Arizona Rep Brenda Barton Thinks Santa is Just Trying to Thwart Photo Radar


Driving in Arizona is difficult enough as it is. All the state sponsored distractions like the constant stream of flashing intersection spy cameras and roadside creeper vans deployed by Australia’s Redflex Traffic Systems turn safe drivers in to nervous wrecks.

Now a Republican lawmaker from Payson, AZ wants to make sure you’re clean shaven and smiling with those big pearly whites while gazing directly at those speed and red light cameras while behind the wheel.

Hey Brenda, any chance you could skip the drive down to the state capitol for say, the rest of your life? Arizona motorists would be most thankful.

It’s pretty obvious that they’re tired of being video taped while driving through intersections by some of the FBI’s most wanted white collar criminals.

The bill she has introduced, called HB 2143, makes it a crime to mask your face from detection by those beloved scamera boxes and yes, even mentions facial hair.

Under Brenda’s proposed law, SANTA CLAUS would be pulled over and ticketed for a class 1 misdemeanor just for being his jolly old self.


Anyone’s who’s followed Brenda’s media gaffes over the past couple years knows that she’s quite fond of referring to other elected officials as “Der Fuhrer,” but as it turns out, that may have actually been praise she was lavishing.

You can find Brenda’s contact info here


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3 Responses to Arizona Rep Brenda Barton Thinks Santa is Just Trying to Thwart Photo Radar

  1. Alfonseco Leucadia says:

    This is only the latest installment of what has to be one of America’s most embarrassing political greed moments.

    Here, another hot-hog for a political seat wants to put Big Brother down the front of our underwear. It isn’t enough this crooked Traffic Safety (sic) company was thrown out of most of the Arizona cities where they manipulated their sleazy craft, or out of Los Angeles for the same reasons.

    Can you image how BAD you must be to get thrown out of Los Angeles?

    If this Wicked Bitch of the West wants to push this greedy, scam through, I’ll be the first to make it worth her while. I’ll jam her crooked system with so many untraceable camera violations she’ll vomit trying to keep ahead of the waterfall.

    Watch this slimy parasite bite off more than she can chew…

  2. richyrich561 says:

    THIS is the kind of BS that rebels like George Washington and Ben Franklin went to war with England over! If the greedy cities that use the cam-scam continue, more and more US citizens will despise the greedy scum with their claws in their pockets!

    The only way this works is if people keep sending their money in. Most people are SHEEP and afraid to tell them to shove their camera’s up their government asses! If no one pays their programs fail.

  3. Dr Jett says:

    I guess that she wouldn’t like me. I wear a helmet with a facemask and the cameras haven’t been able to read my plate yet. Don’t trust Big Brother; protect yourself from him. Try to violate my right to ride my motorcycle. Find a law that proves I have committed a crime. Don’t try to create one. I have merely protected myself from the elements while out in the wind. What a dumb bitch! I’ll take her for a ride on my bike and she will ask me if I have an extra bandana for her.

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