Susan Kayler Signs Petition

We’ve already had a couple of local celebrities sign CameraFRAUD’s Citizen Ballot Initiative. First to come to mind is Sheriff Paul Babeu, who was also the very first person the sign the petition. Another name would be that of Britnee Bristow, the young lady who was arrested by DPS as she got off a plane at Sky Harbor, allegedly for speeding.


Now we have a new celebrity to add to the list. This morning, Susan Kayler spoke at the monthly Arizona Breakfast Club meeting to discuss legal issues regarding Photo Traffic Enforcement. Miss Kayler is a lawyer considered to be an authority on Photo Radar defense, and as an author, she literally wrote the book. Her book Smile for the Speed Camera, is a practical guide about defending one’s self against Scamera ‘tickets.’ She’s been a very popular person lately, and has been interviewed by just about every news outlet in the valley. She gave a very imformative lecture on what our rights are and how they apply to Photo Enforcement issues.







And here we see Susan signing CameraFRAUD’s petition. Thank you Susan!


29 Responses to Susan Kayler Signs Petition

  1. Stacey says:

    Good God! That boy has some attractive ears!!! hehehe

  2. RPr says:


    too funny stacey

  3. duece says:

    Cool, you should try to get Jason Richardson from the Suns. How about Charles Barkley. Get that guy who was caught speeding going 127 in a 65 in the Hynduai a few years ago. Impressive!!!

  4. Glyph says:

    @Deuce: or how ’bout Danica Patrick!

    Your point is well taken, but misses the point. Perhaps I should’ve better described the term Celebrity and how it applies to my post. I’m not interested in celebrating law-breakers. I am interested in celebrating what I believe are big names in the resistance movement against Photo Traffic Enforcement. those names include sheriffs who kick TaliVans out of their county, people paraded in front of the cameras by DPS to intimidate others, and lawyers who help people fight their fraudulent ‘notices of violation.’

    That doesn’t include drunk drivers and 120mph Hyundais.

  5. I'm Back says:

    If they wanted to sign the petition, I wouldn’t have any problem with that. The point is that this issue should go to a vote. Unless they are not registered voters in AZ, which I doubt Barkley and Richardson are, I’d take their signatures myself. If “the guy who was caught going 120 in a 65 in his hyundai” was given a felony for going that speed, he couldn’t sign either. What did that even mean?

    I honestly don’t understand why people want to associate us with speeders. This isn’t about wanting to speed. That argument is so tired that it’s really pathetic and starting to grate.

  6. geez says:

    “I honestly don’t understand why people want to associate us with speeders. This isn’t about wanting to speed. That argument is so tired that it’s really pathetic and starting to grate.”

    Then why are so many people over at your meetup site posting messages about their violations they’ve received?
    hell, aren’t there a couple of your main people that can’t even sign themselves…?

  7. Walter says:

    It’s not about speeding for me. I have not had a speeding ticket of any kind. Photo or real in over 25 years.

    I think the system is unethical, unsafe, And violates my constitutional rights as a US citizen.

    I drive a oversize/overweight semi for work. It is barley even capable of speeding. I have been in more near misses since the cameras went up then I have in over 16 years of driving that truck.

    Trust me. It’s NOT about the speeding for me.

    Throw another shrimp on the bar-be for me. Would ya mate?

  8. I'm Back says:

    Getting a violation doesn’t mean that you were speeding. We’ve already covered that in many facets. You choose not to pay attention to that.

    I can and did sign the petition. It’s unfortunate if there are some of our members who can’t. That’s not for me to worry about. Everyone who is a member feels the same way I do about this issue. “Like-minded” people are who I am drawn to. I’m not sure why you choose to spend so much time arguing with people who aren’t “like-minded” to yourself. Maybe you have an agenda?

    I don’t read the meetup posts and I haven’t had a ticket in several years. Is there a reason you spend so much time reading what the members of a group that you don’t belong to say about invalid tickets that they have received?

    I know some of our members do speed. Members of every group speed. Redflex employees speed. DP$ and AT$ personnel speed. Please explain to me what your point is. I still don’t understand. This website is about taking the cameras down, not speeding.

    Casting us in the dye of just a bunch of speeders is hasty generalization and not an affective argument.

  9. I'm Back says:

    Here ya go Camera Lovers:

    Have we covered everything now?

  10. RPr says:

    LOL that picture is too funny

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:


  12. geez says:

    Must be doc’s children

  13. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no geez…its me…. if truth be told…. i think the site reset or something as i cant imagine that i was allowed back on ( not that i did anything wrong mind you) !!!! just as when i was banned i did not get any warning or explanation… i received nothing about this either…. anyway!!! there seems to have been a lot of mistruths being thrown around that i will have to help you dispute!!!
    just as i was banned i was going to give you my email address had something that you wanted to share with me!!! it is ….….feel free to send it!!!

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    im back- lets be real honest here… your “group” is split into 3 factions…. those that feel the cameras were erected for money, those that dont like big brother and those that dont like to slow down!!!

    just as there are 3 factions of issues… there are 3 groups of memebers!!

    those with passion… about 10-15 of you

    those with limited passion .. about 10

    and those that signed up as members and never returned… they have no passion!!! i challenge you to have a look at the membership roll and you will see page upon page of names and they are members only because they were bored at one time in the last 8 months!!!

  15. I'm Back says:

    I’m not sure if there are any twitters on this blog yet, but make sure to follow

    if you are. I’m sure you remember who he is. Let’s see if this person has anything useful to say when he is not just being a troll 24/7!

  16. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    walter…. how is that the cameras fault? that is the behavior of the drivers and that is what the cameras are there to do.. change the behavior….

    what would happen is there was a cop set up at every place there was a camera…. highways, inner streets and red lights!!! the same would happen.. speed up slow down…. slam on the breaks when the yellow appears…. WOULD YOU THEN SAY… “GET RID OF THE COPS”? THEY ARE CAUSING ACCIDENTS?

  17. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    TO GET ON TOPIC… if this “attorney” is a celebrity.. then i am a monkeys uncle… just cause you all treated her like one does not mean she is one!!!!

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    geez- i am pretty sure it is a glitch as i can not post on any other threads….. oh well i hope you get the email before the gestapo terminates my right to free speech!!! funny how they can protest and not get supressed but i cant post the truth!!

  19. dgpjr777 says:

    Rp if your looking for her book, I don’t think she covers Fraud cases.

  20. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i dont think she has to dress up on halloween!!! witch costume came with birth!!!!

  21. Walter says:

    LAB. It was unprovoked personal attacks that got you canned from this site last time. Keep it up. It can happen again.

  22. Dan G. says:

    It must be amateur trolling hour because they are hard at it again. So trolls, in the name of safety, are you going to start a driver education page to encourage safe driving once the cameras come down? Otherwise, you’re all talk and no action, and at least the people on this site are active in their efforts.

    And so nobody thinks that lab is correct about censorship, let me set this straight (again). Censorship does NOT include a private citizen choosing what content remains on his/her site. Censorship DOES include the government telling what you can or cannot put on your site, or not allowing you to have your own site. Even if lab was banned permanently from this site, it is NOT censorship because he is ALWAYS FREE TO GET HIS OWN SITE!!!

  23. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    walter …my man… unprovoked? doc calls ME a dickhead!!! what do you call that? foreplay? i think the worst i called someone was “a joke” !!! and susan whats her name there…i said she looks like a witch!!!

    dan- on the other thread you accused me of being geez and geez being me!!!that is laughable… there are people that operate this web site that would expose that in a second if they saw that 2 screen names from the same ip !!!sorry to burst your bubble!!!! good guess though!! as for the other “comment” you made.. you think dt barnum is in this for nothing but good deeds? think again.. he is going to launch himself from here to run for some office!!! this is so he can gain some cheap exposure!!! he never posts here… he hardly posts at meet up but he loves the tv news and newpapers, he always has time for them!!! now the answer to your question is no!!! and the cameras are a long long long long long long way from coming down!!!

  24. […] Click here for the story about attorney/author Susan Kayler signing the petition on March 7, 2009. Tweet This Post March 13th, 2009 in Photo Radar Tickets […]

  25. Doc says:

    We’ve discussed this B-4 as well; it AIN’T censorship!
    Dan, you’re right on target…but there’s absolutely no convincing LAB…or th’ other trolls either. Hell, th’ site moderators offered this…person…his own blog ON THIS SITE…but LAB didn’t/wouldn’t accept. If he had, th’ “censorship” issue woulda’ been moot! But NNNNNOOOOO!!!!! Th’ trolls just wanna’ skrew with every thread…EVERY FREEKIN’ ONE!!!! So, as far as I’m concerned, we shouldn’t be feedin’ their sorry asses. Just ignore ’em. I would like to qualify 1 thing though. I’m a little concerned that LAB has access to some of our personal e-mail addresses. This guy is KNOWN for rootin’ around & gaining access to personal info. When he shows up @ somebody’s HOUSE, that could pose a problem…PARTICULARLY if that somebody has kids. I really think that since this person refuses to act civally, he should be quashed from th’ site on a more permanent basis…but that’s just MY opinion.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  26. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    man i am really in your head!!!! doc.. are you not one of the members that promotes vandalism to the cameras.. and dont lie… yet out of left field you are accusing me of having personal info and that i may show up at someones house? seriously .. you give me way more credit than i deserve!!! through meet up you can send someone an email if they allow it…. but you NEVER get to see the email address… and when they reply .. you dont see it either!!! trust me doc.. if i had your email… you would know it..!! and i am still blocked from meet up i cant email anyway!! and just how was i suppose to gather information about someones residence?
    and finally… i really like it how you advocate not feeding the trolls.. yet you do!!! practice what you preach nurse boy!!!

  27. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    im back- you crack me up!!! you mention in another thread that an atm or walmart camera has to catch people “red handed”.. really? so if i steal YOUR atm card ( before you ralize it is missing)… go to the atm and withdraw money ( cause you wrote the pen number on the back of your card) are you saying that if i am not caught RIGHT THEN that i can not be prosecuted for it? … . if a shoplifter steals from walmart and is caught on camera do you think that they will not prosecute becasue they got away? IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING… please change your story now cause you are wrong in both instances!!! of course you being wrong is nothing new!!!

  28. If you ever want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for 4/5. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn msn to find the missed pieces. Thanks, anyway!

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