The List of Legislators that Just Screwed You.

We’ve been saying it for some time.  While we have our supporters within the legislature the lure of easy money and the favor of lobbyists and the corporations they represent was just too much for the rest of these losers to resist voting YES on  Bill 1443.

Modifying the program only serves to tacitly imply that the sytstem should exist at all. The people who voted YES are NOT trying to help improve the system, they are playing a chess game to better position automated ticketing and further embed it, which of course will further their agenda even if it doesn’t look like it at the moment. Remember these people are professional liars… they are not working for the people.


1. Get on the phone and call the people who voted YES for this expansion of Photo Radar.

2. Send emails letting them know that they will be pink slipped in November this year.

3. Talk to everyone you know and get them active in the fight.

4. Collect signatures; continue if you already are, and start if you are not.

5. Call and email those that voted NO to let them know we appreciate them.


ABOUD      926-5262                                          
AGUIRRE  926-4139                                           
ALLEN C    926-4480                                           
ALLEN S    926-5219                                          
ALVAREZ    926-5895                                   
CAHILL        926-4124                                   
CHEUVRONT  926-5325                                 
GARCIA   926-4171                                  
GRAY L   926-3376                                 
HALE       926-4323                             
HUPPENTHAL  926-5261                          
TAYLOR  926-3830                        
LOPEZ   926-4089                                 
DAVIS 926-4485                                 
MIRANDA  926-5911                                 
PIERCE S     926-5584                           
RIOS              926-5685                                


ANTENORI 926-5683  
BRASWELL 926-5284                                         
BUNCH      926-4916                                           
GOULD      926-4138                                         
GRAY C     926-5288                                           
HARPER   926-4178                                                
LEFF          926-4486                                               
MELVIN   926-4326                                               
PEARCE R 926-5760                                          
TIBSHRAENY 926-4481                                        
VERSCHOOR  926-4136                                       
BURNS (Pres.)  926-5993                                       


30 Responses to The List of Legislators that Just Screwed You.

  1. B says:

    The Dems are ALWAYS going to hold their former governor (and goddess) Janet Napalitano with reverence, and the speed camera program is her pet project. I get those clowns being partisan morons.

    It’s the GOP members that I’m extremely disappointed in…

    C Allen
    S Allen
    S Pierce (the GOP Majority F’n WHIP!)
    L Gray

    (I’m proud to say that my senator from Gilbert voted no on this Redflex-driven hype).

    The house will surely vote on this because the House majority leader is a camera revenue whore as well, and who knows how many more camera coward GOPers there are in the house (both of my reps are also anti-camera so they will be voting no as well).

    Don’t wait – Get in touch with your House Reps NOW. Keep this from getting to Jan Brewer’s desk so she doesn’t have to make the tough decision on this bill…

    This also goes to show that there was NEVER a chance at a photo enforcement ban passing out of the state legislature… It’s us or nothing!

    • WH says:

      I live in Gilbert, so I’m glad my representatives are solid freedom loving Republicans instead of the corrupt kind. I moved here from California 5 years ago to get get away from this Big Brother “we only take your freedom for your own good” c**P. I suppose I’ll have to move to Nevada and program slot machines if we can’t reverse the tide here. Gun rights are still good here, but every erosion to one right puts others in jeopardy.

  2. RPr says:

    All their number and email addresses

    • kandaris says:

      Thanks for posting that. I wanted to get the numbers of the corrupt legislators on the front page to make it easy for folks to take action, but I probably should have posted the entire list as well.

  3. Stacey says:

    Arson ruled out in photo enforcement van fire:

  4. Stacey says:

    Photo Enforcement Van Fire in Wales:

    An investigation by North Wales Fire Service officers found the blaze was caused by an electrical fault in the engine compartment.

  5. Sure says:

    Arizona Police Association in Trouble

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    • B says:

      He testified, “Economic conditions are now driving us to support photo radar,” Brian Livingston.
      Translation: “Ok – We know that photo radar is a joke, but now we’ll take photo radar… as long as there aren’t any more cuts and we get to keep our jobs…”

      It’s ALL ABOUT REVENUE! Unbelievable… I wonder what they’ll all be saying when better times return, but the cameras are still snapping away…

  6. Sure says:

    Arizona Police Association Executice Board
    President – Jimmy Chavez (Arizona Highway Patrol)

    Vice President – Fabian Cota (Mesa Police Association)

    Secretary – Justin Harris (Glendale Law Enforcement Association)

    Treasurer – Joe Clure (PLEA)

    APA Executive Director

    Executive Director – Brian L. Livingston

    APA lobbyist

    G. Michael Williams – Williams & Associates

    The President of Williams & Associates, Mike Williams, began his career as a senior staff and legislative assistant to United States Senator John McCain. He handled issues ranging from aviation affairs to public land trades. He also served as Senator McCain’s liaison to all elected officials in the State of Arizona.

    This experience provided Mr. Williams with a large political base that he has effectively used to assist clients as well as candidates running for statewide or district office. In particular, Mr. Williams has served in a number of election campaigns including those for the Governor, Senate President, Senate Majority Leader, Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader.

    In 1991, Mr. Williams was recruited by the Arizona Attorney General to form and direct an intergovernmental and legislative liaison division for the Attorney General’s office. He served as the director of this division for two years acting as the liaison to more than 2,000 trade associations, Arizona businesses and the Arizona State Legislature.

    In 1993, Mr. Williams accepted a position with the Phoenix and Milwaukee law firm of Quarles & Brady. While there, he served clients as a government and legislative relations advisor. He represented and assisted clients including Ryder Truck Rental, MCO properties, the Plumbing Industry and Education Trust, Maryatt Industries, Honeywell, Miller Brewing and the Motion Picture Association. Mr. Williams served Quarles & Brady until forming the firm of Williams & Associates.

    Mr. Williams attended Arizona State University where he received his B.S. in political science with a minor in economics. He has lived in Arizona for more than 20 years.

  7. Garrett says:

    You should remove Russell Pearce’s name from the list. This man just rammed through his real ID bill.

    Congratulations, now every time you’re pulled over or your DL is ran your information is shared with Janet Napolitano/Homeland Security

  8. Stacey says:

    Group rides to show support for fallen bikers

    Motorcyclists will be showing their solidarity this weekend after the horrific crash that killed three riders and severely injured six others.

    Members of the group M.C. Kruzers will be having a ride Saturday morning. They encourage members of the community to join them to show their support for the riders who were hit, and their families.

    Ron Morrison, a member of the group was going to ride Thursday but got called into work at the last minute.

    “I’m glad I didn’t go, I guess,” he said. “It is devastating to see.”

    Morrison explains that the Kruzers post various rides on their Web site to give riders an opportunity to meet other bikers.

    The Solidarity ride begins Saturday at 10 a.m. at one of two starting points. Riders who want to ride as a group can meet at either the Fry’s on 43rd Avenue & Cactus Road or the QT on Mesa Drive and the US 60.

    The ride will end at the Roadrunner Restaurant and Saloon in New River. The restaurant sponsors the club and will hold fundraising events over the weekend for those who were killed or injured in the accident.

  9. jgunn says:

    Just when you thought azcentral couldn’t stoop any lower, they now are using the motorcycle tragedy to promote their pro-camera agenda (falsely I might add):


    Sensational pro camera article headline:

    “Dump truck operator cited for speed on March 15”

    Reality of the violation:

    “The complaint said Jakscht was traveling 45 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone but failed to control his speed to avoid an accident.”

    How much is Redflex paying azcentral these days anyways? Also, great insight on how the other side inflates the bogus accident statistics on speed and crashes to justify cameras and cops with their “lazer” toys. Always wondered how they got their statistics up from about 3-5% speed only crashes to an ungodly 30-40% or some such nonsense accidents caused by speed.

    • photoradarscam says:

      If only there had been a camera there. Oh wait, the cameras only detect if they are EXCEEDING the limit! Well, even if there was a camera there, I’m sure everyone would feel better to know he would be mailed a citation in a few weeks.

    • who says:

      Sensational pro camera article?! Oh my goodness… where in that article does it mention photo enforcement?! Your saying Redflex paid them to write that article?!
      Are you also trying to excuse this guys actions?
      Wow.. seriously delusional…

      • RPr says:

        Although Gray introduced the legislation claiming it would “reform” the photo enforcement program, the measure was in fact drafted by Redflex Traffic Systems, a firm based in Australia. The company listened to lawmaker complaints and included some mild changes that would not affect the company’s existing practice, such as a change in the signage requirements. The legislation also included a number of items of direct financial interest to the company.

      • B says:

        I’m not sure I agree with this poster, and some of us are a little sensitive to the word “speed” being used. I also understand that he was cited for “failure to control his vehicle” or something like that, but the editors were probably too lazy – or it didn’t fit the required, brief article title length.

        However, when you’ve watched the pro-camera slant coming out of over the last year or two, you can understand how it’s easy to get an itchy trigger finger.

        BTW – as for delusional… Either you’re a paid troll (quite likely), or if not and you are that much of a sad sack, then some of your ignorant posts on this board are the epitome of delusional. (Again, this is assuming that you’re not a paid troll or camera company affiliate of some kind – which, again, is most likely the case…)

        • who says:

          Delusional here would be making up something that never happened (which I will say JGUNN is infamous for…)
          As far as AZcentral, I have seen just as many anti camera as pro camera articles there. It’s just that CF only wants to see what they want.

    • jgunn says:

      I see they changed it to “driver who hit bikers has violations”. Guess they figured it out themselves. Not sure how doing 45 in a 45 constitutes a speed violation but I’m sure who (what, where?) has an excuse up his sleeve. Are we supposed to drive 10MPH under the limit or what?

      Azcentral initially tried to make it look like the driver had a speeding violation and was a “speeder” plain and simple.

      • who says:

        I would say going 45 mph into a group of motorcycles stopped at a red light…. is failure to control speed…

        • Sure says:

          Failure to control your friggin brakes! Personally, I think there may be something more than we know about the guy – like Alzeheimers (sp?) or something.

  10. steve D says:

    I cant wait to vote these scumbags out of office

    I am going to post this up on every car forum I can and let them know who we need to get rid or in NOV.

    I hope they can find new jobs, it would be funny to see them at Burger King flipping burgers.

    • who says:

      You act like these people are in office for only one thing, to promote photo enforcement.
      I doubt there is one single politician which someone agrees with on 100% of his/her issues.
      Pretty extreme to vote someone out for 1 of their many many issues they have to deal with, considering I doubt, like I said, that anyone agrees with 100% of any one single politicians stances.
      If that’s the way it was, there would never be any politician running for more than one term.

      • photoradarscam says:

        Any politican who has no respect, no regard, or no knowledge of the US constitution has no business in any government. Vote them out!

  11. photoradarscam says:

    They’re talking about us:

    “In addition, the suspension of the program has caused and continues to cause Redflex great reputational and financial harm. Jefferson Parish and out-of-town media have insinuated that Redflex has done something wrong, perhaps illegal … yet to date there has been absolutely no formal allegation.”

    • LoneWolf says:

      You ever get the impression Arizona has established a bad reputation with much of the rest of the country because of the scam? I’ll bet a lot of people out there hate our state because they associate Redflex with Arizona. Yeah, that’s good for tourism…… Way to go AZ Leg.. if only they paid attention to the impact Redflex is REALLY having on our state.

  12. RPr says:

    Redflex Traffic Systems, a company whose local lobbyist has contributed more than $36,000 to help elect City Hall Democrats since 2007, is in line to get a new three-year contract if City Council members agree to expand the use of red-light cameras in Columbus.

  13. Stan Huggard says:

    I agree that the red light cameras are unconstitutional.

    David explains that ticket cameras violate a
    number of rights guaranteed under the constitution. These include
    the presumption of innocence, the right to confront your accuser,
    and the right to a trial.

    Also, the cameras give citations in situations where a police officer never would.

    Judges that uphold these cameras in court should be replaced as soon as possible. City legislators that vote for such electronic devices should also be replaced because their honesty is seriously lacking.

    This has all been done to raise more tax dollars. City leaders are always making extremely expensive improvements to our cities in order to make them a more attractive place to move to.

    What ever happened to the idea of staying in one place and growing old with your good friends, family, and neighbors?

    I know that we as a people are becoming more and more materialistic and this materialism is a terrible terrible disease that destroys any people.

    Stan Huggard

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