Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire

mcduckA recent counter-recon of Redflex’s headquarters in north Phoenix shows what you would expect to find at such an operation: Bay doors to service the fleet of California-leased Ford Escapes, boxes of parts and equipment, and locking double-doors leading into the main building where the executive team is rumored to spend their days diving into piles of money like Scrooge McDuck.

But for special fun at Redflex HQ, just add fire…

Throw another shrimp on a barbie!

Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

…To the barbecue, that is. The one located right next to the building…. near the used car batteries which could be leaking hydrogen gas. Real smart, guys. You would think that with all the spare time that comes from losing contracts left and right, you might be able to pick up the phone and have the local battery company come out and pick up your environmentally-unfriendly rubbish for proper disposal.

It usually costs about $1 per battery.

It’s hard to say for sure what kind of work is being done here. Perhaps these are new commercial vehicles getting fitted with DPS dress so they can falsely impersonate real law enforcement vehicles. Or perhaps they are being fitted with Redflex’s latest in “driver safety”: a note saying the police look-a-like vehicle is unoccupied and to call 911 if there’s an emergency… like a car accident… caused by a flash of burning, bright strobe light.

Oddly enough, we weren’t invited to step inside and tour Redflex’s leased facility. At over 76 thousand square feet, it is literally larger than a football field, including the end zones. Except the only game being played here is the con-game, and you’re the one being played.

(See more pics of the HQ here.)

35 Responses to Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire

  1. Awesome work! I usually keep my used batteries in the oven. 😉

  2. geez says:

    Ya, great article! More grasping at any possible tiny thread you can hang on to!

    • “It’s all about safety.” That looks like grasping at straws to me, especially from a group who stores used car batteries next to a gas grill. Don’t hurt yourself trying to make the connection.

  3. WOW says:

    This is almost as groundbreaking as the “Redflex has a Christmas Tree” story a few months back.

  4. James S says:

    They’re just mad because Redflex gets all nervous when they are the ones being photographed. I wonder why?

    I would be nervous too if there was a website dedicated to ending my line of work, specifically targeting my company by posting pictures of the building online.

  5. Raul says:

    How can someone of good morals work for this company?…

    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      why raul? have the cameras been ruled against the law? have they been ruled unconstitutional? these people that work for reflex and ats are just like me and me ….well …maybe you… with a name like that the question begs to be asked…. well i will reserve judgement!!! they are for sure just like me…. the worker bee’s citizens, you know!!

      • Will Kay says:

        Yes Troll, they are unconstitutional, and they are illegal. Any lawyer can tell you that, except you wouldn’t listen because you choose to live in willful denial. So be it. If you want to sacrifice your constitutional rights just for the sake of catching a tiny handful of speeders then go live where they have cameras on every corner, say London perhaps? I love reading your predjudiced, ignorant, biased comments. You make me laugh. Really, you do!

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          really will kay? then provide the statute they are breaking? where are all of those lawyers that are so sure they are breaking the law!!! if it is such a slam dunk there would be class actions suits against the cameras but there is not 1 against the cameras
          go fish!!!!!

        • Doc says:

          The Constitutional Amendments that are violated by scameras have already been covered.

          “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”-Benjamin Franklin, 1759

          I believe that pretty well covers it. I’ve sent a copy of that very quote to our legislators.

          Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

          • Will Kay says:

            Excellent quote Doc! Troll, it has already been covered by other people in other comments to news links, but for those who are a little slow, these camera systems violate first and sixth Amendment rights. They are a clear and blatant violation of right to privacy, and how can you confront your accuser in a court of law if that accuser is a camera? To be an accuser, you must be a witness to the accusation, not a “reviewer.” I will not post the statute here, but I will say this Troll, it is in one of the comments to another recently posted link, but there is an ARS that states you must be either a sworn officer or agent of the state to be able to gather and collect evidence to present in court. ATS and Redflex are neither sworn officers, i.e. law enforcement, or agents, i.e. private investigators. The state legislature and courts system have violated this statute and these amendments for one purpose, TO MAKE MONEY! As far as a class action suit goes…the pot is simmering.

          • Doc says:

            Thanks, Will Kay! I also believe that Der Fraulien napolitano used, & is STILL using th’ citizens as guinea pigs in an experiment for th’ jack booted thugs @ DHS…to which th’ aforementioned quote also applies! Unfortunately, she can’t read…as evidenced by her quote about illegally crossing th’ boarder isn’t a crime per se…

            Remember…BE PREPARED!!!-Doc from Prescott

    • Raul says:

      Wow, I surprised at the racial implication of your comment. How ignorant to assume because one has a spanish first name that they aren’t a legal taxpaying citizen..

      C’mon sir- if you don’t have a valid argument against someone, best to just stick to the topic and stay neutral, right?

  6. Glyph says:

    Geez and WOW, you can bash this article all you want, but I think we all know that OSHA would blow a gasket over this. And the Fire Marshall would likely object to having a barbeque right up against the wall of a commercial building as well.

    Hmmm… think maybe I’ll make a couple phone calls in the morning!

    • Is there a number to call DPS to report a hazard on the road? I really wanted to call on Tuesday while driving S on the 101. It appears that the fixed cams are not all there anymore, but there was a mobile van under the bridge at Cactus.

      So many people were slamming on their brakes while going by the Redflex van. It was definitely a road hazard as far as I’m concerned.

    • geez says:

      Well, I sure don’t see any propane near that grill.
      I keep my grill up against my house, and when I use it I move it to the edge of the porch.
      Keep DESPERATELY grasping…

      • geez says:

        oh ya, and OSHA and the fire marshal are gonna show up.
        “cooking anything in there right now?”
        “ok see ya.. (cursing the idiot who wasted his time calling about some dumb chit)”

        • Law A. BidingTroll says:

          “nope” “ok see ya” those were gut busters!!! i guess we are the only ones who do not see the tank!!! maybe its hidden!!

  7. James S says:


    I think the author just wanted a good excuse to use a headline like “Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire” to see it get spidered in Google.

    Relevant article? No
    Entertaining silliness? Yes

  8. Law A. BidingTroll says:


    without my usual sarcasm I would like to address this thread!

    maybe later though!! i am all shook up… uh huh yea yea …..yea … im all shook up!!!

  9. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    willkay… i would say that the courts do not support your theory !! if they did, all of these tickets would be tossed.. got news for you… the constitutionality of many laws that are on the books are in question.. and there is just one court that can clear it up… when they rule on it we will know who was right and who was wrong… at this point the cameras are up and they are not coming down anytime in the near future…

    the accuser is the camera… you can object and cry foul all you want !! on deaf ears!!

    • Will Kay says:

      There are state and municipal courts in several areas of the country that are beginning to toss these tickets. Others have yet to rule. I have said before, ther are lawsuits and legislation cropping up everywhere, stay tuned!

      • Law A. BidingTroll says:

        FUNNY !!! all we have heard at the meet up site is about how people in ARIZONA…cause that is where we live….are getting “railroaded”… now i dont think that means the tickets are getting tossed…. and just so you know… when you make a blanket statement like that, you might want to send a link otherwise it is just your opinion again!!! and i will make sure that i expose the fact that your opinion is just that… AN OPINION!!!!!!

        • Will Kay says:

          Not an opinion, the links are out there, just google it and you’ll see. Also there are tons of links already posted to previous articles, you know that.

  10. anonymous says:

    Nice one camera fraud. You are getting even lower and lower. This is a no win battle for you. You are getting farther away from youre goal. I love it!!

  11. Martha says:

    where can i get help starting a class action suit against redlfex in california, orange county?? Or even suiing the city for ruining my driving record, suspending my license, and tampering with the camera evidence.

  12. Mr. Stone says:

    Lead-acid batteries only outgas when they are being charged.

    If they’re just sitting there, self discharging, there’s no gas.

    That said, they should have taken them in for recycling.

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