Frank Antenori to Push Red Light Camera Ban in AZ

January 21, 2011

Finally someone is ready to sponsor a bill that echos the will of the people in Arizona.

No matter what pundits outside of this state have speculated about, photo ticketing is the most galvanizing issue for the people of Arizona.

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January 22, 2009

itsfraudFor Immediate Release

Over one thousand of American Traffic Solution’s photo fraud tickets will be dismissed in Tucson after it was revealed that the process server lied about their delivery.

If paid, the notices would have an estimated value of over $183,000.

…the concern involves a process server who allegedly filed false affidavits in some cases. Tucson City Court is now reviewing every case that the employee handled. One driver who got a ticket at the intersection of River and Oracle Roads has already had his case dismissed.

The employee under question, works as a process server for Hawkins and E-Z Messenger Legal Support Providers, a private company. The investigation into the employee started after Tucson City Court officials received complaints from people saying they were never served with their citations.

Such breaches of justice and trust are becoming more the norm rather than the exception. In September, broke the story on a process server who used a racial slur while delivering a Redflex-generated notice. In December, the Phoenix New Times reported on a server who impersonated a UPS driver to deliver a notice, drawing the wrath and anger of UPS officials.

“As a police officer I can tell you I’m all in favor of having a police officer in the intersection doing his job”

– Bill Conley, Pinal County Deputy and editor of CameraFRAUD Tucson, as quoted in KOLD CBS13 story regarding the tossed tickets.

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