AZ DPS Facing $10M Cut

August 28, 2009

AZDPSThe Arizona Department of Public Safety, the principal co-operator of the statewide Redflex automated ticketing scheme, may be facing over $10 million in budget cuts according to KPHO.

While the agency is facing a situation where 97 sworn officer positions remain unfilled and possible elimination of 15 civilian jobs, absolutely no mention is made of cuts regarding the disastrous and unpopular photo radar surveillance program.

Earlier this year, during a threat of a state government shutdown, DPS indicated that they might have to end “non-essential” or lower-priority projects. DPS’s contract with Redflex was mentioned specifically as a possible victim of such cuts:

The agency is reviewing all non-essential functions in case the threatened shutdown becomes reality.

Profit over policing through the use of cameras is not unique to Arizona. Just recently in Kansas, officers were being taken off of the streets to work desk jobs relating to photo enforcement, prompting the police board to question if “…the cameras are becoming more of a burden than a useful tool.”

Santas Join Photo Enforcement Revolt

December 22, 2008

The Cameras are Coming Down Getting Wrapped?

Apparently taking a break from screaming kids at various valley malls, a team of Saint Nicks decided to deal a temporary death-blow to various Redflex cameras in the City of Tempe.

Armed with wrapping paper and gift boxes, these anti-surveillance Santas boldly delivered some holiday cheer to the delight of passing motorists.

Much like the “post-it note ninja,” the modus operandi seems to be the same: Active resistance through non-violent, non-damaging means.

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