This Week In FRAUD

December 17, 2008

thisweekinfraudCameraFRAUD is pleased to announce part one of a twenty-part series, titled: This Week In FRAUD.

Using a combination of “American Idol” meets “60 Minutes,” one lucky fraudulent scam cam will be selected each week to receive the “FRAUD” sign, and will be profiled to find their “human side.”

Unfortunately, the FRAUD signs are difficult to get out of the ground once planted, so we will just have to leave them up once photographed. We’re sure DPS and Redflex won’t mind.

So, This Week In FRAUD:

Name: “Canon the Camper”
Age: 2 months (DOB 10/5/2008)
Address: Homeless (lives on the US-60’s shoulder)
Hobbies: Sleeping… “Canon” is in a deep coma as he’s never been turned on, ruthlessly neglected by Papa Redflex and Momma DPS.

Trivia: “Towering” over motorists at almost five feet tall, Canon the Camper is a midget among midgets. Camper was voted “most likely to try to mate with your vacuum” before being melted down and reshaped into a thieving camera housing. His favorite movie is the Terminator series, due to his crush on Skynet, and wants desperately some day to help find Sarah Connor.

Ask for Shoba

October 22, 2008

Are you sick and tired of not having the cashflow you like? Wouldn’t it be nice to pay off all your bills in one day? Now, you can!

“Before this system, I used to live in a tree. But now, I own 17 houses!”

Just call and ask for Shoba: (480) 440-0647

Red Means Go With New Signal In Scottsdale

October 13, 2008

In their never-ending quest to be somehow relevant and “cool,” Scottsdale has introduced a new pedestrian signal. The system, which has no green lamp and stays dark when not being utilized, uses a flashing red to indicate to motor traffic that it’s safe to go:

When the light starts flashing yellow, slow down. When it turns solid yellow, prepare to stop. When it turns solid red, stop. When the light converts to flashing red, check that pedestrians are clear and proceed when it is safe to do so.

The use of a flashing yellow that is then followed by a solid yellow is a phenomenal idea that should be expanded to all signals. However, the lack of a selective green signal might make some think the light is inoperable… or not know that the signal actually exists.

Worse yet is the idea of using a flashing red to indicate “proceed with caution,” the most obvious reason why being that cities and the state have used the “Red Means Stop” advertising program for many years now.

More troubling is how many traditional signal lamps will flicker if they’re about to burn out, to indicate to city workers that the lamp needs replacing. If someone sees a flickering red at Thomas and Scottsdale, are they going to ram though it at 45Mph?

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