Redflex “Procedural Manual” Obtained

FLOWCHART OF FRAUD: Arizona drivers are punished more heavily than drivers from Canada or Mexico by DPS's automated ticketing machines.

FLOWCHART OF FRAUD: Arizona drivers are punished more heavily than drivers from Canada or Mexico by DPS's automated ticketing machines.

AZ drivers punished more heavily than those from Canada or Mexico

An internal document used as a reference guide by Redflex employees and obtained by CameraFRAUD provides new insights into the company’s various automated ticketing schemes throughout Arizona.

The document, titled “Procedural Manual” and dated April of 2009, includes a visual flow-chart for determining whether or not a “ticket” (notice of violation) should be issued.

Guesswork appears to be the rule of thumb when it comes to sending out a so-called “notice of violation,” even in situations where officials have said that a notice wouldn’t be mailed:

  • Gender mismatch (Redflex photo vs. MVD). Issue ticket? Yes.
  • Face too blurry to see. Issue ticket? Maybe.
  • Face not in face shot. Issue ticket? Maybe.
  • Plate too blurry to see. Issue ticket? Maybe.

Drivers from Mexico and Canada get a free pass from Arizona’s “photo enforcement” system:

  • Out of country plate. Issue ticket? No.

Also included:

  • A directive stating that images and data captured shall be retained for “no less than 12 months.”
  • A directive indicating that DPS would like to review all cases where drivers are “blatantly obstructing his/her face (with a hand, magazine, clothing, etc).”
  • A directive which states that “DPS requires 50% of face visible.  Otherwise, if the face is obstructed by any other means, or if the driver would not be recognizeable in person, reject the incident for the appropriate reject reason.”


9. FACE IMAGES: AZDPS requires 50% of face visible. Otherwise, if the face is obstructed by any other means, or if the driver would not be recognizeable in person, reject the incident for the appropriate reject reason.

56 Responses to Redflex “Procedural Manual” Obtained

  1. Ernest T. Bass says:

    please click on the “manual” and this is all you get… the same tiny little picture that is mentioned and posted on the thread…. yet when clicked on it is not blown up and nothing of what CF wrote can be verified… and it can not be expanded once clicked on !!! this must have been submitted by PRS… again lies, innuendo and mistruths….

    i take 3 days off for a family vacation and you guys are running amok !!

  2. Ernest T. Bass says:

    and tell me what is the sense in going after drivers from other countries when there is zero chance for justice to be served… it is a waste of resources and energy…. put some teeth into this program write the laws so that their privledge to drive in arizona is revoked….if they get caught here again and pulled over they go to for me !!!

    • Nuf-Ced says:

      Hear hear!

    • metelhed says:

      Yeah, because that would really help our tourism! Those foreigners don’t bring enough money in to this state, we need to threaten them with our all-intrusive privately owned surveillance system! BTW, it’s spelled “privilege”.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      How is mailing a letter to Canada or Mexico a bigger “waste of resources” than mailing one to New York or Hawaii?

  3. photoradarscam says:

    Look at the DPS contract page 186, under verification 2 process it says:

    “Determine if the driver is “likely” the registered owner using the physcial descriptive details provided from the MVD for the registered owner, marking the record to received a “Notice of Traffic Violation” in teh event of an age/gender or MVD vehicle description mismatch or a vechile registered to a corporation is found.”

    So I think I’ve got it figured out…
    They send a NOV when they aren’t sure – when they’re just fishing. They send a court summons when they are more confident.

  4. James says:

    “Gender mismatch (Redflex photo vs. MVD). Issue ticket? Yes.”

    How can Redflex and certifying officers affix to and SWEAR UNDER OATH as to the accuracy of a ticket if there’s a GENDER MISMATCH?

  5. photoradarscam says:

    Ha Ha, fewer paying tickets:

    And I’d love to see DPS in court:
    Yes your honor, we swear under oath and perjury that the monkey is driving the car!

    • Mike says:

      Seriously? They waited outside of his house to catch him putting on a mask? How many DUI accidents were there in this time? How many tons of crack were transported on our highways while they waited to see if some dude put a mask on?!? They really have NOTHING better to do than to wait outside this guys house for DAYS?!?

    • LoneWolf says:

      Quote: “DPS officials repeatedly point out that the success of the photo-enforcement program is not measured in revenue it generates – about $20 million for the state through the end of July – or the number of notices of violation issued.

      “Our whole goal is not to issue tickets, just to get people to drive the speed limit,” Lt. Jeff King said.”

      If it’s all about them wanting people to drive the speed limits but yet they’re still issuing tickets and making lots of money off of this thing, then why isn’t it working? If it’s not about the money, then why even mention the 20 mil? 20 mil for the state sounds enticing enough to keep the failing, but yet financially successful program in place.

  6. Stacey says:

    Doc says Barry at KFYI will be talking about the cameras this morning.

  7. Brent says:

    Nice job to those who joined the un-scheduled demonstration in Tempe this morning.

  8. […] Photo Radar Rules Exposed: Judges, Politicians, Mexicans dont get tickets! Redflex “Procedural Manual” Obtained – The Cameras are Coming Down In addition to story below, manual rules also outline that certain people like traffic court […]

  9. Malfeasant says:

    my “ticket” from dps shows my middle finger loud and clear- but my face is obscured by my full-face helmet, and an overexposed strip from reflection off the van’s window. If I am served for that one, I can go to court and honestly say, “I can not recognize the driver of that vehicle.” But I don’t think they’ll serve me. Too bad… almost.

  10. Bryan R says:

    The URL doesn’t appear to be working/forwarding right now. Instead, you get a GoDaddy screen. Can someone check on this? is working (that’s how I posted here).

    • LoneWolf says:

      I sent CF an email about this problem and included a solution but I don’t know if they received it or not.

      • BJ says:

        Probably not if the domain isn’t DNSing correctly – all email will probably be getting dropped or returned. I guess that if they don’t know they’ll have to find out tonight at the meeting in person.

        • admin says:

          in progress…

        • LoneWolf says:

          They’re not receiving email off of the wordpress server but possibly through their registrar so it’s hard to say if it’s going through or not.

          I did some checking into their DNS reports and used info from various sources including their registrar to determine that they do in fact have the incorrect name servers set up. All they have to do is change the name server numbers which are currently:


          To these ones:

          I have a complete explanation for CF if they’d like to contact me at the email address I’m using to post with.

  11. hooligans says:

    Can you guys post the entire document? There is much left to be desired after only seeing a sample of one page. Lets see more to verify this is not being fabricated by people in your group seeking money to help fund this poor little site.

  12. photoradarscam says:

    This is what we have to look forward to when we get the initiative on teh ballot:

  13. Matt G says:

    Please post the entire manual to show what sort of slime RTS is.

    • Nuf-Ced says:

      Once again a CF poster gets of target with the argument, keep your argument with the legislators and local authorities. Also I would not call 200 gainfully employed Arizona citizens, slime. I would call them heros doing a thankless job. Also, thank god these people are not on the dole, that would be much worse. What if one of these RTS employees became unemployed and stopped going to your place of employment and this caused you to get laid off? Look the government is going to get your money, would you rather have an income tax increase (your pay check) or an optional tax(photo enforcement)?

      • who says:

        They’ve got to be employing I would guess 200-300 people here in the local economy? 200-300 people that pay taxes here, shop in local businesses, support their families… Heck I think them purchasing what 42? fords escape’s kept alot of secondary people employeed… All that with money people have easy way not to have to pay.

        • Mike says:

          Oh, so by that logic drug dealers are only supporting their families and the local economy? I mean, look at all of the hospitals and rehab facilities that would have to close down without the business that they generate.

          It reminds me of the independent contractor scene from Clerks:

          • who says:

            Are you serious?
            HaHaHa omg funny.

          • WOW says:

            Are you serious?!?!? You are comparing the people who work with Redflex with drug dealers? There sure are a bunch of idiots in this group.

            If you really believe that why not go all out and put that in your propaganda.

      • metelhed says:

        The government is going to get my money? So you’re admitting this is all just a squeeze on the taxpayer? I have a brilliant idea. How about the government STOP spending so much of my money, people STOP asking the government to be their mommy, and let’s get back to being free and admitting life with freedom carries risk. Or is that asking too much?

        • Mike says:

          THIS one thousand times!!!

          I would sit here clicking “thumbs up” to this post all day if it would let me. lol!

        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          mentalhead//// if you think you are not free then that is a YOU problem…. you are the type of clown that bitches that the government spends too much of your money but then you will complain when services are reduced or eliminated….

  14. Jokn says:

    We all can register our cars out of the country or 2. become a politician or judge 3.Stand up and say somthin this has to be done in mass not a couple of people 4. or just be the pussy’s that we are and accept this shit.


  15. photoradarscam says:

    The ops manual has been uploaded in the Files Section of the message board.

  16. […] internal document used as a reference guide by Redflex employees and obtained by CameraFRAUD is now available for […]

  17. Richard says:

    This isn’t about safty, this is protection scam from the DPS (MOB). You pay us protection money and you can continue to speed. If you have 15-20 speeding tickets and were stopped by the police you wouldn’t be driving. This is nonthing more than a MOB protection racket sactioned by the people who say they are looking out for us, just like the MOB. At least with the MOB you had the police to protect you, but who protects you when the DPS is the MOB?

  18. Rick says:

    Hi, I’m writing a paper for a class on the controversy of the photo radar system (taking a position against its use, obviously). In supplying my research, most of my sources need to be generally objective (except in the case of citing a website for its opinions or individual arguments). Obviously, a report generated from this website alone could face some scrutiny from my professor. Also lacking in the report is any sort of way of identifying it as originating from Redflex.

    I’m just curious how this manual was obtained, and if Redflex has acknowledged its existence with any sort of press release or anything. Any additional info would be a great help.


  19. […] to someone who looks nothing like you is our tip for the week. According to page 8 of the Redflex operations manual, they’ll still send you a ticket. But if you do get served and report to court, you should […]

  20. I have been fighting in the courts here in South Australia for copies of the manual and installation guides, if any one has them or a link, yes please

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