Tennessee Expectant Couple on the Way to Hospital Slapped with ATS Red Light Ticket

December 17, 2010

A father-to-be on his way to the hospital with his wife who was 30 hours in to labor should have slammed on his brakes, according to city policy. Steve Selvidge explains in the video that the poorly timed yellow light didn’t give him time to stop safely with his wife about to birth their child sitting in the back seat. There were not any other cars near the intersection at the time of the “violation.”

The town isn’t budging on the $50 fine, which will almost double if he tries to contest it with a Judge and loses.

Germantown is clearly not building up any good will with folks who are interviewed about the scam ticket.

Did Scottsdale Officer Debbie Wood Commit Perjury?

November 23, 2010

A motorist recently received a photo red light ticket in the mail for allegedly running a red light by a trivial 0.2 seconds at the Scottsdale Rd. and Shea Blvd. intersection in Scottsdale. Interestingly, none of the photos taken clearly show the driver. This didn’t stop Scottsdale Police Officer Debra (Debbie) Wood from signing the citation and declaring “I hereby certify that I have reasonable grounds to believe, and do believe, based on my examination of digital images and data associated with this violation, that the person named herein committed the civil traffic violation listed above.” According to ARS 28-1561.B, a false certification is perjury.

We have to wonder how Debra Wood was able to identify the driver of the vehicle in question with most facial features hidden by the vehicles sun visor and rear view mirror. In fact, it’s not even possible to identify the gender of the driver with any certainty. We know that Arizona courts have ruled on at least 3 occasions that a gender match alone is not sufficient to establish reasonable grounds of belief required to issue a ticket. So how exactly did Officer Wood identify the driver?

In the pursuit of filling Scottsdale and Redflex’s coffers, it appears to us that Officer Wood knowingly and purposefully committed perjury, as the images simply do not provide enough information (reasonable grounds) required to identify the driver and thus to issue a ticket legally. If ever tried and convicted, Officer Wood is at risk of losing her POST certification.

15-0 and Paradise Valley is Next to GO!

November 8, 2010

With all five ballot initiatives to ban scameras across the country being upheld, it looks like the word is getting out on a national level that photo ticketing programs are not wanted by the people. In fact, all 15 times photo ticketing has gone to a public vote, it has been banned by the citizens.

Paradise Valley Hidden Scamera Van

CameraFRAUD volunteers who collected signatures on election day (November 2nd) for the initiative to Ban Photo Ticketing and Redflex in Paradise Valley can tell you first-hand that residents of that town don’t want the scam on their streets either.

The Washington Times just posted an editorial about the issue and the fact that Big Brother keeps losing at the ballot box.


It’s time for elected officials to park the photo-radar vans and pull down the intersection spy cameras. Aside from a gullible minority, you’re not fooling anyone. Republicans, Democrats and independents rarely agree on issues of public policy, but on this they speak with one voice. State legislatures in Arkansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin have listened to the people and adopted statewide laws prohibiting automated enforcement. It’s time for the rest of the states to give Big Brother his walking papers.

“Scariest Speed Camera of All” coming to Phoenix?

November 4, 2010

Actually, they’re already here because with the flip of a switch, the city of Phoenix can begin ticketing you for just about anything caught on Redflex intersection scameras and with speed camera vans.

The Daily Mail, a newspaper out of the UK is reporting on a camera that can ticket drivers across the pond for alleged unpaid taxes, insurance, unfastened seat belts, or even tailgating!

Page 29 of the Phoenix contract with Redflex has the provision for just this sort of abuse of technology. How soon before our checking accounts and credit cards are charged automatically after each “offense?”

More from The Daily Mail.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail UK

Peoria Quietly Extends Contract for Dangerous Red Light Cameras

October 21, 2010

Peoria Logo

We have learned that Peoria has quietly approved a 6 month extension to last year’s 1 year extension of its dangerous red light camera “pilot” program. Last year, the Arizona Republic reported that crashes had more than doubled at intersections with red light cameras, but that didn’t stop the Peoria council from cashing in for another year. The new extension extends the contract on a month-to-month basis until April 2, 2011, well after coming elections. Technically, Redflex was operating without a contract between October 1 and October 6 when the city’s Materials Manager officially executed the contract extension. This extension comes without any apparent discussion at any city meetings or a review of the program’s performance despite such disastrous results from its first year.

A look through the contract reveals a couple of interesting items. On page 9 of the contract, provision 3.9 instructs the police to authorize Redfelx to issue a Traffic Ticket and Complaint based on a gender match despite prior Arizona Superior Court rulings that gender match is insufficient (Refer to cases of Stephen Thomas Palermo (LC2006-000235-001 DT), Craig Cameron Gillespie (LC2005-000597), and Daniel Gutenkauf). ARS 28-1561 requires a Traffic Ticket and Complaint to contain a form of certification by the issuing officer in substance as follows: “I hereby certify that I have reasonable grounds to believe and do believe that the person named herein committed the offense or civil violation described herein contrary to law” and on at least 3 occasions judges have ruled that gender match is not reasonable grounds to meet this requirement. ARS 28-1561 provides that a cop issuing a Traffic Ticket and Complaint without reasonable grounds to believe they’ve identified the violator is guilty of perjury.

Another interesting artifact is a sample of a public opinion poll (page 63) used by Redflex to show “overwhelming” support for red light scameras. One doesn’t have to be a polling expert to see how the questions are designed to achieve the illusion that photo enforcement is popular with the American public. Unfortunately for Redflex, those results have never been duplicated when a more honest polling methodology is used at the ballot box.

Freeways Fine after DPS Scameras Shut Off

September 20, 2010

The freeway camera system was shutoff in July, and Redflex official spokeswoman Shoba Vaitheeswaran was quoted saying, “This should be a wake-up call to everyone in the community to be even more careful and watch for a large increase in aggressive, dangerous driving,” implying that the Arizona freeways would never be safe again without cameras snapping photos of drivers. Shoba was undoubtedly hoping that drivers had forgotten that the freeways were just fine before the states’ failed money-making scam began.

Now two months after the camera shutoff, KTAR is reporting that there has been NO CHANGE in driving habits according to the director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Alberto Gutier. “I haven’t seen any changes in behavior, I don’t see people sort of flying down the highways, although I’m sure it exists some places.”

News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s traffic reporter, “Detour Dan” Beach, believes drivers are taking advantage of the speed cameras disappearance. But even so, it does not appear to have made the roads any more dangerous, as Beach says that he has not seen an increase in crashes.

Bombshell: ‘Countless’ Served Tickets May Be Invalid

September 17, 2010

CameraFRAUD Demands FBI Investigation
Media Inquiries: media@camerafraud.com

Attorney and CameraFRAUD member Michael Kielsky has uncovered potentially damning information regarding photo enforcement process service within Arizona.

The revelation? Widespread, illegal certificates of service, admittedly completed by office workers instead of the actual server.


Just got back from court with another Photo Radar case win — but how I won “shocked” even me.

The case was set for a process server hearing, and the process server was there, seemed to remember the service, and otherwise was a credible witness, leaving me little room to challenge the service.

I then asked if he had notes from the day of service, which he confirmed, and I asked if I could see them. I compared his notes to the certificate of service, and saw that some of the demographic specifics were off (the height was 5″ off, the age was specific instead of the range in the notes, the weight was off by 5 lbs.).

I then asked him about the differences (in that, more than anything else, the height seemed significant).

Bombshell alert:

He answered that he sends his notes in to the process service office, and then someone there fills out the certificate of service with all the details, and adds a digitized image of his signature, and the files it.

My jaw hit the desk. I asked him to confirm that the certificate was completed from his notes, and that he did not review it before it was signed, under penalty of perjury, with his digitized signature, and he confirmed, and said that’s the way they always do it, in 10’s of thousands of cases.

I argued to the judge that I had no issue with the digitized signature, but that the certificate of service was void, as it was completed and signed without his review, and it did not accurately reflect his own notes regarding the service.

The judge questioned the process server some more about this process, and, among other things, he admitted, that, well yes, for eviction service, that’s not how they do it, but for photo radar they do.

Case dismissed.

UPDATE: The FBI is the agency assigned to investigate public and judicial fraud. Their contact information is as follows. We encourage any reader who feels they may be a victim of false service to immediately file a report.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Agent Nathan T. Gray
201 East Indianola Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 279-5511
Fax: (602) 650-3204
E-mail: phoenix@ic.fbi.gov

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