ATS Leaves Building Unlocked, Open

A corporate security breach at American Traffic Solutions was uncovered by CameraFRAUD volunteers Saturday night. The photo radar ticket processing facility, located in the Phoenix-suburb of Ahwatukee, was left unlocked and unattended.

Numerous bundles of network cables were spotted throughout the building, potentially allowing anyone with a laptop to access internal systems containing vital “chain of evidence” data. A dozen trashcans full of unshredded documents were spotted, possibly containing  sensitive data on their “customers:” so-called “violators” who are accused of triggering the automated ticketing machines.

In addition, a strange childlike drawing was left on one wall, apparently detailing the flow of money involving notices of violation, Hertz rent-a-car (an ATS partner in toll road technology), and local police departments. While the crudely-drawn stick figures don’t mention safety, it’s clear the corporate hieroglyphics were used to emphasize revenue and money.

ATS has a history of leaving important things unlocked. A year ago in March 2009, CameraFRAUD discovered automated ticketing boxes at intersections left unlocked and open. ATS responded by installing cameras to —yes— watch the cameras at certain locations in Mesa.

In case you’re wondering why it looks like they’re leaving the building, ATS is downsizing to a smaller processing center on nearby Southern Avenue. Industry sources report plummeting toll road revenue, as well as a sharp increase in resistance to the company’s products and services. Litigation, class-action lawsuits, and canceled contracts nationwide are just the beginning.

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  1. Brent says:

    LOL, fraud at its finest!

  2. Okay, it was all fun and games until that last one. What is going on with the candy wrappers answering questions? That’s just weird.

  3. Steve says:

    It looks like the company hires people who they can modivate with candy while keeping most of the cash for themselves. Gee, I feel safer already (not!).

  4. It’s great that they are using the cliche “Who Moved My Cheese” to teach their employees to be subservient. This book review says it all.

    • Will Kay says:

      It shows you exactly what they think about us, the working people, that we are nothing more than mice trapped in their little maze. I am NOT a mouse, and I am NOT trapped in their maze.

    • keysersoze says:

      Redflex uses the same book as well. I hope to god no one ever has to sit through the movie.

  5. guttersn1pe says:

    Even if the build was unlocked, I have an issue with people going inside to snoop around.

  6. Dr Jett says:

    We must have appeared as a threat at our Valentines Day Demonstration with 6 men & a small dog. It is too bad that their new location is known. I do appreciate their safety concerns; oh, there aren’t any that are in the photos of ATS’s office except the real issue – REVENUE!!!

  7. Glyph says:

    Well, there won’t be any more entering the building. ATS wised up and as of this morning all the doors were locked. But their fleet of vehicles are still in the lott out back.

  8. photoradarscam says:

    Those who can make it please attend the AZ committee hearings this week:

    Wed (3-24) Public Safety Mtg

    CF in favor of HB2338 adds 1 sec grace period for red light camera violations

    House Transportation Committee Thursday (3-25)

    CF opposes SB1018 – extends time for filing notices from 60 to 120 days, permits processing fees, directs funds to public safety fund.

  9. Glyph says:

    Updated pictures here.

  10. Steve says:

    Bad news from California.

    Just saw this on Fox News…

    “Hit the Brakes: State Governments Raise Traffic Fees


    Cash-strapped cities and states consider measures ranging from expansion of red-light camera systems to charging drivers for cleanup after accidents.

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    Decrease Font A A A Increase Font

    LOS ANGELES – Shomari Jennings was willing to pay the $70 ticket he received for driving without a seatbelt, but not the slew of tacked-on fees and penalties that ballooned the cost more than tenfold.

    Every $10 of his base fine triggered a $26 “penalty assessment” for courthouse construction, a DNA identification program, emergency medical services and other programs. Other fees ranged from $1 to $35.

    “It’s the new tax,” Jennings, 30, complained while waiting in traffic court to contest a staggering bill compounded by a $500 fine for missing a court date.

    And motorists can only expect more of the same as cash-strapped cities and states consider measures ranging from expansion of red-light camera systems to charging drivers for cleanup after accidents.

    In Iowa, lawmakers grappling with shortfalls in the state’s public safety budget are exploring ways to increase fines for traffic violations. There’s a proposal in Maryland to add a $7.50 charge to traffic fines to help pay for law enforcement and fire protection equipment.

    Cash-strapped California, however, is seeing some of the most aggressive efforts to squeeze money out of motorists.

    Last year, lawmakers agreed to a budget deal that nearly doubled the vehicle license fee that owners pay when they register their cars every year. The fee rose from .65 percent of a vehicle’s value to 1.15 percent. A significant portion of the revenue goes to the state’s general fund, and the rest to local crime prevention programs.

    This year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested retrofitting 500 city and county traffic cameras to cite not only drivers who blow through red lights but speeders, too. The state, facing a $20 billion deficit, would collect 85 percent of the money, using the projected $338 million to help pay for courts and court security.

    An estimated 60 local governments, including fire protection districts and municipalities, have in place or are considering plans to send accident cleanup bills to drivers involved in a crash, according to the Association of California Insurance Companies.

    “It’s really victimizing people twice,” said Samuel Sorich, the association’s president.

    Many insurance companies do not cover cleanup fees, he added, and if the practice becomes widespread it could lead to higher premiums.

    In Los Angeles, city officials are thinking about doubling red-light cameras to 64 intersections. Last year, 44,000 red-light camera tickets were issued in the city, netting more than $6 million.

    The fine for running a red light is nearly $500 when city and county fees combined with various penalty assessments, which are set by the Legislature, and traffic school are factored in. The majority of the red-light camera citations, however, were for making right turns without a full stop, a $381 violation.

    Steve Finnegan, government affairs manager for the Automobile Club of Southern California, said the cameras are justified when they’re intended to stop drivers from running red lights, but when they’re used for citing less dangerous right-turn violations motorists can get cynical about their purpose.

    “One has to question if finance isn’t a part of the motivating factor for putting in these cameras,” Finnegan said.

    He noted that Schwarzenegger’s red-light camera idea was included in a budget proposal.

    “This is clearly a financial proposal,” he said. “It’s not being driven by safety consideration.”

    The importance of revenue from traffic fines is evident in the competition among governments to control it.

    A Los Angeles city councilman who is critical of the high cost of red-light tickets thinks it can be reduced if the city starts to process the citations. Dennis Zine contends that the switch would increase revenue for the city and take some of the burden off the county courts.

    State Sen. Jenny Oropeza, however, has introduced legislation prohibiting local governments from collecting and keeping traffic fines.

    Zine argues that the city pays for the cameras as well as training and equipping police.

    “The state collects a majority of the fine for doing nothing when we’re burdened with all the responsibilities,” he said.

    Los Angeles, which is facing a $212 million budget gap this fiscal year, is also lobbying to change the state vehicle code to allow placement of immobilizing “boots” on cars with as few as three unpaid parking tickets. Currently, the law allows booting after five accumulated parking tickets.

    The change could help the city collect up to $61 million in overdue parking citations, according to a transportation department analysis.

    Drivers, meanwhile, already face a greater likelihood of being hit with fines under existing laws. Citations for traffic infractions across Los Angeles County in the last fiscal year jumped more than 150,000 above the previous year’s 1.67 million, indicating stepped-up enforcement.

    In the midst of recession, that means more people coming to court to fight tickets or to admit fault and ask to perform community service instead of paying fines.

    Coupled with reduced hours and furlough days due to state budget cuts, the result is long lines of people snaking out the door of the county’s biggest traffic court.

    “That’s not surprising if your red light ticket is now $500,” said Judge Gail Ruderman Feuer, who supervises the Metropolitan courthouse. “You have more people coming into court in hopes of getting a break.”

    But even a break can have too high a price.

    Lupe Ocaranza, 20, said she was assigned 60 hours of service in lieu of a $500 fine for driving with an expired license. After doing 27 hours of janitorial duties at a school she decided to pay a reduced $270 fine.

    “I can’t afford to miss work for this,” she said.”

    • B says:

      Wow – that state is pretty messed up…

      They have such a large bureaucracy that they probably wouldn’t even know where to start fixing any of their fiscal problems with any real efficiency improvements. Instead, they just add more taxes…

  11. Howard Roark says:

    The Commiefornia story is absolutely outrageous, and the AZ pirates will undoubtedly try to move further in this direction. I still think we can win though. The SCAMeras are coming down!!!!

  12. who says:

    Breaking and Entering…
    Nice! New low for Camera Fraud!

    • photoradarscam says:

      It’s not illegal to walk into an unlocked building and take pictures. And nothing was broken. Did you even read the article?

    • anonymous says:

      Unlocked or not the building is still private property. If there’s nothing illegal about walking into an unlocked building and taking pictures then I assume you wouldn’t object if you accidentally left your house unlocked and someone went in and took pictures right? After all, it wouldn’t be breaking and entering and if nothing was touched or broken then as they say “no harm no foul”. Or perhaps it’s not illegal only when it serves your own means.

      • LoneWolf says:

        And their cameras aren’t unobtrusive? Would you like it if a neighbor with a high-powered camera/lens took pictures of your wife through your window? I don’t care what anyone says about privacy laws and public roads. When you’re inside your car, that’s your private area. Enforcement cameras evade that area. We never gave authorization for cameras to take pictures of us inside our cars. And because a camera is capable of capturing the interior of a vehicle, some would argue that’s an illegal search without warrant or probable cause.

        And you don’t think investigators and investigative reporters never tresspass every now and then to get a story or to find the truth about suspicious activities going on in certain places?

        I’m not saying this was right, but sometimes some people take risks to uncover truths. It’s a sacrifice they make to empower the rest of us with knowledge so we can take appropriate action. Sure, that person could get into trouble for tresspassing. But it helped ATS realize the critical error they made. A lot of documents were left unprotected. If those fell into wrong hands, serious problems could result. They should be thankful we exposed it. A criminal organization wouldn’t be so forgiving if it had such easy access.

        • anonymous says:

          Well I disagree with your arguement that the ends justify the means. If CameraFRAUD wants to show the public that they are on the side of right then they should be setting an example by always following the law and not breaking it whenever it suits their needs. Something that hasn’t been touched on (and a question I’d like to know the answer to) is: what where these people doing at a closed building on a Saturday night? Are you telling me that they just happened to stumble across an unlocked door and also just so happened to have their cameras with them? There are just too many coincidences with this article. It reminds me of the article where they “just so happened” to find an unlocked ATS cabinet. Are these people just going around the city checking businesses and camera cabinets to see if they can get in them or not or is there perhaps more to it than that? Are there witnesses that aren’t involved with this article (or organization) that can say the doors or the camera were left unlocked or do we just have to take your word for it?

        • LoneWolf says:

          I never said that this action was justified. I implied it but I didn’t say it. CF doesn’t encourage people to take these kinds of chances. This individual acted on his/her own behalf and the end result was that it brought us some important information in which we, ATS, and the general public should be made aware of.

          CF volunteers watch just about every move both Redflex and ATS makes. These are companies that are involved in law enforcement. They need to follow every rule in the book and take security very seriously. When they screw up like they did here, it’ll be exposed. Politicians and members of law enforcement are always watched closely by the public and the media. These are people that directly affect the way we live. If we catch them doing something wrong, it will be exposed and people will take immediate action.

          Nobody from ATS or Redflex is going to step forward and admit they’ve done something wrong. There are some things we just have to find out for ourselves. That’s what this person did.

        • Stacey says:

          Lol. I don’t remember giving them access to my DMV records either.

        • Anonymous says:

          HELLO. SCOTUS has ruled that you have no expectation of privacy on a public road.

      • Mike Waters says:

        The law is quite clear of trespassing, so long as you do no harm and the doors are unlocked you are free to go where you will!

        Break (or defeat) a lock or take/damage anything and you are in BIG trouble though!

        • Malfeasant says:

          i don’t know if i agree with your assertion- you can get busted for trespassing in open places where there aren’t even gates or fences if the owner doesn’t want you there- but in any case, as long as the person who did this understood that they _could_ get caught and busted, but chose to take the risk, and if caught would not try to escape, I have no problem with it- one of the wonderful things about this country- you are free to do the crime as long as you’re willing to do the time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where did you get your law degree, Fox (news) Entertainment? A major idiot you be!

      • LibertyTreeBud says:

        I was told by a cop once that if your front door is open you must expect that a cop or someone will enter as the door was unlocked you expected someone to come in. Make sense? Not to me, but I am not taking chances, I lock my door. As fines get bigger and bigger and the laws multiply so you don’t know when you’re breaking a code or rule or law or ordinance and your fined too much to pay, how will your attitude change?

  13. Stacey says:

    Councilman Zine:

    $500 donation to Zine from Redflex

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Accidents increase with cameras:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  14. basedonlogic says:

    agreed. nice NEW LOW for Camerafraud. Can we say trespassing?

    • LoneWolf says:

      Can we say multi-million-dollar lawsuit for leaving sensitive information unprotected?

      • basedonlogic says:

        What sesnitive information? I didnt see anything sensitive at all, some candy wrappers? I see someone likes “who moved my cheese” and reeses, I didnt see anything personal or confidential in those pictures.

        I wonder what your buddy Sherriff Babeu thinks of this activity….Can we saw Creepy Camerafraud, lurking around taking pictures through windows? entering abandoned building univited?

        i think most people respect your efforts here, but when you do stuff like this you loose credibility. two thumbs down. justify it as you may, but the folks who did this are creepy.

        • Stacey says:

          About as creepy as a lurking Redflex employee sitting outside of a school all day videotaping?

        • B says:

          Two things:

          1) “I didnt see anything personal or confidential in those pictures.” – They obviously didn’t take pictures of EVERYTHING that was available to them due to ATS’s carelessness.

          2) “lurking around taking pictures through windows?”
          The irony of someone defending a company whose sole purpose is surveillance for revenue is just too much…

          Finally on your “creepy” argument – You have no problem with the violation of social decency/courtesy/privacy by a private company sticking DPS stickers on their cars, parking anywhere they deem as a “low safety zone” (i.e. high revenue generator), and videotaping EVERYTHING 24/7?

          The fact that you see nothing creepy with that style of pseudo, common sense lacking, voyeuristic law enforcement shows me that there’s no common moral baseline to even argue intelligently with you on this.

          Open your eyes.

        • LoneWolf says:

          Did you even read the article? Some people don’t make it a habit of digging through garbage cans. I know I don’t.. “A dozen trash cans full of shredded documents were spotted” And should the photographer take pictures of and post sensitive info on this website for the whole world to see? Why are you folks so eager to defend ATS leaving the door open? Is that an acceptable practice with every company that deals with sensitive info? I sure hope some of you procams don’t work for banks.

  15. ATS could get in a lot of trouble for leaving sensitive information out in the open in an unlocked facility.

    It’s a good thing someone pointed out their mistake and it was corrected. Identity theft is still a huge problem in AZ.

  16. Raymond says:

    13-1503. Criminal trespass in the second degree; classification

    A. A person commits criminal trespass in the second degree by knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully in or on any nonresidential structure or in any fenced commercial yard.

    B. Criminal trespass in the second degree is a class 2 misdemeanor.

    13-1501. Definitions

    2. “Enter or remain unlawfully” means an act of a person who enters or remains on premises when the person’s intent for so entering or remaining is not licensed, authorized or otherwise privileged

  17. alucard says:

    People can spin their wheels citing the law all they wish. Question is whether or not the individual(s) in question would actually be found guilty by a judge, give that a major illegal nationwide activity is being exposed. What the law says != what actually gets applied. Also, regardless of whether or not criminal charges are pressed, ATS’ reputation is seriously impunged by events such as this.

  18. PersonalFreedom says:

    1330 W. Southern Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282 this is the new ATS building. Enjoy cameraFraud! FATS!

    • Brent says:

      How ironic they leased the old MicroAge building.. Another company with a very shaky business background and fraud in it’s history. Might as well keep the building’s tradition..

    • alucard says:

      Whoa! Maybe I should take a cruise down there this evening!!!

  19. JOKN says:

    It’s a a shame some people know the in’s and out’s of some laws but refuse to see others

    you people give up your freedom to get that feelin or tingle up your leg wake up….

  20. Waximum says:

    Management there is a f’ing joke, hence the candy bar team-building exercise. I know first hand. F ATS!

  21. Stacey says:

    I started two new lists I want people to add to. One is pro-camera list, and the other is a list of people who oppose the cameras.

    Elections are coming, and as usual we are going to be attending some big events. We need to let people know how their representatives are voting.

  22. oh boy says:

    It just looks to me like some good unbiased investigative reporting! That is very hard to come by these days. The fact is it showed ATS to be unable to handle our personal information properly.

  23. RPr says:

    NM: Las Cruces Red Light Cameras Must Come Down

  24. LoneWolf says:

    For all of our opponents who believe we stooped to an all-time low: At least we don’t have a problem exposing our mistakes. Why? Because we make them. And we keep making them. None of us here are perfect and we accept that. It’s a fact of life. In fact, it’s human nature. How sad that ATS couldn’t generate revenue off of this one, like it does with others.

    For a company that processes traffic tickets, accesses our DMV records, manipulates our laws. deals with our court system, and generates a revenue for itself and the state, be rest assured that there is no margin for error. For some of us to commit a misdemeanor if it means exposing a major security breach like this, it’s a small price to pay. ATS should send these volunteers a paycheck because if any of their sensitive information fell into the wrong hands, they could end up forking over millions in a lawsuit.

  25. who says:

    Yet, not one thing in your pictures or description of objects there, show without a doubt that sensitive public information was available.

    Lone, don’t pull this bit about everyone makes mistakes, because if ATS or Redflex makes a mistake, your all over it and won’t let it go. Again, as long as it serves your needs…

    Malfeasent, you love about this country that your free to do the crime if your willing to do the time. Then I suggest you start promoting that everyone who has received a speed or redlight violation notice, pay up, instead of throwing them away like CF promotes.

    An unlocked door is not an open invitation to just come in. I think most logical people understand that, and would feel very strongly about it if it was their house, or buisness

    • photoradarscam says:

      The problem with your thinking is that I have no way of knowing if your machine that accuses me of speeding down a stretch of road 2 months ago is correct or accurate. I can’t remember where I was or what I was doing 2 months ago, let alone what streets I drove down or what speed I was going. If someone had pulled me over I’d probably know, but since no one did I’ve wiped that useless data from my memory. And that’s why tickets should be thrown away. The machines can’t be trusted and I have no recollection of the event.

      Most people realize that if they leave a door unlocked that they shouldn’t be surprised and should even expect people to come in. That’s why we lock our doors and practice basic security. Do you leave your car running, unattended, with the doors unlocked and expect it to be there when you get back?

      We are all over ATS and Redflex mistakes because they pretend to be flawless and don’t admit their mistakes. Since these entities have been entrusted with (a pathetic excuse for) enforcing our laws, shouldn’t their mistakes and flaws be exposed?

      • who says:

        No, I don’t leave my house or car unlocked, because there’s all kinds of scum that like to do breaking and entering.

    • LoneWolf says:

      I don’t work for law enforcement or one of the camera companies so I don’t have to abide by any of their rules. I can even break the law if I so wish… and I might have a good reason to. None of us here are obligated under law to safe-guard your personal information. But whatever company handles my personal information, processes a costly ticket for me, and makes sure the court is aware of my mistake, you best damn well believe that they need to do everything right, especially keep my information secure.

      The fact that the CF volunteers haven’t photographed or found sensitive info is irrelevant. Maybe they did but just don’t want to publish it because the info is, well.. sensitive. What matters most is that someone may have made a very costly mistake by leaving the doors open. Most companies that I know of have little tolerance for costly mistakes. Does yours? Trespassing is a minor violation. Losing control of private and personal information, whether it be on one person or a million, that’s major. And depending on which way you look at it, it could cost the company millions or it could cost someone their life.

      • who says:

        “The fact that the CF volunteers haven’t photographed or found sensitive info is irrelevant.”

        Well, yes it is because that’s what this whole story is supposedly based on. Something that didn’t happen.


        • LoneWolf says:

          who, read the article a little more closely. Read what it says about the trash cans.

          You see only what you want to. You defend ATS for leaving its doors open. “Unshredded documents” should be your first clue. How about network cables to tap into with a laptop and access “chain of evidence” data? That wouldn’t be serious? Any single bit of data, whether on paper or within a network, is sensitive and classified and needs to be protected. Had the photographer dug through the trash and found a sheet containing someone’s personal info on it, ATS could be facing a lawsuit. If you insist that finding sensitive info is relevant, then you’re basically saying the photographer should’ve made a better effort to find something so we can turn around and sue the crap out of ATS, right?

          If a would-be burgler intrudes inside a home that left the front door unlocked and then discovers it’s a crack house, he can report it and whoever is in control of the crack house will be going down, am I not correct? What would happen if the owner left his laptop running and it contained sensitive government info? The would-be burgler would either have a field day with it or he can report that as well because government security has been breached, correct? Either way, the intruder will just get a slap on the wrist but the owner will be in deep sh*t. You see the comparison here? Do you still wish to keep defending ATS for leaving its doors open?

    • JOKN says:

      If your scared (who says) dial 911

    • Sure says:

      The next time I go to the store I will make sure to wait until I am invited in.

    • Malfeasant says:

      if speeding were a crime, maybe- but it isn’t. even if we ignore the distinction between criminal and civil matters- when committing malfeasance, there is a difference between evading capture, and simply not volunteering to be captured.

    • guy says:

      please send us proof of calibration for your red light cameras in New Orleans. Include documentation showing that the tools used to calibrate your cameras, radars, and system timing, have been calibrated and documentation of your employee’s training to operate aforementioned tools. Also please provide documentation that your systems’ firewalls are adaquate and document any breach of said systems.
      thanks for your cooperation…

  26. photoradarscam says:

    Why traffic safety stats are down ALL OVER the US:

    Less miles being driven…

  27. Monkey Boy says:

    Well, well, what a surprise that CF thinks it is okay to break the law if no one catches them, what a true surprise. Isn’t that what you are all about, doing whatever you want whenever you want without consideration for anyone but yourselves? don’t answer I already know.

  28. guttersn1pe says:

    I do find it interesting that ATS, who believes that cameras can adequately replace law enforcement officers, were not only victims of a crime but didn’t even have a camera there to capture it. Maybe CF has discovered a whole new business opportunity for them.

  29. alucard says:

    I took a spin past their shiny new grayish building on 1330 W. Southern Ave in Tempe. The building appeared non-descript, save for the really shiny windows. Even the front door does not have their logo, and there is a sign posted there which tells delivery people to bring deliveries around to the back. I did not observe any DPS vehicles hidden in the area, but I did observe a sternly-worded NO TRESPASSING type sign posted on their rear gate entrance. I spotted an employee sporting a non-descript ATS badge coming from the east side of the building; she looked at me funny right after I passed her. Curiously, there were no scameras watching either the building or the major intersection nearby.

    Mayhap I’ll swing by there again at some point to take some pictures in pursuit of my photography hobby!

  30. Sure says:

    Jefferson Parish/Redflex slime were busy!

  31. photoradarscam says:

    Tucson filling their budget gap with more cameras:

    • photoradarscam says:

      This is how chicken-shit the Tucson City councilmen are. Rodney Glassman’s weekly newsletter mentions that they will be discussing budget issues this week, and several measures that he is for and against, but absolutely NO MENTION of scameras. They wouldn’t want anyone showing up to speak out.

  32. oh boy says:

    Looks to me like Monkey Boy did a pretty good job describing Redflex and ATS. I could not have done it better myself! Monkey Boy – you might as well hang it up…the scameras are going down. Just look at all of the cities in California, new Mexico, Florida this last week that are taking down the Scameras. The Jig is up, the lies are being uncovered, and the people are just plain fed up!

  33. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Whats sad is that all of you who are against the cameras are mainly concerned with your self and have nothing to prove against the unlocked doors. The only way into that building was with a key card, so I belive the only case here was tresspassing. There was no personal paperwork in those bins so whatever helps any of you wanna-bes sleep better at night then so be it! Are we the people not the ones responsible for implementing these cameras, duh! You have problems with people running the lights and hitting you car or terribly hurting or even killing you or one your family members but its terribly wrong when the enforcement is against you or yours! Police officers don’t have enough time to be jerking around with idiots like yall that believe its not breaking the law to speed, if most of you were more truly concerned about safety and our rights as americans then you wouldn’t be breaking laws worried about the stupidity that you invest your lives in!!!!!

    • Alucard says:

      Someone must have got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning….

    • Happy Pants says:

      Don’t question my ability to know things.

    • JOKN says:

      you want safety stay home, you can probably slip and hit your head and die in the tub doa….. people are gonna die and get hurt.. fact of life you take this chance every time you get out of bed unless you die in your sleep. (NO GUTS NO GLORY NO BALLS NO CHILDREN)

    • guy says:

      Wow, you’re pretty amped up. Maybe you should cut down on coffee. I think the greater issure here is the people who broke in have potentially corrupted the chain of custody and any ticket paperwork that may have been altered by the people who broke in must now be verified to prevent fraud and possible violation of the tickee’s rights.

  34. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Lets get one thing straight here, cameras don’t make accidents happen people do!How could any person blame the higher rate of accidents on the cameras? If drivers would pay attention to what goin on around them, stop texting and have consideration for there fellow citizens then there would not be all this garbage on a higher rate of accidents due to traffic control. Most of you must not have kids considering the fact that your trying to make others believe that its creepy for a speed van to sit and monitor school zones. If something were to happen to anyone in your families, and I pray to god nothing does, because people who didn’t care about laws or think that consequences for ones actions is not necessary, would that make you realize how important these things really are to our society! every single camera in Arizona has signs posted a certain amount of space before it, why not use your head if you don’t want to pay the ticket and slow down????? Use your heads and stop being so damn selfish with this whole money game and be more aware, worry about the drivers that your trusting with your life around you and be proactive, instead of causing more accidents for society by worry about the cameras!!!!!

    • Let’s get one thing straight. The problem isn’t the drivers, it’s the intersection! Do you think that the reason why some intersections have high accident rates is because all of the bad drivers flock to certain intersections? No! The difference is the design of each intersection. engineering improvements like signal visibility, light timing, lane markings, signs, etc. can all be adjusted to improve intersection safety. Yet… our cities do not even bother to do the engineering studies to find out why an intersection is dangerous! Instead of FIXING the intersection, they punish the people who drive through it.

      You mention behaviors like texting, and distracted driving is the biggest cause of accidents there is… but a camera CANNOT do anything about distracted driving.

      And if I lose a family member in a traffic accident, I am not going to care if the driver who caused it gets a ticket in the mail a few months later. I will; however, be pissed if it is at a camera intersection because accidents in Peoria DOUBLED after they installed cameras Avondale’s police chief said that the cameras didn’t improve safety either. So why are you so convinced that they work?

      Why do you want MORE accidents?

  35. alucard says:

    The various issues with the scameras run beyond just “driver compliance with the speed limit or red light.” For example, we have the right to question our accuser under the US Constitution, but cannot subpoena the camera into court to compel it to testify. Also, the cameras are being used to record 24/7, so we have the big-brother effect, not to mention the fact that our identities are being shipped overseas. Beyond this, the companies running the cameras are effectively performing law enforcement duties without the appropriate certification/training/licensure. In like vein, there have been numerous documented instances where it is clearly stated that the program emphasizes revenue generation and not safety. As such, quite a few jurisdictions have moved to ban automated enforcement altogether. Finally, there have been numerous conflicts of interest and controversies surrounding the camera companies themselves. Indeed, even the FBI recently opened an investigation against one of the camera companies.

    All these issues point to a greater evil that is more sinister — “Slow down and don’t run red lights” is not sufficient to offset this evil. Banning automated enforcement is the solution.

  36. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    So how do you feel about the cameras that record 24/7 in the actual intersection, those which record for news and other situations unrelated to speed and red light running. Are those cameras pulling the same “big-brother” effect! What information proves that our identities are being shipped overseas? I don’t want to hear about one certain company I’d like the proof that says that this is a part of the whole process. Come on be truthful to yourself, our rights and privacies are being stepped on every single day, quit acting like this is such a new thing to you, this world is a crazy place and even though you’d like to believe that your rights are what make this country go round you know that one day you’ll wake up and realize this isn’t the fantasy land you believe it is!!! You can try to make yourself fell better by doing a little research, and in this case trying to feel like you know what your talking about, but you and me both know the true reality that photo enforcement will not be going anywhere, anytime soon anyway!!!

    • The general surveillance cameras you are referring to are not connected to tracking and identification systems, and do not mail out tickets.

    • kandaris says:

      “Come on be truthful to yourself, our rights and privacies are being stepped on every single day, quit acting like this is such a new thing to you, this world is a crazy place and even though you’d like to believe that your rights are what make this country go round you know that one day you’ll wake up and realize this isn’t the fantasy land you believe it is!!!”

      I would pose that it is YOU who needs to wake up and realize that this issue is only one facet of the myriad of problems of this sort of overbearing government corruption and dehumanization that is driving what this country once was into the ground. We need to start somewhere and a system that records and stores the activities of American citizens 24/7,

      (As documented and attested to)

      which has no oversight, no checks and balances and really no accountability at all, and we cannot even get a freedom of information request fulfilled because, guess what this is a private foreign corporation, not a government agency is a really, really good place to start.

      The question is not whether we need to prove that this information is being collected and abused.

      The issue is can they prove it is NOT.

      You forget who is supposed to be in driver’s seat here (no pun intended) and it is not these companies, nor is it the government. They exist to serve us, not to use us as an automated teller machine to make up for their inability to balance a budget.

  37. Lane says:


    > but you and me both know the true reality that
    > photo enforcement will not be going anywhere

    You mean like it hasn’t been going away in other cities / states? BTW, I like your nickname, it fits you.

  38. Phoenix Gorilla says:

    Really, you think that your putting in your little website makes it proof; just because you write something does not make it true. Especially, when you have people who are breaking the law to suit their interests regardless of the impact on anyone else. Your whole argument is a sham and your so called facts are nothing but a farce! Grow up, smell the coffee and stop wasting everyone’s time.

  39. Phoenix Lion says:

    @Phoenix Gorilla: BOO HOO HOO! What are you going to do for a living after November PG? I guess you’ll have to get a real job then rather than work for scammers.

  40. oh boy says:

    The Scamera companies are getting desperate now. They are making all their little TROLLS get off their butts and earn their paychecks. Now that the cat is out of the bag about how they Manipulate and Control the local Media, they have to find some other way to try to fight back. They know they are going to lose. It is the Voters who will decide the outcome of this issue and there is nothing they can do about it.

    • Say No to Photo Surveillance says:

      Yep. I have been makin a point of asking EVERYONE I know including family and friends, how they plan on voting on this issue. Now mind you, I have not even been required to support one side or the other as every single person I’ve posed this question to has stated that they would vote against the photo cameras. The most interesting of all this were my 70 year old mormon parents, who are pretty conservative. Even they see through the scam.

  41. oh boy says:

    Phoenix Gorilla, I hope you are getting paid Overtime for this. We all do this for free because we believe in what we are doing. How much do you get paid to SELL OUT your fellow citizens? You see, we would not do that for ANY price! Do you feel like a LOW LIFE? – YOU SHOULD!

  42. oh boy says:

    All You little TROLLS out there are overlooking one simple fact: we are gaining hundreds if not thousands of voters on our side EVERY DAY! (Every time that Scamera flashes it PISSES OFF another VOTER!) Ironic in that, you are contributing to your own DEMISE every time the scameras flash.

  43. Wow 97 comments. Most in a long time.

  44. Godzilla says:

    So how many signatures do you have? Are you anywhere near the number needed? doubt it very much; public opinion shows you and your looney bunch are truly the minority not only in Arizona but across the nation. Bunch of whacked-out loons is what you are!

  45. “The Surveillance Bubble” is about to burst. It’s obvious the rapid expansion was completely unsustainable and we are seeing that these camera companies are putting themselves out of business right in front of our eyes.

    I am coining that phrase right now.

  46. LOL says:

    If you are so determined to provide the public with FACTS then maybe you should get yours straight before your comment on these companies.

    ATS announced the move MONTHS before your little protest. At least 1/2 of the staff was settled into the new building by February.

    ATS did not pay 16 people overtime the day of your “protest”. The individuals that were present are people who hold management positions therefore they make salary.

    ATS is not downsizing, they are currently hiring hence the reason they needed a bigger building.

    The reason there are no DPS vehicles in ATS’s parking lot is because Redflex holds the DPS contract. In fact there are NO ATS vans in the parking lot because the vehicles are operated out of the Scottsdale location.

    Personally I hope ATS or the owner of that building presses charges against you for entering the Piedmont location. I’m sure they were in the process of moving cubes/supplies over to the Southern location that evening and figured it would be okay to leave the building unlocked for an hour or so. It doesn’t give you the right to check the doors and proceed to enter and follow up by taking pictures.

    • alucard says:

      “ATS did not pay 16 people overtime the day of your “protest”. The individuals that were present are people who hold management positions therefore they make salary.”

      Translation — ATS told them to get off their asses and save their jobs, or they’ll be replaced!

      “ATS is not downsizing, they are currently hiring hence the reason they needed a bigger building.”

      Translation — we have to replace the people that left once they wised up to our game, and we needed extra room for the media marketing groups and gov’t officials we bought off!”

      “Personally I hope ATS or the owner of that building presses charges against you for entering the Piedmont location. I’m sure they were in the process of moving cubes/supplies over to the Southern location that evening and figured it would be okay to leave the building unlocked for an hour or so.”

      Translation — “I hope ATS or the building owner tries to smokescreen the issue that we left confidential data lying around; lord knows a &&&&storm of litigation will be cut loose upon us once word of this breach hits the mainstream press!”

  47. YourMom says:

    Yellow − Yellow Means Brake!
    This signal means CAUTION. A steady
    yellow light is a warning that the light is
    about to turn red. If you have not entered
    the intersection, you should come to a safe
    stop. If you are already in the intersection,
    you should continue moving and clear it
    safely. Speeding up to “beat the light” is
    illegal and could cause an accident.

    Red − Red Means Stop!
    This signal means STOP. You must come
    to a complete stop before you reach the
    intersection, stop line or crosswalk. Remain
    stopped for as long as the light stays red.
    Where not prohibited by signs, a right turn
    may be made after coming to a complete
    stop, when motor traffic and pedestrian
    traffic are clear.


  48. YourMom says:

    Oh and there’s more!

    Right on Red
    When making a right turn at a red light,
    you must first come to a complete stop
    before reaching the marked or unmarked
    crosswalk. Be sure to check for signs that
    may prohibit the turn.

  49. oh boy says:

    All you little TROLLS are living in a fantasy world. There is nothing you can do or say to save photo enforcement in Arizona. I have already gathered over 2000 signatures on my own and can tell you from experience I have only had 2 or 3 people speak up for PE and it was easy to see they were ill-informed. Wake up guys, you are beating a very dead horse.

  50. Heidi says:

    @ oh boy

    There are over 2,624,559 registered voters in AZ. You only have 2000 signatures.
    For amusement, let’s go ahead and pretend that the 650 “fans” on your CameraFraud National facebook page can also get 2000 signatures each.

    That’s only 1,300,000 signatures…you would still be short by 24,559.

    • You’re right Heidi. We are dead in the water and we don’t have enough signatures. Time to pack it up everyone!!

    • Michael Milstead says:

      Hey Heidi hate to burst your your bubble. With 1600 members we only have to have each member collect 100 valid signatures each. With your figures we would have almost 10 times the amount needed to get it on the ballot.Maybe Redfux should pay to have you take a remedial math class.

    • JOKN says:


  51. who says:

    Even if CF gets enough signatures, good luck getting enough of those people to put down the bong long enough to go vote.
    I would also bet a lot of them aren’t even valid signatures due to felonies. I’m sure there’s a few CF people in that category also…

  52. oh boy says:

    Heidi, I don’t know what you are smoking, but we only need 153 thousand signatures. By your figures we are way OVER already!

  53. LD says:

    After November when Redflex and ATS are sent packing here in Arizona I have no doubt that many of them are going to start looking for work elsewhere.

    I happen to be a hiring manager where I work. I’d just like to take a moment to tell all of you Redflex and ATS people you’ll be better off leaving a gap on your resume during your employ as a scammer, because I won’t be hiring any fraudsters in my group. Something to think about as you start preparing for your new jobs.

    • Sandi says:

      Right, and when your company gets sued for discrimination it will be YOUR job on the line.

      • NotQuiteSmartyPants says:

        Actually, your previous employment is a perfectly valid reason to reject. It goes to character. If, for instance, you had previously worked in the porn industry and wanted to be considered for a job as a school teacher they’d no doubt reject you too, and would be justified. If it were me, I too would leave my scamera company experience out of my resume.

        • Raymond says:

          You’re right..past history does say a lot. Solid work background along with honesty, integrity, and, oh yea, being responsible for your actions. Those working for the photo radar companies aren’t breaking the law and are no different than you except they believe in what they are doing and you don’t. They are feeding and clothing and housing their families and being responsible adults. I just thought that condeming people for their beliefs and ideas was something that happened in other countries and the United States of America. It sickens me when I see such hateful words and name calling against Americans who are just trying to make a living. The current atmosphere in the country anymore is to condeme anyone who doesn’t have the same opinion as you. If you don’t believe the same as a group such as yours, then you name call, intimidate, threaten and belittle. Hold to the convictions of your cause but don’t target those that don’t agree with you. Honestly, I don’t like the cameras on the highways but they have made me more aware of my driving habits and I have slowed down because of them. I still think they are useful in changiing driving habits on the streets, intersections, and school zones. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen some careless motorist speed through a school zone doing 50 or better. 46 in a 35 or 56 in a 45 is going way too fast through our neighborhoods and shopping areas. Running red lights is uncalled for.I don’t mind the photo enforcement on the streets and roads.

          • NotQuiteSmartyPants says:

            Ah, but you change the subject to dodge the question. What Sandi said was that he/his employer would be liable. That is incorrect as I pointed out. Remember this; the guards at concentration camps during world war two were no doubt, honest, hard working, on time, had their own sense of integrity, and were taking care of their families too. You see those traits do not speak to the nature of the job and that is the character of which I wrote. There are many jobs that that simply should not be done by a person of character and working for a company that is basically state sponsored theft is one of them. It makes no difference if you think the end result is effective; doing something wrong in the name for right is still wrong.

    • Raymond says:

      It saddens me to see such behavior in someone who is in a ,anagement position. These people are working legitimate jobs… they are not breaking the law. If the cameras are voted out, then they will need to work. The issue is your idea that your opion is law and that no one camn offer an opposing opinion or you will make them pay. Sounds like some other countries I have heard of that pursecute people for having different beliefs and ideas. If they don’t think like you then they are obviously worthless “trolls”.

    • Raymond says:

      It saddens me to see such behavior in someone who is in a management position. These people are working legitimate jobs… they are not breaking the law. If the cameras are voted out, then they will need to work. The issue is your idea that your opion is law and that no one can offer an opposing opinion or you will make them pay. Sounds like some other countries I have heard of that pursecute people for having different beliefs and ideas. If they don’t think like you then they are obviously worthless “trolls”.

    • who says:

      If I was un-employed, if it meant feeding my family, I would take any job I could get. If I was in charge of hiring, I would look past what a persons work history was. As long as they are qualified for the job, I would hire them. We all know we need to work, we all need to provide food, shelter for our families.
      It’s pretty sad to discriminate against someone because they worked at a place you didn’t like.
      If I needed to hire someone that was an active camera fraud member, I would. Why? Because regardless of who they are, I understand like everyone else, they need food, shelter etc for them selves and their families.

  54. oh boy says:

    You little TROLLS have a problem with the English language.. I said I have gathered over 2000 signatures on my own. (That is JUST ME) That is not by going to events, it is by talking to people one on one. Camerafraud has over 1600 members, many of whom are out gathering signatures on their own as well as attending the many signature gathering events that are always going on around the valley. If you had ever attended one of these events you would know that getting 153,000 signatures is going to turn out to be the greatest SLAM DUNK in Arizona history. By the way, it is a B.S. B.A. from Arizona State University thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to share that with you.

    • who says:

      oh… I’ve been to one of those.. well happened to run into one of those sig gathering events… there were maybe five people. All obviously down a few beers and still drinking more, in public.
      So, great example guys. BTW… how did ya’ll get home?

  55. oh boy says:

    LD, Right on!!!!! I’m sure there a lot of people in Key positions that think like you. These guys are going to be in real Trouble in November when they will be faced with the prospect of finding jobs. In my life I have often observed that if you do something good for someone they might say something nice about you, but if you cheat them, they will badmouth you for the next 50 years or so, every chance they get. Case in point, several year ago a major tire company tried to screw me on a warranty on a tire on my 3 month old Corvette. I called them on it and went and bought 4 new tires elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, I became the purchasing manager for a large auto parts warehouse. Guess whose tires were never bought for those trucks or any other of our company vehicles from then on. That was many years ago, and to this day I still badmouth that tire company every chance I get! Granted, that is not a lot of tires, but they would have been better off to treat me fairly. I think the same logic applies here also.

  56. oh boy says:

    WHO That is funny. I have been to many of these events and never once seen any of our members “drinking”! By the way, how long have you been out of the “NUT HOUSE”? Sounds like it is time for your CHECKUP>

  57. Huh says:

    I’m sure there’s plenty of folks in the parking lot at the Home Depots around the Valley who will sign just about anything if you give them $10. So get moving people!
    These folks at ATS and RedFlex are most likely decnet folks who, as it has already been said, are just out to do some good in the world and bring home a paycheck. People don’t like the Collection Agents on the the other end of the phone either. Pay your bills and be responsible and you’ll never get a call from one. If you don’t want a ticket from a Camera, don’t speed and you won’t get one.

    • Alucard says:

      ….except that there are numerous documented instances where scameras have taken pictures of motorists in error. It is also well-known that the scameras can (and will) film 24/7 — a whole ‘nuther world of discussion! Finally, a camera has no means to judge things like a real traffic officer can (e.g. “reasonable and prudent” provision in speeding law).

  58. oh boy says:

    HuH That is kind of dumb..WE are gathering signatures from registered voters only! And just to let you know, It is not so much about working for one of these companies as it is about being a TROLL for one. Since no one knows who the little trolls are, many people will probably descriminate against all who worked there just to be sure. You are not doing any good for yourself or your fellow workers by keeping so many people stirred up. Long after the cameras are gone, Many people WILL remember you TROLLS>

  59. oh boy says:

    Sorry if we struck a nerve there, but don’t try to appeal to our good nature. It is a little late for that. What goes around comes around, and the time is getting closer. I really think you could make better use of your time looking for a job NOW to avoid the rush.

  60. […] five days. The device belonged to American Traffic Solutions, a company that last month was caught leaving behind documents and other materials in an abandoned office building with the doors left […]

  61. Haha, should have stolen a camera and placed it neatly in the middle of the office and hacked it to flash each time someone walked in, a taste of their own medicine? or even gone through company documents, found all the registrations of employees and automated their details into the system to give them fines! now that WOULD be hilarious!

  62. […] may remember when they left their old building with the doors wide open and sensitive info available for anyone to […]

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