Feds Investigation of REDFLEX heats up; Stock continues to drop.

You’d better watch your step Redflex, Heiler,  Specter, and company…

The feds are coming for you.

Jefferson Parish’s red light camera program is snaring more than heavy-footed pedestrians – and the feds have the subpoenas to prove it.


Background: Jay Specter Conviction

A loss of 2.6% today and 25% over the past 30 days.

RDF: Redflex Stock

21 Responses to Feds Investigation of REDFLEX heats up; Stock continues to drop.

  1. click this link every time you want to check their stock. it sends a message, trust me 😉


  2. oh boy says:

    I guess this is Not a good time to buy Redflex stock, huh?

  3. B says:

    What’s the latest on SB1443? Does it really have a chance of getting out of the Senate and over to the House?

    I can’t believe that the governor would even consider signing it, so we shouldn’t be that worried, but still…

  4. Sure says:

    There were amendements that I believe took out the tags, insurance, points. You have to read the exact wording. It says it won’t “expand” photo enforcement.


    • kandaris says:

      We should be opposing any legislation that attempts to legitimize the existing system in ANY way. Modifying the program only serves to tacitly imply that the sytstem should exist at all. These people are not trying to help improve the system, they are playing a chess game to better position the automated ticketing and further embed it, which of course will furthers their agenda even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment. Remember these people are professional liars… they are not working for the people.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m proud to announce that I am one of those people who ignored the fraud ticket that came in the mail. They spent around $20 filing the court case against me and got nothing in return before my case was dismissed 120 days later. As Redflex stock drops, it’s good to know that I’ve helped to reduce their profits and thwart their unconstitutional money making scheme.

    You can ignore those extortion threats of things that they threaten you with in your fraud ticket. For the most part, it’a all a bluff. Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who gets served, there’s no reason to acknowledge that they even exist.

    Anyone with stock in Redflex better sell before November if they don’t want to lose their investment.

  6. superbad says:

    I had two red-light cameras from chicago. I ignored them, its been over a year now. I have since moved back to Georgia. I doubt I will ever hear anything from them unless I ever move back to illinois.

  7. Sure says:

    Arizona is the new Illinois.

  8. Sure says:

    Radar Roy interviews Alan Buckner of Coyote about their new interactive GPS based photo enforcement detector at the 2009 SEMA automotive show in Las Vegas Nevada.

  9. Stacey says:

    Missouri National Protest

  10. Alucard says:

    It seems that their stock has risen a bit over the past several days ($1.62 at last count) — I wonder what caused this gain….?

    • NotQuiteSmartyPants says:

      Just remember its going to fluxuate some, but as any professional financial advisor will tell you what you want in a stock *that will make you money* is a general upward trend over time that pays dividends, AND they will tell you to stay far away from stocks with a general downward trend. Sounds simple but you’d be amazed at how many people ignore those basic rules.

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