DPS Reports New Act of Camera Vandalism!

DPS’ James Warriner reports that there is a new bandit in town. Not a Silly String Bandit, not a PostIt-Note Bandit, but a Snow Bandit!


“Those bandits are smarter than we thought,” said Warriner. “Now they’re manipulating the weather to make ice form in front of the camera lenses!”

Cmdr Woodward was heard saying “I looked back over several hours of recorded video, but I guess the reception wasn’t too good because all I got was a bunch of snow.”

Note: For all of those who can’t tell, this is satire.

UPDATE: 3:47 PM: Redflex invited to license the above image from CameraFRAUD.com for use in their 2009 Christmas Card, titled: “Season’s Cheatings: The Year of Pilfering!”


56 Responses to DPS Reports New Act of Camera Vandalism!

  1. I'm Back says:

    DP$ APB:
    Wanted: Mother Nature
    Crime: Obstruction of Justice
    Details: Intentionally blocking a law enforcement robot device.
    Violation of: Doesn’t matter, just get her in custody immediately. We need all units in the area to respond. Please abandon all other posts.

  2. James Howard says:

    Where was this? We didn’t get any snow here in Tucson.

    I can’t wait for someone to get a red-light ticket on a snow covered intersection. I couldn’t see the imaginary line! It was covered with snow!

  3. PhotoRadarScam says:

    I think this is a violation of the DPS contract, which states that the cameras must operate in all weather – or Redflex’s claims that they operate in all weather. Technically, they are probably still operating… they are operating as well as they did when the Santas wrapped up those cameras in Tempe!

  4. RPr says:

    Jack Frost always was a little mischievous LOL

  5. geez says:

    Considering lightning last longer and is stronger than the flashes on the camera’s, there must have been a TON of wrecks yesterday with the few lightning flashes I saw. The flash on the camera’s causes so many wrecks, yes we must get mother nature in custody for lighting flashes which MUST cause so many ton more wrecks.

  6. rudolph says:


    In order for you thinking to be logical, consider the following: lightning is 54000 degrees fahreneit and kills about 750 people per year. That is over two people per day.

    Yes, lightning is dangerous and so is a blinding white flash at night. One can be stopped, the other can not. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  7. Dan G says:

    And don’t forget that lightning often creates a light miles away from a driver, whereas a camera ALWAYS flashes right in the face of the drivers.

    Can we get a petition for some colder weather here in Phoenix?

  8. PhotoRadarScam says:

    I know I would crap my pants and possibly crash if I was driving down the road and lightning hit 50-100 feet away. I know it did happen to me once and while I did not crash, my reaction would have probably been unsafe had I been surrounded by traffic.

    Thankfully, lightning almost always occurs miles away, and the effect is severely diminished. Can’t say the same with the cameras, which are only yards away and flash you directly in the face.

  9. Joe says:

    Try it in a mist-filled downpour.

  10. Bennichs says:

    Hahaha nice post Glyph!

  11. geez says:

    True no you can’t stop lightning, but it’s darn easy not to get flashed….

  12. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i think you guys need to let your wives drive for you as it is apparent that you cant handle the job… maybe a baby bottle and nipple will help soothe you during the drive

    are you girls listening to your own whines?

  13. No One says:


    there’s no 100% way to not to get flashed, as even if you or I aren’t speeding, we cannot control others who might be speeding nearby. We are mere mortals you and I, and cannot stop such a thing as someone else speeding.

  14. Glyph says:

    @Bennichs: Thank you… I saw the camera like this and thought everyone would get a chuckle seeing it =)

  15. Jokn says:

    there’s only one way to trip most of the cameras they are not radar activated,only the rovers are radar sensitive. Think about it a while………………….there are limitations everything has its limitations.:)

  16. Michael G says:

    I must ask if there is any way to drop LABS from this meet-up group? He is clearly some face-less stooge that does not “get it” or a red flex scamera troll. He is nothing more than a square block that will not even try to fit his lame ass into a round peg. Please go away and start your own website or move to another country.

  17. Dan G says:

    I already invited him to spend his energy on another website, perhaps one where his….insights…..would be welcome.

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    so if i dont “get it” i need to leave? what i “get” is you boys seem to want to distort the truth.. by any means …. and you have no consceince…. i am here to rebuke the lies and inuendos ..want me gone? ban me… to this point i have not done anything worse than has been done to me…

  19. Graham says:

    Just don’t feed the trolls.

  20. Doc says:

    That LOOKS like the scameras on the westbound lanes headed into Prescott Valley. That one is operated by the City of. Howerev, a talivan has been sitting about 1 mile or so east, on the side of the road, scamming the eastbound lanes. Stay Alert!
    Remember…F R E E D O M! ! !
    Doc from Prescott

  21. scott says:

    These look like photos from a sunny Florida Beach. 🙂

  22. Glyph says:

    @Doc: You mean this Tali-van? Yeah, I’ve seen ’em.

  23. Mark S says:

    Don’t worry, L.A.B. Cameras are right now being installed in your house and outside your house to make sure you are not violating ANY laws. We are even having a few cameras and a GPS tracking device installed in all your automobiles All this video and tracking data will be placed in a database which you cannot access and you have no control over. We do not know who will have access to this data and we may even sell it to other companies and governments.

    THINK L.A.B. This is exactly what redfux and ats want to do to the citizens of the USA!

  24. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no mark .. you have no idea if that is true… and i would assume that level headed ( which you are not) az residents would agree with me…

    hurry run home the foil is coming off the windows at your house..

  25. FrankThoughts says:

    Mark, are you saying that such use of “secret files” is probable or it’s possible? Are you saying that “Freedom of Information” rules do not apply to these databases? Are you saying here that there is no such thing as separation of Lurch (illegal “search” and seizure by private entities) and state?
    Hasn’t “our public government” placed safeguards in the contracts with the private companies that this sort of thing can’t happen and that, if, perchance, it does, it is a criminal offense, subject to high fines and long prison time (breaching the corporate veil to reach individual owners and employees) and also, subjecting the private contractors to immediate contract cancellation and loss of the stream of “public tax money” (in taxation without full explanation? without full accountability to the taxpayers, i.e., can responsibility be outsourced?)?

  26. Doc says:

    The talivan Glyph showed is one of the Prescott Valley City units. On a positive note, the young lady who operates one of those vans is breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL. She works for the City however, & that gives me pause for concern. @ any rate, that’s not the one I’m referring to. DPS has one, all gussied up in dps regalia, with a redflex slacker in it; off & on @ the location I previously posted.
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  27. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    nobody that operates a van can be anything but evil and devious!!! peel her face away and you will see the evil!!!

  28. rudolph says:

    Hey Doc- when you say FREEDOM I’ve got this picture of Mel Gibson in Braveheart, with sword raised high yelling…”they may take our lives but they’ll never take our FREEEEEEEEDOM!”

    Contrast that with LA- with him I picture Monty Pythons flying circus and that famous rabbit scene: “Run away brave knights, run away…”

    Well, we can’t all be warriors. We need the LA’s of the world spotlight the difference between those that value freedom/liberty and are willing to fight (the alpha) & those that will so easily give it away.

    Not to get political, but did anyone catch the Obama town-hall? Did you see the guy that stood up and repeated the ‘when Harry met Sally’ orgasm moment?

    Something like: “Ohhhhh, ahhhhh Mr. President….ohhhhh it’s so great you’re here….ahhhhh ohhhhhh oh God…oh yes…I can’t believe you’re really here…..we need your help…ohhhhhh!” (I may be embellishing a bit, but not by much-google it)

    It’s people like this that will give our freedoms away for the price of a big-mac. Funny if it weren’t so sickening.

  29. Scott A. says:

    I agree with Mark S, the speed cameras are just the first step in for them. Then we get comfortable with them, then its easier to do the next thing, and so on and so on. Its already that way with other things. We didn’t have a “Federal Reserve” until recently (70 some years, I’m not positive on the exact time). We had a country before a central bank didn’t we? The bill to enact the “Federal Reserve” wasn’t even written by politicians, it was written by bankers with only they’re interests in mind. The “Federal Reserve” is no more federal than Federal Express. It is privately owned and they lend money to the government, at interest, that we(citizens)pay back. Its interesting to think how we will ever get out of “debt” if every dollar printed has debt attached to it, how can it ever be paid back if the money we use to pay already is “debted” money. We can never pay it back, its like a dog chasing its tail. I just think its funny that we don’t need a central bank, yet they have succeeded in making us think so.

  30. Scott A. says:

    So I say on with the bail outs. Who cares how many trillions of dollars in debt we are, it doesn’t matter anyway, money has no value anymore. Remember when it was backed by gold, then they forced citizens to hand over any gold they owned. Thats dishearting.

  31. Scott A. says:

    We need a resource-based economy, the monetary system is outdated, we live in a more technological world now.

  32. Doc says:

    I did get the F R E E D O M ! ! ! from Braveheart. It is meant as it was in the movie. Another Mel Gibson movie line often comes to mind when I read some responses on this site…”Stop it. yer makin’ me all misty…” What’s the name of the movie, for 50 points, & a free slam on a site troll?!?!?

    Anyway, thanks for the compliment! I try to post well on this site. It is important.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  33. Mike says:

    That would be “Payback”. Good movie!

    (No, I didn’t even Google for it)

  34. geez says:

    I saw a DPS van parked on the 202 today and the traffic had come to almost a complete halt, even seen one guy slam on his brakes and slide sideways into the median!

    Just trying to be like JGUNN, had to get the first wild claim leaving out the facts post of the day.
    (nevermind there was a ladder someone lost laying in the middle lane of the highway)

  35. rudolph says:

    Please tell me you see the point here- even as you attempt to facilitate some profound point.

    A regular DPS officer would have taken action and immediately started to make the situation safer. He could have cited the driver for failing to secure his load. He would have also run the driver for warrants and checked to see if he was impaired.

    The Redflex employee is sitting in his darken window cocoon. He sits in a van with the DPS star attached, working for a private company…looks up and thinks…”what was that?”; then goes back to reading his paper.

  36. geez says:

    Actually Rudolph…
    I saw the whole thing… The redflex driver saw what took place an immediatly pulled over and turned on his warning lightbar to warn traffic to slow down. The driver was _not_ even working yet, possible driving to his spot or returning from his spot. I’m sure the driver called DPS to have an officer come out.
    You all a couple headlines ago were so ‘concerned’ with the drivers safety, did you actually want this guy to get out in the middle of the road and remove the ladder?

  37. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    hey rudy.. by the time a dps office got there the guy would have been gone…. see ya!!!

  38. Doc says:

    Mike- 59 pionts!!! That’s CORRECT…The movie is “Payback!” …Get Ready to Root for the Bad Guy!
    And, as Promised…SLAM THAT SITE TROLL!!!

  39. rudolph says:

    Your ladder story makes no sense- but actually will serve a greater good.

    It is fairly easy nailing this type of new age bumper sticker argument. You illustrate the point to a T! Normally I charge for this kind of insight, but for you, it’s free.

    You first set up the argument by assuming the other party will do something. Passive- aggressive, so to speak.

    Here is a classic example: “Let’s talk rationally…I will keep an open mind. In fact I promise not to bring up all those times in the past when you acted irrationally.”

    In your case you set up a story of DPS van that was nearby and everyone was slamming on their brakes- to the point where one guy skidded sideways. Then you go on to assume that everyone (who does not agree with you) is going to think it was all because of the van Per Se. Then you proceed forward as if it were fact and then do a gotcha moment (it was really because a ladder fell off) followed by a smug remark.

    You see- none of this occurred (other than in your mind). But it does allow you to be the victim not the aggressor. But the best part is when you ask those caring follow up questions; “if you are that concerned for the driver why would you want him to go into traffic?” Again- no one said that- but you inject it to make a mythical point, requiring an answer to something that never occurred; thus pointing to my hypocrisy. He has no business parking his ass on the side of a busy road in the first place. He is the problem, not the solution.

    But the hilarious part is when you actually try to make the photo radar van driver the HERO! “I’m sure the driver called to have DPS come out.” Photo man to the rescue! Thank God he was there!

    When one can not argue a rational point, one must first put your opponent into a scenario where they can control the dialogue and use the limited debate skills they possess. The good thing is one can change all that- give it time.

  40. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    damned if photo guy do and damned if he dont !!!

  41. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    rudy??? rudy??? its time for your meds!!! today we suggest taking them with 10 shots of whiskey.. you know.. to help get them down!!!

    your reply was well thought out…. and kind of ridiculous… you did drive home the point that he really made you think.. and that appears to be an accomplishment for you!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  42. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Do not feed the troll.

  43. geez says:

    And rudy,
    you fell right into it.
    oh the many facets of irony.

  44. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    almost forgot.. thanks for playing rudy…. how rude of us

  45. No One says:

    So, Geez… where was this, exactly (ie 202 and what) and at what time?

  46. geez says:

    on highway 202 right before greenfield going east, around 345 pm. I’d bet the ladder is still in the mediun…
    Was that your landscaper crew? Fire the dude that didn’t secure it…

  47. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    it was probably glyphs crew on the way to do some more criminal damage!!!

  48. Stacey says:

    Jack Frost doesn’t like speed cameras either. He wrapped around his icy hands and throttled them.

  49. Rudolph says:

    It may have been Janet’s missing 51 foot ladder.

  50. geez says:

    With 42 states in severe economic crises,including Arizona, why do you people act like Janet has the sole leadership problem? The economic problem is not alone Janets, nor the Governors in those other 41 states.

  51. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well it doesnt help when idiots who have been “peter principled” such as brewer …. spend more time throwing blame …and accusations …than really fixing the problems…. her strategy plan to run for election has already started…. by picking unpopular decisions that janet made and hoping the public is outraged and will see her as the champion of the people !!! righting the wrongs… all this to hide the fact that she is way in over her governess head…

    F R E E D O M from the L E A D E R S H I P

  52. No One says:


    That’s exactly it. 42 states have budget problems, but ours stands alone in using the cameras in an effort to to make up some of the difference. We are the first to use photo enforcement statewide, and I don’t believe any others have followed suit. If this was such a wonderful plan, why would you say the other 41 states haven’t picked up on this?

  53. No One says:

    side note– I cannot vouch for the veracity of the number 42. I haven’t looked it up, I’m just asking the question, based on the number provided.

  54. Law A. Bidingcitizem says:

    You know what, I just realized that I don’t want my kids raising their kids in a society where there are shady cameras on every corner monitoring their every move. I really appreciate what the people at Camerafraud.com are doing and would like to help. I’ll stop trolling this site as I realize how wrong I’ve been. I may even quit my job at Redflex and crawl back under that rock from which I came. Thanks again for standing up and trying to protect our constitutional rights! It’s people like you that threw that big tea party back in Boston.

  55. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    can we have this post attributed to me also removed?

  56. […] notes, silly string, sledgehammers, pick-axes, spray paint, large rocks, spare tires, as well as two acts(1) of God(2) […]

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