-American as can be. When you disenfranchise the rights of others who did nothing to you, then your right to life and liberty becomes similarily disenfranchised.

  40. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    you are a joke… since i choose to follow the posted limit i am inferior? and last i checked the us 60 ,the 51, the i-17 and the i-10 are not super speedways!!! i should not have to feel like every time i want to drive on the freeway OR ANY OTHER ROAD FOR THAT MATTER that i need to put on a helmet and gloves , get a spotter in the sky with a radio and drive as though i am in a competition… if that is what you want then head out to manzanita on a fri or sat night… test your skills there… having a car with a gas pedal does not make you somehow ready for the racing circuits and using the freeways as your persoanl practice track is iresponsible … and if you do then you have inflated your limited talents .. its guys like you that when they get in a car are as dangerous as a loaded weapon…

    i think your post needs to be included somewhere on a sign to be waved at one of the group orgies!!!

    please .. i encourage you to drive the 60 west between 7:30 and 8:00 on weekdays… look for a grey taurus 2003…. i can usually be found in the car pool lane doing 65 mph… i get on at val vista and get off at mcclintock…. feel free to wave!!! but be prepared to pull over and we will see just who is inferior!!!

  41. Sick of Government says:

    By impeding the flow of ANY traffic YOU sir are breaking the law too!

    And I sure hope you’re not by yourself in your car in the car pool lane as that would be breaking the law as well during the times you mentioned.

    And what exactly are your intentions if someone does pull over with you?

  42. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    you want to talk about inconsiderate!! usually the same jack off that cuts in and doesnt wait in line is also the same person that will get on the road and hit the gas with no concern for anybody but themselves.. i carpool to work with another… i always drive as she does not have transportation and is a co worker…. since i have a passenger… i can use the hov lane…. and i do not have to do more than 65 in that lane as that is the posted speed limit…. i also do not have to move out of that lane for other car pool cars that feel their time is of more value than mine…. especially when i am doing 65… every once in awhile i will get in the lane closest to the car pool lane…. i stay in that lane and in case traffic slows i can move back to the car pool lane…

    i really enjoyed your post patrick henry and in fact have written it down word for word… i think it should be shared with print media so that they in turn can share it with their subscribers and then they can decide for themselves just what camera fraud is all about…. i think the majority will find your views of people that go the speed limit … well… interesting and certainly out of touch… with sanity!!!

    i must ask you….is this the platform and position you want to take before the voters? is this your message!!??? if so then prepare for a beat down from the people in this state that dont feel the highways are made for those that think they belong in NASCAR !! and i beg of you.. please take me up on the offer extended in the previous post!!!

  43. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sick- i have a passenger… and i can not answer the other question… as each situation would dictate its own outcome.. i can not see the future… but … i walk SMALL.. and carry two loaded fists….of which I am quite capable of using…

    again i stand by my position… if i am going the posted limit… then i am not concerned which lane i am in… and if the person does not feel my speed is adequet then they certainly have the right to move to another lane… what are we to do in a construction zone? where the signs are posted that fines double when workers present..??? if the cars in front of me feel the need to disregard the safety of the workers and speed and i dont …. am i impeding the flow of traffic behind me? the same holds true then for other roadways… there is a penalty for speeding if you get caught… why should i have to put myself in a position to get pulled over for speeding? i dont and wont … if you dont like the speed i am doing… go around me….it really is a simple concept..

  44. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    patrick henry… expect to see your words of wisdom in print form soon at a newstand near you… i have submitted them along with the reason for your rant
    ( i thought it only fair to write what you were responding to)

    its too bad really.. as most of those people that post here i dont feel share your warped views… but that is not how it will be viewed by those that read it.. they will associate your words with this site and draw their own conclusions…

  45. Doc says:

    Members…Please stop feeding the trolls…

  46. Patrick Henry says:

    I’ve been driving for over 22 years, and I’ve never been at fault in an accident. On two separate occassions, however, I’ve had slow-driving “safe” assholes hit me as they were trying to turn right from two lanes out, but that was entirely their fault. Also, I’ve never cut in line on anyone in my life. That would be inconsiderate and self-centered, both of which are qualities that you have and which I abhor. I never inflict myself on others. If I’m driving only 90 mph in the fast lane because I’m tired or something and someone is coming up behind me, then I will move out of the way to let them pass. This is a concept which is understood throughout the world. I’ve been to 16 different countries, and they all respect this same protocol. Only in the U.S. is this common courtesy disregarded by assholes such as yourself. I don’t care if they are “breaking the law”, it is simple courtesy and consideration. Also, it happens to be the law in most jursidictions. If you are going only 64 mph, and you are holding up traffic, then you can be cited. You would be breaking the law, Mr. Law A. Bider. It’s obvious that you only hypocritically pick and choose the laws that you want to obey, though. In my opinion, and probably the opinion of most people, if you hold up traffic by driving slow, then you are just as inconsiderate as someone who cuts in front of lines because you are inflicting your asshole self on everyone else.

    It’s nice to know that I got enough under your skin for you to feel obligated to send my literary compilations to be published. I’m quite certain that you didn’t send any of your rantings in which you have repeatedly threatened to meet people on the side of the road, because you have shown yourself to be nothing less than a hypocritical scumbag on this site time and again. I live in California, actually, but I have a vacation house in Lake Havasu City. I’m generally not over there during the week, but I will be out there at the end of March during the week passing through your area. If there’s a Mixed Martial Arts studio or boxing gym in your town, I would love to arrange to meet you there where we can discuss this topic a little further in depth. If you ever come out to Orange County or L.A., then I can get you a day pass to my studio, and we’ll see how loaded your fists are. You have been doing anything but “talking small” around here, and someone needs to humble your arrogant punk ass. I can tell by the way you drive that you are probably a slow-reacting, fat lump of crap. There would no problem in dispatching you.

  47. Patrick Henry says:

    Seriously though, Mr. Blindasscitizen, where the hell do you get off having road rage when you’re the one who causes it???

  48. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    mr. henry…and will you be sending your driver with the Bentley or the Rolls to pick me up at the airport to meet you at the studio? I LOVE IT!! a braggart!! the qualifications for you as top scrotum sac at this site just keeps getting longer and longer…

    you sac man.. you missed the entire point which did not really surprise me…. your anger to anyone that is not “competitive ” enough when driving was on display.. what you wrote was kind of like nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men, they get the colonel to say what they never figured he would say.. only you… you were even more spectacular…. i could not have written it better…. i am sure that camerafraud executives ( that will make them feel important) will be none too happy with your posted tirade… and my subsequent forward to print media…. there is good attention to the cause and bad attention to the cause… want to take a guess as to which one yours qualifies as? when it gets printed i will forward the link to a post just for you…. as to the rest of your latest rant… not really much to respond to as it is a lot of repeat from the other one… but i will say what are the odds that in 22 years you were victim to 2 people try and make a turn from 2 lanes over? or is that something commonly done in la la land? oh,fyi… i did not include the part where the racist in you comes out against asians and latinos… i figured you had dug the grave pretty deep as it was..

    who called it road rage? i certainly did not… just 2 people pulling off the side of the road to exchange ideas…. and if someone gets mad or irate because they dont want to go around me… how is that my fault? does that mean next time i am at a restraunt and waiting for my seat… if someone comes up and wants to go before me.. i am to just step aside.. and say ” by all means, have my spot” .. maybe i should serve them also!!! ?

    well back to bed … it is a holiday afterall!!! great news for you mr. henry.. you can give the driver the day off and hit the freeways… probably less traffic today… you can race yourself!!!

  49. I'm Back says:

    Hahahahaha. So ATS is telling you to send comments posted on a website to print media to forward your propagandized agenda? That’s rich.

    I can see an article in the AZ Republic now: CAMERAFRAUD.COM Commenter Brings Down Organization. It will probably make the front page next to pictures from Pussycat Lounge’s All Star Weekend Tramp Party.

    Well, I guess we are finshed guys. Time to pack up. Law A won. LOL

  50. geez says:

    Patrick wants to resort to violence. Things are looking up for CameraFraud…

  51. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    back-wards… so this is how it is going to happen… hopefully that print media outlet will print it… maybe they will not…. but if they do the words from the hand of patrick are going to ring loud and clear… and those that do not know are going to asume that is the platform of this site… right or wrong that is how many will perceive it… and who can blame them…. they are the ramblngs of someone who feels that he should be able to go as fats as he wants and everyone else needs to just get the hell out of the lane he is in when he is coming through…

    how else can you take it? you want to laugh it off. go right ahead…. but explain how you think peole will read that and so “yes… those guys rock”… maybe a few leadfoots will get aroused but i think the majority will say.. screw them!!!

  52. I'm Back says:

    You’re a funny guy.

  53. Snarky the Troll says:

    Ooh ooh, a fight! A fight!

    Last man (scratch that, law A (sshat) biding is in there…)

    Last person (aw crap, scratch that too same reason!)

    Last troll? (dang, I dont wanna be associated with either of them…)

    Last…one… standing wins the argument for all time!

  54. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sorky… tonight is amatuer night at the improv….. you really need to give it a shot….. if your lucky you will last 30 seconds!!!!

  55. Patrick Henry says:

    I’m sure the “print media” is just salivating at the prospect of corresponding with an illiterate half-wit like yourself, Law A. Blindass. “Stop the presses! Law A. Blindass just remitted us a new blog from Patrick Henry!” Good Lord, get a fricking life already.

    I’m not sure how you’ve arrived at labeling me a braggart. You put me in a position which obliged me to reveal the context of my association to Arizona. There really is no subtle way of suggesting that I have a part-time residence there in the form of a vacation house/investment property. That doesn’t mean I pass the Grey Poupon. Am I to understand that I can own multiple properties, but the very moment I mention that fact it becomes boastful? Was it the fact that I mentioned I’ve been to 16 different countries? That was relevant to my point, and nine of those countries I visited in the same trip. I should remind you that if anyone initiated braggadocio
    it was you with your comment about your “two loaded fists”. I also read previous comments by you in which you welcomed the opportunity to meet any “speeder” on the side of the road. This is why I singled your insecure ass out. You were the first person here to implicate violence, so I went after you. Also, I never mentioned anything about driving competetively. You misconstrued my meaning.

    Lastly, if you go to a restaraunt and stand there stupidly in indecision with your finger up your ass
    (like the way you drive), then, by all means, I would suggest that you give way to the growing line of hungry customers behind you who know what they want to order. It’s all about being considerate and not inflicting your blustering idiocy upon everyone else.

  56. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no… you see patricia …. you were about to explain how you were going to be passing through “our ” area!!! and it is clear that you mean the “phoenix” area as you invited me to a …. challenge!!! anyway.. in case you dont know… lake havasu is not anywhere near here.. so there really was no need to mention it… but it is obvious that you have an ego problem.. sometimes it gets too full and you have to let some of it ooozzz out… which you did here.. there was no opportunity to tell us about the vacation house ( why would we care) so you slid it in the back door…. and as for the 16 countries…. did you forget to mention that you are a veteran? and again why would i care .. i dont drive over there!!!

    as for the print media… it is your words .. not mine that will be on display… i will give you this much.. you were very clear about how you felt.. i am sure that will come out as one reads it…

    i was talking about a crowded restraunt .. you know.. where you put your name on the list to get a table… i forgot … guys like you walk right in and snap their fingers…

    please explain your position on what i misconstrued… you were very clear that there is a direct relationship between the competitive fires that burn inside people and the way they drive.. i think you used the word uncompetitive!!!

    let me guess… you drive a big lifted suv or truck… as i told someone else here before.. convey to your wife how sorry i am to hear about what you are compensating for!!! its a shame for her !!!

  57. Doc says:

    Patrick & All-You unfortunately cannot win with trolls. Even if you agree with them, they argue. You’ve responded to both; th’ trolls, & to the topic @ hand, intelligently, & accurately. Those of us that have the presence of mind & the wherewithall to recognise this fact are better off simply ignoring th’ trolls. Just a thought!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  58. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    dont say one thing doc and then do another!!! you know what that is called…. dont be one!!!

    patricia cant stop now…. he only has one foot in his mouth!!! he either needs to put the other one in or try and take the one out… if he does that he first has some explaining to do!!! besides.. he is a mental midget… not his fault really…. he probably was ignored as a child.. then picked on … and is now picked on… he uses the internet to be somebody that he is not and drives like a jerk to try and mask his insecurities!!! you know ” i can go faster thn you so i am smarter and more competitive” he wrote that himself.. just read the above posts…

  59. Glyph says:


    I took a minute to speak to the foremanin charge of the construction at the intersection of 19th Ave. and Thunderbird. He said the cameras were removed because the city is expanding the road to make room for Right Turn Lanes for north and southbound 19th Ave.

    He also said that the cameras wouldn’t be replaced once the project is finished.

  60. Doc says:

    Glyph-didja’ get th’ pictures my wife took last evening? Talivan with BOTH signs less than 120ft from th’ van itself? AND, it was parked in front of the sign warning drivers that they are entering Prescott Valley, & they use photo radar. Impersonating a state patrol officer…I wonder what th’ fine for that is?

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