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February 3, 2009

What could be better than a gorgeous Arizona day to demonstrate your latest and greatest “talivan” equipment? Having CameraFRAUD volunteers show up within minutes to conduct a little bit of counter-surveillance of their own.

The demonstration, which included a handful of American Traffic Solutions employees, didn’t go as planned when they became the subject of sidewalk photography.

At the time of writing, CameraFRAUD has almost 1,400 members, outnumbering ATS and Redflex’s Arizona staff combined.

It’s simple. Defraud the public: Get your picture posted on CameraFRAUD.

A Slippery Slope…

January 29, 2009

Months ago when the state’s photo traffic enforcement program started, those who cared about their civil liberties objected loudly. Their argument was that the cameras represented a “slippery slope” that would lead us to the surveillance state, and we would lose our right to move freely about our own state and country without being monitored by Big Brother’s taxing cameras.

Well, you know what they say about karma:

Scamera Van on a Slippery Slope

Scamera Van on a Slippery Slope

Redflex is encountering slippery slopes of its own!

This is on the Westbound i10 approaching 43rd Ave. I would love to have stopped and investigate the matter, but I was on my way to work when I saw this. My guess is that the operator of the “Tali-van” tried to set up his little money machine on the berm, but was countered by the realities of gravity. Faced with ditching his vehicle and quarter million dollar camera onto the side of the freeway, he probably locked up his brakes and called for help.

DPS was on hand, at the bidding of their Redflex masters no doubt, to protect the quarter million dollar camera inside the van.

Oh, and for public safety.

Not so much for the driver though, I imagine he’s been replaced already.

Sweet Dreams: Redflex Driver Caught Snoozing

October 19, 2008

Sound asleep, w/ camera in foreground. (Clickfor large version)

Sound asleep, w/ camera in foreground. (Click for large version)

An employee of beleaguered Redflex Group was caught sound asleep on the evening of Saturday, October 18th while “operating” a speed trap on behalf of the City of Tempe.

The van –engine running, of course– was parked in the 2300 block of East University, targeting eastbound traffic. The driver, who appeared to be in a partial state of undress, had removed his company-issued red polo shirt and was curled up in a ball on the floor of the vehicle.

Apparently awakened by the flash of the camera (oh, the irony), the man quickly threw his company shirt back on and appeared to be engrossed with what sounded like a football game playing on a small screen inside.

He's alive! Driver pictured after waking up and putting his red polo shirt back on

He is risen! Driver pictured immediately after waking up and throwing his red polo shirt back on.

Van drivers are responsible for driving vehicles to target locations, ensuring the vans are not vandalized, as well as acting as a witness for the integrity of the electronic equipment if called to testify in a court of law.

It’s unclear what a person could testify to when they are found to be deep asleep

Redflex and the City of Tempe are no strangers to personnel trouble. Earlier this year, the Arizona Secretary of State condemned a Redflex notary for violating no less than four laws relating to document integrity and accuracy.

In early September, a Redflex van driver was arrested for extreme DUI while driving a photo scam van destined for Tempe’s streets.

Later that month, released a controversial video showing a process server caught using derogatory and racist language while attempting to serve a Redflex-generated photo ticket.

UPDATE: KFYI 550 AM has picked up this story.

UPDATE 2: Media attempting to get ahold of Redflex for comment should see this video. (More to come on this later.)

Smile: You’re on

October 12, 2008

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words— (or, in Scott$dale’s case, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year) turned the tables this past Thursday in Scottsdale by bringing along a high-powered camera of our own. To the right is your typical ATS scam-van: illegally parked, engine running (wasting resources), and recording data about all passing vehicles.

On the left, you will see ATS van operator and alleged fraud co-conspirator Daniel P. Coon… at least according to his open Dell laptop.

Also pictured on-screen: the van’s location, vehicle count, measured 85th percentile, as well as system software’s ironically-appropriate name: Axsis (click picture to enlarge).

For some strange reason, Mr. Coon didn’t invite us into the van for afternoon tea and biscuits.

Instead, he tried to bundle himself up in the van by putting reflective material in the windows (pictured, right), and immediately got on his cell phone—presumably to call his supervisor at the Death Star to get new instructions.

If only there were some sort of law preventing high-powered cameras from taking photographs of unsuspecting people inside their vehicles… Oh, wait.

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