House panel votes to end photo radar

PHOENIX – A House panel has voted to shut down the state’s new photo radar system, foregoing the money it would bring in – and opening the door to having taxpayers pay the contractor millions of dollars in damages.

HB 2170 repeals a provision of the budget bill adopted last year, which directed the state Department of Public Safety to contract with a firm to set up a statewide system of cameras to enforce speed and other traffic laws. The 5-3 party line vote Thursday in the Republican-dominated Transportation and Infrastructure Committee sends the measure to the House floor.

-Yuma Sun

24 Responses to House panel votes to end photo radar

  1. I'm Back says:

    This would be a good start, but couldn’t cities (*cough* Scottsdale *cough*) just take it upon themselves to continue the program with the cameras set up in their municipalities?

    I haven’t read up on this particular measure.

  2. I'm Back says:

    Good replies so far from the twitter page:

    5List @CameraFraudAz I’d sign that petition, where can I find it?

    GilbertJenn@CameraFraudAz I’m againist photo radar. See the AZ Rep article: #gilbert

    5List@CameraFraudAz Sorry for the delay, new to Twitter. NE PHX, so none are close, but good reason to check out Big Sticks Fine Cigars

    rysimpson@CameraFraudAz On Highway 51 they were either servicing the Thomas Street one or dismantling it

    Rumbauskas@CameraFraudAz Only 1 in 4 DPS photo tickets paid! Truth has spread and real Arizonans obviously have more backbone than Scottsdale sheep.

  3. RPr says:

    im back,

    your right this bill only deals with the DPS contract for the highways.

    the state legislature will never get rid of photo radar because photo radar pays for their elections.

    more to come soon on this LOL

  4. geez says:

    So if the state breaks the contract, it’s gonna cost them 50-150 million. That’s alteast? 10k in taxes every resident is gonna have to pay up? Good job…

  5. Walter says:

    Thank your moron ex-governor and the legislators who voted to enter into the contract in the first place. They obviously didn’t think it through very well. All they could think of was the “buckets of money” that was going to save the state budget.

    No one really knows how much it will cost to end the contract early. By the time the legislators get around to actualy getting anything done. The contract will have run most of it’s term. So it may not cost as much as you think. No one knows for sure.

  6. jgunn says:

    I heard they are going to take the deficit out of the hide of camera supporters since they didn’t “ante up” and pay the highway robbery tax (unless they f’ed up and missed a speed limit drop sign). So if you supported the cameras, you need to pay up, kiddies. No one gets a free ride.

  7. geez says:

    I don’t have to pay up. I just simply don’t speed, so I get a free ride! You on the other hand spent how much hundreds of dollars on all your fancy gadgets to avoid photo radar? 7-8 hundred? Even coz over on your message board says all you have to do is pay enough attention not to miss the big huge signs that tell you the vans are there! Who’s a sucker?

  8. BJ says:

    It could die the same way that HB2106 has been languishing. This is just the 1st of many steps for that bill to become law. As the days go by, I’m becoming more and more skeptical about the legislature getting anything done…

  9. guttersn1pe says:

    I, for one, am glad this blight on our highways is nearing an end.

  10. RPr says:

    all they want to do is take your money

  11. The $50M figure is laughable and unrealistic. But what will cost more money is when an enterprising lawyer files a class action lawsuit and recovers ALL photo radar revenue from the state.

    The state can cancel the contract without penalty because Redflex isn’t properly licensed.

  12. Mark says:

    Check this out…Our lawmakers are making money for their campaigns…what a scam!!!!!

  13. Joe says:

    Geez’s life is unaffected.

    But for us scofflaws (or “leadfoots” as the Aussies like to call us), whooppee!

    Actually, all this does is end the current program. It does not prevent the state from starting another (yet). The ballott initiative will do that.

    Folks, it aint time to give up. The ballott measure needs to pass still.

  14. Law A.Bidingcitizen says:

    uuuhhh.. joe take a closer look… aint nothing ended yet!!!

  15. Dan G. says:

    For once I’ll agree with lab, and yes, it’s not over yet. However, things sure aren’t going the way of the ‘just drive the speed limit’ crew who simply can’t get their minds around the idea that’s it’s possible to be a non-speeder and against the cameras. One thing seems to be sure, and that is these cameras are starting to cause more problems than their worth.

  16. I'm Back says:

    CamerafraudCA has a nice ring to it. Mr. Rumbauskas, are you ready to get started out there sir?

  17. installerone says:

    we use radar signs in our area for traffic calming

  18. FrankThoughts says:

    HB 2170 . . . what is this? We have already started down and down and down this road of no return – – government cameras and private company cameras on your jobs and in your homes – – gees (euphemism for invoking Jesus’ approval?), I’m law abiden citizen and ha! ha!, I totally oppose HB 2170. It’s improbable that the good people of America can climb out of this socio-politico-militaristic morrass.

  19. ((-_-)) whut'd_u_expect? says:

    Cameras don’t offer safety, good driving ensures safety, the premise that automation can step up the general skill of traffic insults human capacity. Good driving existed long before traffic cams came, and the cams current presence doesn’t account for a single blocks worth of road safety. No, in fact, just the opposite, these cameras are hazardous and remove driver attention from the act of driving.

  20. BJ says:

    I already posted this in the other thread, but just in case:

    Please go look at the proposed amendments – and look at what is coming. They’re amending the speed camera ban bill to legitimize the video streams as a method for gathering evidence for “criminal activity.” They do NOT limit it to just speeding – which opens it up to ALL criminal activity. That is Big Brother sounding to me… This is bad. They’re debating this tomorrow at 2PM in HHR1 (see the link above for more info).

  21. greenlaserboy says:

    Mesa Police came down my street scanning all the license plates this weekend. They told the council these would be used for park cars in mall and such.

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