DPS Reduces Redflex Photo Radar Vans

notetoredflex2DPS appears to have all but pulled the plug on its usage of Redflex mobile photo radar units on state highways, CameraFRAUD has learned.

Deployment of the mobile photo radar vans was already on a noticeably gradual decline over the past few months, when the “talivans” seemingly disappeared altogether from roadways around the beginning of September.

CameraFRAUD volunteers noted not seeing any of the wretched vehicles — owned and operated by beleaguered Redflex Group — until Saturday (9/5)… when only two were spotted valley wide.

Trapster.com, a website which tracks the locations of speed traps based on driver feedback, also listed only three DPS mobile freeway units deployed for the entire state as of Sunday, and again only two of which were located on valley freeways.

We sent an inquiry to DPS on September 3 regarding the reduction of the revenue-enhancing traps, and received the following reply:

I have forwarded your questions to a Sergeant within the Photo Enforcement Unit at DPS.

Officer Klavitter,
DPS Duty Office

As of the time of publication, no additional response was received from anyone at DPS.

DPS and Redflex claim to have 42 mobile units in total. Former Gov. Janet Napolitano ordered the entire fleet of photo radar vans to be deployed from state border to border around a holiday this time last year.


48 Responses to DPS Reduces Redflex Photo Radar Vans

  1. photoradarscam says:

    I saw two over the past few days. One is on Carefree highway W of I-17 for the Eastbound lane. It’s almost always there.

    Then there was one W/B 101 at around Scottsdale Rd area.

  2. jgunn says:

    Correct. I have gotten paged on my iphone 3 times today that there is a van on the 101 in snobbsdale, so that one is still there at least. The ones between 202 and 60 on the I10 have been sorely lacking.

  3. Ernest Hater says:

    Maybe the heat doesn’t agree with these things. I know it gets pretty warm (over 150) inside a vehicle sitting int he sun. My guess is that they will return when the temperature drops.

  4. LoneWolf says:

    It could also just be the holiday weekend since there are a lot more cops on the roads. Now would probably be the best time to take all those vehicles in for tune-ups and other preventive maintenance. And being that civilians are running these things, most of them probably wanted time off for the holiday. They’ll probably be back in full force by Tuesday.

  5. Chuck says:

    Friday about noon I saw two vans withing 5 miles of each other on the 202 heading towards Apache Junction.

    • Bryan R says:

      There has been one fairly regularly parked on the 202 eastbound Santan, at the Val Vista exit. That may be one of the two you’re talking about.

      I believe that they’ve set up shop there because it’s the first place rush hour traffic breaks up in the afternoon and drivers can speed up and get around the 65-70MPH glass ceiling caused by the “65 in the high lane” crowd.

      • Dr Jett says:

        I go by that exit 3 days a week between 9AM & 2PM and I have never seen a van, so they must be setting them up for business $$$$$$$$$$ later in the day. There must not be enough profit earlier in the day.

        • Bryan R says:

          That’s probably true.

          It is there almost every day during the rush hour coming home. It was there today even – just past the Val Vista exit.

          That’s the breakaway point for traffic when it FINALLY breaks up, people are hitting the gas to get moving, and bam – the photo van is there waiting for you.

  6. mghtyms04 says:

    Saw one last night on I-17 northbound just south of Black Canyon City and another on east bound carefree highway.

  7. Matt G says:

    This afternoon around 4, there was one on the Squaw Peak south bound lanes, south of Greenway.

    • LoneWolf says:

      For those who are new to Phoenix, the Squaw Peak (Parkway/Highway) is the 51 which is now the Piestewa Freeway. I’m glad to see I’m not the only long-time Phx resident who still calls it the Squaw Peak.

    • photoradarscam says:

      That’s the real name. Janet’s maneuver to rename it was illegal.

  8. KNOXVILLE, TENN. – Don Jacobs, editor for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Jeff Lee, general manager for WBIR TV, and Debbie Poplin, city attorney for City of Knoxville Municipal Corporation, were served subpoenas by the Court on Friday, to testify in the case of State v. Clifford E. Clark, regarding tens of millions of taxdollars paid by City of Knoxville for propaganda services, to report intentional falsehoods about red-light cameras.

    Mr. Clark was accused of shooting a Redflex red-light traffic camera. All charges were dismissed on 30 July, regarding that alleged incident, after KPD destroyed evidence of audiotape recording of Mr. Clark’s alleged confession and alleged consent to search vehicle, and KPD failed to obtain a search warrant. Mr. Clark testified he never made those alleged verbal statements.

    The dismissal came 1 week after Mr. Clark subpoenaed a former Knox County deputy to testify to a confession by a current deputy to shooting a redlight camera.

    Redflex was fired by City of Knoxville for “suspected contract fraud and bribery”, one week after Mr. Clark’s lawyer first confirmed a deputy confessed to shooting a redlight camera.

    Accused Camera Shooter Says Cops Did It

    Charges Dismissed Against Accused Red-light Camera Shooter, Cops Confess to Shooting Red-light Camera

  9. who says:

    Funny, CF members contradicting their own article.

    • Dr Jett says:

      Come on Who, get your head out of the sand. Where is the contadiction? Do you just post on this site because you are lonely?

    • who says:

      CF.com says hardly any vans. CF memebers start mentioning all the vans they’ve spotted the last couple days. Get your head out of the clouds Jet.

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  11. photoradarscam says:

    Then we have these tourists who couldn’t get help when their RV broke down from DPS because they were too busy with their precious cameras:

    • who says:

      I thought the vans were un-manned, and not even DPS officers?

      • LoneWolf says:

        What does it matter? Because we have more of those things on our highways, we have less patrols which means more people with broken-down vehicles are just going to have to wait for a few hours until a patrol comes along. That’s really going to suck for pregnant women and others with medical conditions.

        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          yes cause pregnant women on the way to the hospital break down all the time.. if fact their is an epidemic !!!

          show us the number that there are less patrols??? or ask PRS as i am sure he has a lie for that also

          • LoneWolf says:

            Well, Bozo, if there’s still the same number today as there were before all the scameras were put into place, I certainly don’t see them. Where were they when that RV broke down? What’s your explanation for that one? Please tell me, I’m very interested. You obviously believe that patrols are all over the place so where were they at that time? Having donuts? Pulling over Mexicans because they look illegal? You tell me.

            • Ernest T. Bass says:

              i dont see any more or any less and i have zero idea where they were … probably out closing down an entire direction of an interstate for a fender bender…. hell even when they are seen they dont pull anyone over …well those with the high crime of expired plates….maybe that is what you clowns mean when you say its all about the money !!! im not dps quit asking me questions like i work for them… that would be hard with my full time redflex job !!

  12. Will Kay says:

    The ones usually parked on I-17 N of Carefree Hwy haven’t been there this past week.

  13. Brent says:

    Only 1 ATS van spotted in Mesa today (University Dr)

  14. Ernest T. Bass says:

    OH A VICTORY FOR CF !!! whoo hoo ..break out the bubbly !!! you clowns will take any tiny tiny bit of unconfirmed information and try to claim it as some type of victory !!! are you really that desperate for a win….oh wait….. yes you are !!! my bad !!

    • LoneWolf says:

      Get your eyes checked, Bozo. I see nothing in this post that indicates CF is or would’ve been celebrating a victory. It was an observance which led to questioning and they even sent an inquiry to the DPS concerning the drop in speed van numbers across the state.

  15. The Tennessee judge in the Redflex redlight sniper trial admitted she got “flashed” by a traffic camera in Arizona. Maybe that’s why she dismissed the charges against the accused sniper?

  16. James Howard says:

    There was a van on the I-17 southbound side just south of Cordes Junction on Labor Day. It caused an 8 mile backup – we were going between 0 and 30 mph for mile after mile. As soon as we reached that van, the traffic broke loose, and was quickly cruising at 65. Yes, 65 in a 75 zone – it was too heavy to go faster, and everyone was civil. I am so mad at DPS – the presence of that Photo Enforcement Zone caused a dangerous situation.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      the backup was from all of the campers and people who went out of town for the holiday returning…. that is NOTHING new for the i-17 after any holiday ( i cant even believe you had to stupidity to write that)….not that i believe a word of what you say but to play along….. so you are telling us that everyone slowed to 30 mph for the camera? yes…. and i have a place in malibu right on the ocean i will sell you for 10 cents on the dollar….

      oh by the way clown…. the same slow down occured on friday afternoon as those same people were leaving…. the only dangerous situation that presented itself was the day you were issued a license !!!

      • Bryan R says:

        I seriously doubt that traffic dropped to 30 over the camera van, but it surely played a role in the slowdown.

        Everywhere there’s a van, people instinctively hit their brakes in various degrees – either 1/2 mile before they get to them, or right before they get to the van at the 2nd sign. There’s no debating that…

        Don’t you have some windows to break somewhere, Ernest?

        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          i dont break windows anymore… i have matured.. now i fight for the truth…. andy and i made up but barney never forgave me for making him look the fool….. kind of like this place !! CF is barney fife !!!!

  17. John Moore says:

    There was a van tonite just N of Cactus Rd in Scottsdale on the southbound 101. This is a frequent place for it between 5-7PM.

  18. Radar Hunter says:

    If you want to stay up to date on van locations check out http://www.radarhunter.com – All locations are updated based on city information.

  19. Pete Mathewson says:

    I was e/b on the carefree(sr74) near the light for fish and game(mp29). A van was parked in the 45 mph zone and flashed me doing 56 mph.. An hour later I was w/b on sr 74 and noticed that they moved the van west to the 55 mph zone. I’m thinking that they set it up in the wrong spot( speedtrap within a speedtrap?). Anybody have any info on this? Should I pay the $181(just lost my job),fight it(I live over 60 miles from Suprise) or ignore it?

  20. Ernest T. Bass says:

    pete …what you should do is not speed.. that is first !!! then you should take responsibility for your actions and pay the fine…. these fools will tell you to ignore it… and if you are a gambling clown ..then go ahead…. but the next time you get pulled over there will be nothing you can do when the heart rate goes up cause you dont know if that ticket is about to send you to jail or get you a ticket for driving on a suspended license…. roll the dice though if you choose… but prepare for the worst !!

    where will these people be when you have cuffs on? and how good will their advise look then?

  21. Judge burns 1st Amendment on Constitution Day, reads Miranda rights to Pirate News, court/prosecutors/media terrified that Knox County deputy sheriff confessed to shooting redlight camera(s) at $77,000 profit per bullet

    Premier broadcast of Pirate News Radio Show on 9-11-09, discussing judge ordering prosecutors to arrest Pirate News TV in redlight sniper trial

  22. […] Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona State lawmakers desperate to raise money to solve an out-of-control deficit turned to photo radar to fill a $165 million gap. Dozens of fully automated Australian mobile speed camera vans, in addition to fixed camera units, were added to the freeways in addition to existing cameras on city streets. This weekend, however, the state reacted to the NMA warning and cut speed van deployments to a handful, according to the group CameraFraud.com. […]

  23. Anonymous says:

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  24. […] Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona State lawmakers desperate to raise money to solve an out-of-control deficit turned to photo radar to fill a $165 million gap. Dozens of fully automated Australian mobile speed camera vans, in addition to fixed camera units, were added to the freeways in addition to existing cameras on city streets. This weekend, however, the state reacted to the NMA warning and cut speed van deployments to a handful, according to the group CameraFraud.com. […]

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