“Camera Inaccuracy”

November 17, 2008

Tom writes:

Tonight I was going 64 MPH on cruise control in a 65 MPH zone on I-10, and a temporary camera flashed at me.  I expect a ticket in a few weeks.  I doubled back and re-drove the same stretch of I-10, but in a far lane, at only 60 MPH.  I saw several cars in a row, going the same speed I was but in the “curb lane,” getting flashed by the temporary camera.  It sure seems like a money-making scheme for the state.

Comments about “if you’re going the speed limit, you don’t have to worry” are just not true!  The camera operators can set the cameras to any speed they want, and calibrate them to show you’re going faster than you really are!

Redflex is deploying countless numbers of these snap-happy drones all over the state, as previously documented during a past excursion on the 1-10 near the 7th St tunnel.

Weekend Update

October 5, 2008

CameraFRAUD operatives appeared in Tempe this weekend, signs in tow, to express displeasure with mobile photo “scam vans.”

It was observed that some motorists appeared to slow down to less than 20 MPH while attempting to read the large, handmade signs. The van was purposefully located in a construction zone, and traffic appeared to be generally driving at or well below the posted limits.

Tempe’s photo enforcement program is ran by beleaguered Redflex Group, based in Australia.

Additional details about this event will be posted as they become available.

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