Smile! You’re on (Part 2)

December 31, 2008

Who Watches the Watchers?

We do.

Our first friend was spotted on the 1-10 Westbound near 59th Ave (first four pictures), and immediately tried to hide behind a small sheet of paper before giving up and trying to phone home to his supervisor at Fraud Central.

Our second buddy was located on the US-60 near the Loop 202, who hilariously tried to wrap himself in the foil that you see in the back seat after the last two pictures were taken. Apparently unaware that mere civilians also have cameras, he proceeded to lock the doors and roll up the windows as our pictures started snapping.

New DPS Scam Cam Locations Mapped

October 14, 2008

DPS has released information detailing their newest freeway camera scam locations. The massive roll-out will make it impossible to travel on a freeway without being under the microscope of an in-your-face camera.

The cameras, which have the capability to constantly record information, are also capable of receiving a character recognition upgrade, allowing the system to read the number plates of all passing vehicles.

Redflex recently expressed interest in moving into “homeland security” on a “national and local level.” Crosstown-competitor American Traffic Solutions went as far as to market their technology as being capable of interfacing with a national vehicle tracking database.

No worries: Every camera going up is just one more that will have to come down.

(Map Data-entry Courtesy Data source: 12 News)

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