Offbeat: Seismic Siren New Police Tool

December 8, 2008

badgeTaking a brief break from the photo scam melee, we bring you this blurb from Wired News regarding a new police siren that can actually be felt:

…Fed up with earbud-wearing, cell phone-yakking motorists who don’t heed sirens, police across the country are turning to a new attention-getting tool–low-frequency sound waves so strong they can actually be felt up to 200 feet away.
It feels like a tremor inside the vehicle,” says Tom Morgan, police market vice president for Federal Signal, which makes the seismic sirens […] the system emits a 10-second, 109-decibel burst through two subwoofers mounted on the patrol car’s bumper.
Not to be outdone, beleaguered photo scam company American Traffic Solutions is rumored to be developing a vibrating road that actually shakes loose the change from driver’s pockets as they pass photo enforcement zones.

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