Government that works!

bigfistArizona lawmakers should take careful notice of the example of the great state of Montana.  The Montana state legislature has looked at the facts and done the right thing.  They have taken back their state and banned the cameras. 

Arizona used to be a state where its government held to the belief that it should do what’s best for its citizens.   What we seem to have devolved to is to do what’s best for the state coffers, and greedy immoral corporations praying on the taxpayers claiming to enhance our safety, all the while doing exactly the opposite in pursuit of profit. 

What makes the Montana example so glaring is that in clear defiance of similar Texas law, the will of the people of Texas and their representatives, local governments sought to circumvent the spirit of the Texas law banning the cameras and attempted to do what they wanted anyway.   Apparently such an arrogant attitude is not uncommon as the same thing happened in Montana.

“We saw a couple municipalities rush to get contracts signed before the effective date of the bill — which I found offensive,” Montana state Senator John Brueggeman (R-Polson) said.

This attitude is all too common at all levels of government these days, and the arrogance of it is a slap in the face of all Arizonans, of all Americans, and it must stop!  It’s “We the People…” NOT “We the politicians…”  When are these people going to get that “THEY WORK FOR US”, not the other way around?  I know that I am personally sickened and angered by the dismissive attitude of my representative government and I know this…   I am not alone. 

This next election is going to be telling, and those politicians that have habitually ignored the will of the people will be out of a job, political parties be damned!  This is not a (D) vs. (R) issue, or a conservative vs. liberal issue… this is us against them!  Until they change it on us, we are in charge here, and we need to make that clear with our votes this time.  We have a precious few good elected officials… and you know who you are.  We appreciate you, and we know who you are too.  Note to all public servants (and I use the term loosely) that make it a habit to ignore the will of the people of Arizona.  We are watching you, and its time to do what’s right, or suffer the consequences. 

I hereby call for the Governor and the State Legislature to do the right thing and do it now. 

End automated ticketing in the state of Arizona.

Do your job! before we have to do it for you.


60 Responses to Government that works!

  1. Stacey says:

    Photo radar is a typical reflection of politicians. Half ass solutions to their piss poor performance.

    • Doc says:

      CORRECT! (You’re so “on it”!) I say, “Fiscal Irresponsibility on the legislature’s part DOES NOT constitute higher taxes on MY part!”

      Good Mornin’!


    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      yes stacey…cause you HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS? RIGHT? you are pathetic…. get in the game or get in the bleachers and shut up !!!

      • Doc says:

        Isn’t this kinda’ posting exactly what almost got this troll booted off? 86’d? Banished? etc.,etc.,etc.?
        I’d say that it’s pretty a ungrateful attitude to th’ admin folks on it’s part, & fairly dissapointing to us members.

        Doc from Prescott

    • geez says:

      those that don’t know how to do the job, always complain about the ones that do it

  2. RPr says:

    when in doubt vote them out!

  3. Well put. You know what will happen to us (the US) if we let the current situation escalate? Mexico. This is not a point about immigration, but an observation that the people of Mexico have either let their country to go hell or refuse to do what’s necessary to take it back. And who runs Mexico? Politicians. And who do the politicians in Mexico work for? Lobbyists, not the people. And what is a Mexican lobbyist? A drug cartel or crime syndicate. Hmmm…. sounds kind of like Redflex.

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      ever been to mexico scam? i doubt it seem like the type that never leaves the safety of the small room in the basement!!! when you know what you are talking about please feel free to leave it at yuor site!!

    • J.W. says:

      Careful, don’t give them any more false statistics to rely on. You should see the trend that the Dow Jones has taken since the camera were installed. That’s some scary stuff right there.

  4. Kandaris,
    You need to post more often. Nice work my friend. We are watching them indeed.

  5. Doc says:

    Kandaris-You could not have put it any better. Have you considered sending this article to EVERY CONGRESS(person?) EVERY SENATOR, AND THE GOVERNOR, AS IS? I’ve been sayin’ this type of thing for years.

    Unfortunately, @ least in th’ M/C Rights areana, there’s a lotta’ APATHY. There’s not so much of that here, which is part of th’ reason I enjoy this site so much. Anyway, IMHO, I really think all of our legislators need this article. Again, Well Done!

    Obviously, you DO Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-
    Doc from Prescott

  6. marbro says:

    is there a list of state reps who are for cameras or against it?

  7. kandaris says:

    Well, shucks folks… I was just writing from the heart. Thank you kindly. 😉

  8. Raul says:

    Marbro- Excellent point.. I think it’s time we all put together an official list of who is on our side of the issue and who would like another point against them in the next election..

  9. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    YITbos…. the question i have is…… was this you? or not…. you have not come right out and said it was you…. your email is not evidence.. anybody could have established that alibi for you… if it was not you… then i hope you beat it… if it was you stand up and take responsibility for your actions!!!

  10. Will Kay says:

    I swear I am almost falling out of my seat laughing at this “law abiding” Troll. His negative, hateful, discriminatory, prejudiced comments have opened my eyes to just how pitifully ignorant some of our great Republic’s citizens have become. While we at camerafraud fight to take our state and country back, this loon has nothing better to do than sit here and bash all the anti-camera comments that are posted. How humorously immature. You said you had a 9 yo in one of your retorts, right Troll? I have no doubt in my mind that he/she is many times more intelligent and loving than you.

  11. Doc says:

    Walter- I thought he WAS 86’d for good!
    YItbos does answer the posed question, however…He states further down his posting that he has time stamped e-mails a couple of minits before th’ time stamp on th’ notice, as well as 10 minits after. Therefore, AGAIN, th’ revenue generatin’ scam is INCORRECT! Wrong! False! A-F-U! Thievin’ politicians lose…again!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    • Walter says:

      I thought so too.It seems someone in admin needs to get a spine. LAB has had more than enough chances to play nice. He is a moron. and he will always be a moron. Like Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid”

  12. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    willkay- she is very sweet and intelligent, both she gets from her mother…let me clue you in as to why i return here and post more than anyone… the content on this site is very misleading and there is a lot of spin and innuendo that goes on here.. my job.. self appointed.. is to expose the lies which in turns brings out the truth.. i dont care about stats either for or against the cams…arguments can be made either for or against with stats.. and nobodies position wins… so i thank you for all the nice things you said about me, they made me blush.. and i hope that you enjoy reading my posts in the future..and fyi.. i dont mind seeing it put to a vote as i think the people if this state will vote to keep them up… i dont not think that CF and its followers are in the majority… time will tell though, as we get closer to the date the signatures have to be turned in… i dont think that they will come close to the required number… however, it will not be from a lack of trying on the part of CF… but as kandaris writes on the latest thread… they need some help and dont seem to be getting what they need..

    doc…walter… he never answers the question!! and i doubt that he will…. what he seems to be searching for is a way to get out of a legit ticket with things such as signs and the wrong make of car … but if the picture is deemed to be him… there will be no evidence that can dispute the picture!! you know it…i know it…

    as for me being 86ed… well im sorry to disappoint you.. i never was 86ed… i have it on good authority that some of you tried to get me banned… but i think that the admin saw right through the lies.. you see what others ( and probably each of you) accused me of… also gets done by others… for instance..on a post yesturday doc calls geez a “dick” and you walter just referred to me twice (lovingly of course) as a moron.. which i certaily am not… funny how when you point the finger at someone else you have 3 pointing right back at you…
    for the record.. i have never emailed the admin with a complaint about content from anyone… not even when someone posted personal things about myself and my wife..
    now walter is attacking the admin here.. nice!!! i guess when you dont get what you want you turn on your “friends” funny walter that you are calling the same people spineless that you have met and collected signatures with… with a friend like you… who needs enemies…you guys are doing a good job with ignoring me… but the ice is cracking.. first sign is when you start writing posts about me, but not intended for me… i think doc will break first as he has in the past..

    finally…. the admin and i have an agreement… i wont reveal what it is… but i am trying to do my part… the more you guys bring the name calling the more you bolster the admins claim to let me remain..thanks for your help!!

    • Will Kay says:

      Troll, nothing posted on here is misleading or innuendo. The truth is plain to see. The law is the law, and the Constitution is the foundation of this free nation. You do nothing more than bash everything that is said on here. How is that “exposing the lies and spin?” Seriously, your ignorance and immaturity is funnier than hell. Learn from your daughter. Your bigger priorities should be to your family, not sitting at a computer for hours on end bashing people for standing up for their constitutional rights.

      As for the vote and signatures, much is going on, and much more needs to be done. Thousands and thousands of signatures have been gathered and more are needed. I have gathered many myself, and I can tell you FIRST HAND that there is A TON of anti-camera sentiment out there. People know this is nothing more than a money making, big brother monitoring scam, and I’m not just talking about AZ, I’m talking everywhere. The residents of Chilicothe, OH got double the signatures they needed for the cameras to go to a vote, and again I reiterate, camers systems have never passed when put to a citizen vote. NEVER!

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        here is some numbers for you…

        6.5 mill residents in az

        2.5 are registered to about 35% of the people can sign the petition… with that in mind… 153,000 is just what you need to turn in…. you and i know that not all will be valid… you will need to have a cushion and it will need to be a 50,000 cushion…. of course you have people telling you they are against the cameras…. they walked over to your booth… they saw the signs…. but that does not translate into a victory at the polls!!! not even close!! for a victory at the polls you will need to have a united front, one platform …you dont… you will need to have money behind you…you dont…. reflex and ats however will have one and they will have tons of money.. and they will parade victims of red light running and speeders…. who are your victims? the angry driver that cant do 85 anymore when he wants to?

        WRONG..many things posted here are spin, innuendo and not the truth… every time that you write that the cameras are not constitutional you are wrong..that is just your opinion that you pass off as fact… ITS NOT FACT!!! one time they had a picture of a cam van on the side of a freeway pointed down… and a picture of a dps cruiser on the side of the raod.. cf tried to say the van was about to tip over… and the dps officer was there to help… but that was just a lie… i already exposed that one…

        hey thanks for being so sensitive to the needs of my family,,,, i can assure you that family time is not an issue… immature? why thank you ..yes i am… and i like it that way.. who wants to grow up… or who wants to PLAY grown up!!?? and how do you explain the time you are away from your family with your little grass roots movement? before you throw stones at me… look at yourself!!!

        • Will Kay says:

          It is a FACT that these cameras are recording live streaming video 24/7. It is a FACT that they are using technologies such as ANPR without proper jurisdiction, violating right to privacy. It is a constitutional FACT that you have the right to confront your accuser in a court of law. How can you do that when the accuser is a camera? I’m not talking about the “reviewer”, I’m talking about the witness to the violation. The WITNESS, Troll. NOT opinion, FACT!

          Our platform is constitutional and state law. How can you argue against that, no matter what “safety” issues they start to pull out of their asses?

          As for me personally, I am a 35 year old firefighter with a college degree who is single with no kids. I have PLENTY of time to support my cause, and no stones to throw.

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            seems to me you are throwing a lot of stones..go back and read your posts directed towards me… who said that ANPR is out of their jurisdiction? YOU? PLEASE SPARE ME!!! the accuser is the picture of you violating the law… the reviewer or officer such as in tucson answers any questions…. cause only questions that could occur would be about the camera being wrong… well when it is clearly your ugly mug on film… what is there to “face”? nothing,,, at that point nothing that is evidence until the judge asks the only question that needs to be asked ” were you speeding”? and when they say yes… bingo!! all over but the crying… thanks for the personal info…. and who cares… i dont care if you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company… if you want to speed down the road unchecked i have a problem with that…

            by the way… did you not get the message .. dont feed the trolls!!!

  13. Doc says:

    While he is, in fact, incorrect about signeage, which another member astutly points out…he DOES answer the question;

    “I maintain the camera is not working correctly because I can show two minutes before the image, that I was in my office sending emails from my computer. Both 2 minutes before and 10 minutes after. No chance I could race 4 miles away, hit the camera and race back.”

    Also, even if a HUMAN cop cited him on th’ side of th’ road, and he actually was speedin’…if th’ cop writes down th’ wrong make or model of th’ car, most judges’ll pitch that out right then & there. SSSooo, what’s good for th’ humans is good for th’ scameras.

    In a court of law, that is operating according to the U.S. Constitution, That proof would quash th’ scamera ‘ticket’. Now, of course, in Tucson, th’ court covering th’ “River & Oracle” red light scamera, is NOT abiding by th’ Constitution…however, I believe th’ constabulary down there is gonna’ get a rude awakening if th’ citizens down there are workin’ on a lawsuit.

    Lastly, when posters on th’ site post like DICKS, I’m gonna’ call ’em on it! ‘geez’s’ post was HUGELY “DICK-LIKE”! When ‘geez’ posts like a sentient human being, which he has done occaisionally, he’ll be treated accordingly by me.

    Remembering when ‘justice’ actually meant something…
    Doc from Prescott

  14. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    he is offering the emails as proof… but he never said it was not him… and anyone could have sent an email for him at those times… he said his office, which may mean that he has a secretary … or his computer may have the wrong time showing.. too many things would make that not legit evidence… when he replies either way is what i will believe… if he says it was not him…then it was not him… i guess we are waiting on him….

    what about when anti camera posters post like “dicks”
    you gonna call them that also? you post that way about half of your posts!!! did you ever write to the admin and complain about me?
    hey doc… how many signature gatherings have you attended? i know you live 100 miles away… but that is just a good excuse…. how much money have you sent? or are you content with just being one of the 1600 members… if which 1580 dont post or do anything !! let alone hold a sign or pick up a petition!!

  15. Doc says:

    Again-I thought he’d been 86’d as well. Oh well. I wonder if all of th’ people I’ve sent to this site to sign up counts?

    I’ll NOT account for my activities to anyone in regards to Suffice to say that actual Congressmen & Senators, both state & federal, know 1st hand of my involvement-nuff sed.

    Doc from Prescott

  16. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    so….. nothing…. is that your final NON answer? thats right… kandaris was asking for help from everyone…. BUT… doc!!! you go freedom fighter!! im going to go mow the yard !! oops i shouldnt mention that in front of you… might remind you of grass and that would not be good for your habit!!! see ya!!

  17. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    heather!! it is totally UNFAIR that your parents would want you to take responsibiity for your actions!! and your friends mom.. who does she think she is trying to keep her son out of trouble? and ratting you out!!

    be carefull listening to these guys here,,, where will they be if they are wrong when you get busted? the best news is that every time you see a cop when you are driving you get to be nervous cause you dont know if that ticket went through or not!!! you could be driving on a suspended license… or not!!

    i am glad to see you accept the fact that there are not “speed traps” but real reasons behind speed changes…. 72 going south in that area…. not real smart… lot of people trying to merge to get to the 10 and the 202!! well there is some good news … maybe you have learned your lesson!!!

  18. geez says:

    Tell me the truth, the admin only lets you stay here, because without you it’s practically a grave yard right?

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      no man..its a team thing… you and me!!!email me @ and i will fill you in..

      but i will say this here in front of all the members that post…. the last few weeks this place has really slowed down and i think it has to be a concern for the admin.. i mean without support there is no movement… take a look at photo scams site…. now that is a grave yard… but back to CF… i have great respect for the guys that are trying to make a difference, basically the admin here… they are taking and sacrificing their time for what they believe,, i may not agree with some of their tactics but i respect what they are trying to do… they appear to be very fair and not just cause they allowed me to stay… but really geez and lets be honest … how much fun would it be for them if you and i and a few others were not here to offer differing opinions? it would just be a group of people agreeing with each other and bitching about the government,,,, how fun does that sound?

      • Will Kay says:

        A group of people agreeing with each other and bitching about the government…sound like what the Founding Fathers of Constitutional Freedom were to me. You don’t respect anybody Troll, you only criticise others for standing up against their over- controlling, over-spending, anti-constitutional, incompetent government.

  19. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    ppppllllease dont associate what you are doing here with what they did… they put their lives on the line… you are not!! you seem to have a lot of contempt for the government… maybe you would be happier in say….. mexico or another country… you can leave anytime…. i will not miss you… no i dont respect you…. and you dont respect me…. so we are even !!! hey…. you were not taking away family time by sending that post..did you? mine are out of town for a few days…. i forgot to ask if you approve!! sorry…. well i am done with you now…

    • Will Kay says:

      I have no respect for government, and it doesn’t respect me, or you either for that matter. I’m just able to see that and you’re not. The Constitutional Republic of America belongs to THE PEOPLE, NOT big governemnt or corporations, The European Union, CFR, or any other facist organization that is anti-constitutional.

      We do what we do in the spirit of our Founding Fathers. Again, you are unable to see this. You should read The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul. You would understand our attitude and motivation much better if you did.

      Again I reiterate, I am a 35 year old firefighter who is single with no kids. I have PLENTY of free time to post and blog all I want without having to readjust my priorities.

    • Doc says:

      Will Kay-Man, what you said! But I’ve gotta tell ya’, You re wastin’ your typing. law breakin’ hypocrite DID NOT attend 9th grade civics class. It’s not even that it did go, but slept through it…it wasn’t there.

      It has done some of th’ most aggregious things on this site. While I’ll admit that postings slow down when th’ trolls are negated, th’ postings are civil, respectful, honest, & so on. Th’ trolls (most of ’em) don’t respect HONESTY, Integrity, Loyalty, or themselves. Law breakin’ hypocrite accused “Mike S” of things involving drugs, that almost cost him his JOB, yet, it remains…I wonder if “Mike S” is still pursuing legal action against this person…I would, if my job had been threatened. I’ve got a Wife & Kids to support. My BELIEFS in th’ Constitution are not illegal.

      As far as I’m concerned, “trolls” are entitled to their opinion. But when they jeopardize a member’s livlyhood, I believe th’ line of decency has been crossed, & they need to take their opinion somewhere else. I also believe that allowing this type of individual to continue posting on th’ site will drive people away. I fail to grasp th’ concept of socialism, communism, or totalitarianism, which is what most of these “trolls” seem to want in their lives. They argue no matter how a member posts. MY PERSONAL BELIEFS are that the Framers of our Constitution KNEW what they were doing, & had th’ presence of forethought to look @ future growth, & took that into consideration when authoring our foundational documents. I believe th’ current administraitions @ local, state, and particularly federal levels are outta’ control, & I’ve seen PROOF of this. But there appears to be NO PROVING of anything remotely imitating th’ facts or th’ TRUTH to these folks.

      I stand by th’ affirmation that trolls are employees of th’ scamera corps, or maybe they are in some way affiliated with th’ admin. of this site, to “keep things lively”. I don’t know. Either way, I like th’ site WITHOUT their brand of…whatever.

      Just MY opinion…Doc from Prescott

      • Will Kay says:

        You said it too Doc.

        Remembering F R E E D O M!


      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        oh my god!! there are out and out lies and there are bold faced look you in the eye lies…. that was the look you in the EYE lie doc…. your lap dog mike s. ADMITTED HIMSELF just as you did that you were both former ( addicts are always addicts) users of the hard stuff… HE SAID IT HIMSELF!!! he also claimed he murdered hiS dealer, who knows!!!? so it is my fault that he said what he said? bring on the suit!!! i love to litigate!!! going to be kind of hard though for mark clown to win ..since just the other day he accused me AGAIN of doing what he used to do… which i have always said i have never done drugs and never see the need… and i dont really care if you believe me or not!!! i have many friends that will testify to that fact.. but if you and mark clown want to keep on accusing me…. i dont care!! but to say that i almost cost him his job cause of what HE SAID… is a joke!!! maybe next time mark clown should not tell his boss about this anti camera site THAT HE POSTS ON AND ADMITS TO BEING AN ADDICT!! DUH!!!

  20. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    ron paul!! ron paul….you all rally round this clown like he is christ!! guy is so popular he cant even get the nod for president!!! he is a clown !!

    the founding fathers while envisioning things well beyond their imaginations could never…NEVER.. imagined what this country has become… and the laws that were written 200 plus years ago might not apply now… what do you think they would have done with terrorists back then? let me clue you in…. they get treated better now than they would have then.. if you think your government does not respect you then leave… and why is it that you want them to just support what you want …. what about others… you are not the only monkey here!!! and the rest of us have opinions just like you!! why should yours get more weight than mine?

  21. dgpjr777 says:

    Will Kay if you don’t like this country please leave. I have fought for this country and also have been in other countries around the world and believe me there is nothing that compares to AMERICA ! Some of yopu people that complain about Constitution and Government and so on, try that somewhere else and see what you get. If you don’t like it get the hell out !

    • That’s a pretty poor attitude sir. If we are not allowed to have our opinions and fight for what we believe in, then you fought for nothing.

      Will has his opinions and they have a place here. He thinks our Constitution is being bastardized along with a lot of us here. Americans’ trust of their centralized government is pretty close to the lows of the Nixon days. People who support this cause choose to inform others and use non-violent tactics. That’s a far cry from what was going on in the 60’s and 70’s. Thanks for your service, but I suggest you get off your high horse and let the rest of us try to improve this country and maintain our freedoms. You seem to want to give them away.

      The great part about Americans is that we have a higher standard for how we are treated as citizens than the rest of the World does. And we believe in limited government, or at least we used to. The problem is with our leadership, not our people.

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:


      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        funny that you folks are allowed your opinions and nobody else!!!! funny how i never see the word majority written on this site!!! cause you folks dont care about the majority…. just yourselves!!!!

        • Walter says:

          I’m still trying to figure out why the admin of this site is so protective of your right to say what ever you want. While allowing you to post sexist, racial, and derogative statements tramples the rights of every person on this site. If there is supposed to be a majority rule, then one would think that the rights of everyone here would be the majority over one.

          IMHO There is a difference between freedom of speech. That I will fight to the death to protect. And allowing someone to deprive everyone else of their freedoms in the name of free speech. To me that is no different than REDFLEX using “safety” as a ruse for their money making scam.

          • Law A. BidingTroll says:

            dont you mean the spineless admin like you called them yesturday?

            Fight to the death to protect? please do not write of things that you have no concept of…

            i feel the same way about those that want to speed and put others in harms way!!!

            shu fly shu!!!

    • Will Kay says:

      Troll, the Founding Fathers knew the British Empire was hell bent on taking over the world. As the old saying used to go “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” I think they knew very well what would have happened had they not stood against it.

      dgpjr777, I NEVER said I don’t like this country. I said I do not like our government, the things it has done, or is doing. I am a 7 year Marine Corps veteran, I have served my country proudly. I took an oath before I entered, and in that oath I swore to uphold and defend The Constitution from enemies, both foreign AND domestic. I am standing up for my constitutional rights, not just for me, but for all that call the U.S.A. their home, even for you and Troll.

  22. Doc says:

    I posted this on another thread. It totally has to do with how government works….YIKES!

    Read it & weep.


    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      DOC- how many times do we have to see this? so…. the government watches out for tin hats!! who cares? you are just all excited cause you attended a “glee party” in prescott and are probably upset that they sent nobody out to watch you!!!!
      i certaily would not call that read it and weep… more like read it and sleep ..there is nothing there!!!

  23. dgpjr777 says:

    Twitter Im not on a high horse. My argument was with his comment about “I have no respect for government”. Though everyone has their opinions and they have the right to do so, it still is the best run country in the world. That is my point so I would suggest you get off your horse and join the real world.You still have your freedom , a hell of alot more than anywhere else in the world. Just because cameras are being used more in todays society does not mean you are losing your freedom. Hell DNA should be taken from everyone and we would solve all the crimes, especially Sex crimes. But there again you have your Liberal Assholes who say it’s violating their rights. Ya right tell that to the people that have been violated by those Maggots that still walk our streets.
    Oh well my two cents !

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