St. Louis Ignores Law for Profit

July 22, 2009


ATS cams in St. Louis are stealing over twice this amount per fiscal year, or about $2.8 million dollars.

Another municipality has been caught blatently ignoring the law under the guise of enforcing it. St. Louis city codes requiring proper warning signs for red light cameras were ignored, while drivers received $100 extortion letters from American Traffic Solutions. (ATS keeps $31 of each $100 collected in St. Louis.)

Red-light cameras have led to fines for thousands of city drivers accused, by snapshot, of breaking the law.

But, for months, St. Louis officials did not follow the city’s own laws regarding proper notice for the traffic cameras. The oversight threatens to cast doubt on the validity of scores of citations.

In February, city aldermen approved a bill requiring a warning sign at every traffic light with a red-light camera. The proposal was signed into law shortly afterward by Mayor Francis Slay.

City officials, however, did not follow through. The warnings were never posted. The Street Department did not even begin to create the signs until asked recently about their absence by the Post-Dispatch.

ATS executives have been known to express disapproval for warning signs in the past:

“This is ridiculous,” Tuton wrote. “Warning for what? Is this law enforcement or some kind of joke?”

Valley Activists Hang “Fraud” Signs on Photo Radar Equipment

August 18, 2008

This is only the beginning.

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