Seattle Radio Host Grills American Traffic Solutions Exec over “W Howard” Controversy

This is certainly getting out of control for ATS. In an attempt to smooth things over in the Seattle area about the W Howard “sockpuppetry” and other astro-turfing attempts, another ATS VP agreed to an interview by Dori Monson on KIRO 97.3 FM.

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33 Responses to Seattle Radio Host Grills American Traffic Solutions Exec over “W Howard” Controversy

  1. Sure says:

    Surprise police officers are frustrated over the amount of traffic citations getting tossed out or treated inconsistently by city judges, while court officials say officers have not been providing basic evidence of guilt.

    The Surprise court changed the rules, requiring violators to sign up for civil traffic school before their court date, Hall said. If they do not, and their ticket is upheld, they can’t attend traffic school.

  2. Sure says:

    Kind of funny since Mr. Tuton likes to send me e-mails pretending like he wants to help us.

  3. Hmmmm says:

    You know what is funnier than this? The judges rulling in the Tempe RICO Case

    “A little bit of knowledge can sometimes be worse than none at all. Plaintiff’s pro se
    filings demonstrate some exposure to the legal process. But they also demonstrate a
    fundamental failure to appreciate that the administration of justice promotes fairness, not
    abuse. This is not plaintiff’s first § 1983 action against scores of public officials. See Gutenkauf v. Maricopa Cnty., No. 99-15425, 1999 WL 1080146 (9th Cir. 1999).
    Plaintiff received his full measure of justice when he obtained the reversal he sought
    and the City agreed to pay him the sum he demanded. Not content with this, he made a
    mountain out of a mole hill and caused great harm to the public by filing frivolous litigation
    and forcing public entities and officials to spend scare resources on legal fees.
    Because plaintiff’s complaint cannot be cured by amendment, it is ORDERED
    GRANTING all defendants’ motions to dismiss with prejudice (docs. 43, 57, 79, and 87).
    The clerk shall enter final judgment in favor of all defendants and against plaintiff.
    We urge plaintiff to seek the advice of a lawyer before any new filings. If he does not
    have one, he may wish to contact the Lawyer Referral Service of the Maricopa County Bar

    LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

  4. Sure says:

    Free Speech Violation: Park Ranger Orders Visitor to Leave National Military Park, Citing Objection to Ron Paul Decals on Car

    BLACKSBURG, S.C. — The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of a 73-year-old Virginia resident who was allegedly ordered by a park ranger to remove his car from a national military park in South Carolina because of political messages attached to his vehicle.

    Jack Faw, whose ancestors fought in the historic battle memorialized at Kings Mountain National Military Park, contacted The Rutherford Institute after being told by a park ranger that the decal promoting a political organization associated with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), which was displayed on the back window of Faw’s car, was not allowed in the park.

    In a legal letter to Park officials, constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead warned that the ranger’s directive, which resulted in Faw being forced to leave the park, violated Faw’s First Amendment rights, as well as National Park Service regulations.

    Whitehead also demanded assurances that Park employees will be properly instructed in how to respect the constitutional rights of visitors to the Park so that Faw and others will not face similar restrictions in the future.

  5. Sure says:

    This is the case where all those companies and people got sued for using the photo of the male TSA agent with his hand in a guy’s groin.

    Colorado Judge Puts All Righthaven Cases On Hold
    from the oops dept

    We had already pointed out that the judge in Colorado, who was handling all of Righthaven’s lawsuits in that state, was not impressed by Righthaven’s business model and was not interested in allowing the company to use the courts as a wedge in its business model. Righthaven’s response was to somewhat petulantly go after the judge, so it’s little surprise that the judge, John Kane, has now put all of Righthaven’s lawsuits in that state on hold, saying that he wants to make sure Righthaven actually has standing to bring the suit.

  6. Start watching this show. Adam is really finding his niche with RT

  7. There goes Matt Hay again! Exposing more ATS lies..

  8. Sure says:

    This is a really good article about ATS in Missouri and the way they do things. Pg 5 talks about the zogby poll.

    Zogby Ohio polls

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  9. Sure says:

    France: Motorists to Protest Government Speed Camera Secrecy
    Makers of GPS locators to protest French government ban on speed camera warning signs and devices.

    Motorists across France are organizing a multi-city protest of the government’s decision to conceal its photo enforcement operations and ban the use of GPS devices that can identify camera locations. The group known as AFFTAC, which represents the users and providers of driver assistance technologies, has scheduled the mass demonstrations for June 2. The idea is to create gridlock in multiple locations, especially Paris, until the government surrenders.

    A ministerial committee decided on May 11 to remove the warning signs and a decree implementing the decision was rushed into publication in the official journal on May 19. The warning signs, which had been in place since fixed cameras first appeared in 2003, are already coming down. The GPS warning device manufacturers Coyote System, Eco Logic, Inforad, Takara and Wikango banded together to create AFFTAC. Together, they have 6.1 million customers. The firms blasted the government for criminalizing so many people without even holding a single public hearing.

    “This decision is unjust, unwarranted and short-sighted,” AFFTAC said in a statement. “The (6.1) million users of radar warnings are not criminals.”

    AFFTAC is getting the word out to its customers by sending messages to the owners’ devices. So far, one million drivers have signed a petition asking President Nicolas Sarkozy to reverse his decision.

  10. Sure says:

    Authorities detained a Saudi woman on Saturday after she launched a campaign against the driving ban for women in the ultraconservative kingdom and posted a video of herself behind the wheel on Facebook and YouTube to encourage others to copy her.

  11. Sure says:

    Being paid by the photo enforcement companies, APCO also created the Partnership for Advancing Road Safety to promote the implemetation of the cameras.

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  12. Sure says:

    Pima County has impounded more than 20,000 cars in the past four years, after their drivers were cited for such serious infractions as driving on suspended licenses or with extreme amounts of alcohol in their bloodstreams.

    As many as 30 percent of those people never re-claimed their vehicles.

    After years of just letting the towing companies keep them, the current budget crunch has county officials preparing to turn those cars into cash.

    They believe taking title and auctioning them off could boost the general fund by $900,000 annually.

    Credit Frank Gonzales, who oversees the impound program for the Sheriff’s Department, who got to thinking those vehicles could be an important revenue stream for the county.

    In a program Gonzales says is the first of its kind in the state, Pima County could take title every year to 900 or more vehicles that go unclaimed.

  13. RPr says:

    Backers of the petition to put Longview’s red light cameras in front of voters claim that they have enough signatures to get that issue on the ballot, delivering those petitions to the Longview City Clerk this morning. “Ban-Cam” backer Mike Wallin says that people have been eager to weigh in on this issue. Along with Josh and Tim Sutinen, Wallin presented petitions containing 3,628 signatures,

    • Sure says:

      That has happened to me twice when I was moving and our stuff was in a moving truck. I wasn’t driving either time. The first time we had to have a tow truck pull us out. The second time, we got the truck out ourselves.

  14. Sure says:

    How anti-American is American Traffic Solutions

  15. Sure says:

    Fusin Centers in schools, watching the weather for ya

    According to the DHS, most fusion centers have expanded beyond terrorism to focus on all crimes, while some, like the SNCTC, have taken their operations a step further with the all-hazards approach, including a built-in approach to monitoring natural disasters. While the center’s representatives track what’s happening in the Las Vegas area, they also follow weather updates and information about natural disasters through local and national news, as well as the National Weather Service. During severe weather, the center’s staff supplies emergency management officials and incident commanders with up-to-date information to help monitor the situation.

    “Say there is a big storm coming and there is potential flooding in the Moapa Valley, which is 60 miles north,” Domansky said. “The police department, Clark County and the city will put together their incident management team to start developing a plan or even activate the [Emergency Operations Center] locally to monitor it, and that’s when the fusion center will start feeding information that way.”

    The SNCTC also takes the all-crimes/all-hazards stance when it comes to protecting students and faculty in the Clark County School District, which is the fifth largest in the country. Hibbetts said that in 2008 there was a rash of violence in the valley and a high school student was shot and killed two blocks from his school. “We as an agency and as a fusion center said this has to stop and we have to come up with a better way to handle this,” he said.

    A school district dispatcher was embedded in the fusion center to provide a link between the schools and police. “You put a dispatcher in front of the computer and he or she will be able to look at it and know everything that’s going on,” Hibbetts said. “They know the people they need to call and the buttons to push to make it happen.”

    Now when a school official hears a rumor about an upcoming fight, the information is reported to the school district police and the SNCTC’s watch desk. It’s then pushed out to the local police departments. Hibbetts said since this process has been in place, there hasn’t been a major incident at or near any of the schools.

  16. Sure says:

    Missouri: Judge Finds Red Light Camera Program Illegal
    Missouri circuit judge strikes down red light camera ordinance as a violation of state law.

  17. More camera program errors/malfunctions, 137 tickets dismissed:

    In a report to the Federal Way City Council earlier this month, Federal Way police Cmdr. Stan McCall said the city had some unhappy citizens as a result of issues at ATS. A glitch at ATS apparently led to faulty notification related to alleged red light violations caught on cameras in Federal Way.

    “There were a number of violators that were receiving mail from ATS indicating they had not responded in a timely manner, and some of them were receiving mail indicating they were about to be taken to collections,” McCall said. “We contacted ATS and had some lengthy conversations about their practices. (ATS) realized what was going on fairly quickly and they corrected the problem.”

  18. Sure says:

    TSA – Texas Senators Have No Balls

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