Taxes, Lies and Video…”tape”

January 27, 2009

taxes-lies-and-videotapeThe propaganda war has begun.  It is indisputable that CameraFraud has gotten the ball rolling toward permanently ridding Arizona of photo enforcement.  We brought the issue to our representatives, prompting HB 2106.  We also brought the issue to the media, and to the people of Arizona.  In doing so we have threatened the multi-million dollar interests of the corporations that profit from this infringement upon the rights of the people.  It then stands to reason that these interests are worth protecting by those corporations as well as the state and municipal officials whose coffers promise to be filled with the ill gotten gains stolen from the people of Arizona.

This amounts to nothing more than illegal taxes.

Public opinion for sale.

The results of both public polls and statistics can be, and often are, purchased by the highest bidder, usually when trying to bolster a weak argument.  Figures as ludicrous as 68% in favor of Photo Enforcement have been published as paid for by ATS!  That number is patently false and would be laughable if not for the fact that it shows just how far these despotic politicians and leech corporations will go to shore up their illicit practices, all the while insulting the intelligence of the public.  Given that the Photo Enforcement companies and the public officials who wish to abuse the public trust stand to lose a great deal of money if Photo Enforcement is banned in Arizona, it is not a big leap to realize that they will use any dishonest means to try to save their new cash cow.

Auto Insurance companies chime in

Insurance companies have become more vocal of late in the argument on Photo Enforcement.  Not surprising. For years the big insurance companies have profited from traffic enforcement, but have been cut out of the deal with Photo Enforcement in Arizona.  Why?  Well you see if drivers were issued points for the tickets generated by Photo Enforcement it’s a sure thing that eventually enough drivers would be affected that they would become more politically inclined be opposed to the cameras as well as possibly be taken out of the driving pool altogether.  If taken out of the driving pool they would cease being a viable host for the parasite of tyrannical governmental fees, inflated insurance premiums, and taxes.  The optimal situation for any parasite is not to kill the host, but instead to slowly bleed them. Effectively killing the host is unacceptable to the powers that be because in reality, as we all know, Photo Enforcement is not about public safety, but instead about revenue.  This puts Photo Enforcement at odds with big insurance and its lobby.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.  Both sides of the argument say that it is THEY who have the best interest of the public at heart, in much the same way two vultures have the best interest of a disemboweled carcass at heart.

This amounts to nothing more than lies.

Last but not least, Video… “Tape”

During committee hearings on HB 2106 not withstanding Redflex’s perjury, DPS was forced to admit that, not only do the Photo Enforcement installations video record 24/7, but that the data is retained for an undetermined period of time.

Now folks, herein lay the biggest threat to civil liberties in our lifetime.  Even committee members who voted against passing HB 2106  through committee expressed grave concern at this revelation.  Speeding tickets IE. Civil Infractions are a minor footnote when compared to the tragedy of violations to fourth amendment of the US constitution by these surveillance platforms.

By using an alternate route legally speaking, “authority” can circumvent the intent and spirit of the fourth amendment.  Even though the information collected by these systems is supposedly done by “civil” authority under the pretense of traffic control, the mere existence of said video defacto violates the US Constitution. The information can, and will, be used for other unintended purposes.

This abuse of power must end.

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