DPS and Redflex: No Regard for Human Life

January 30, 2009


DISGRACE: I-17 Underpass at Bethany Home Rd

Safety be damned.

DPSRedflex continues to show their true colors as they deploy automated ticketing machines (ATMs) in hazardous locations to maximize revenue.

DPS’s newest scam: 1-17 southbound at Bethany Home Road. The cameras are located under the overpass, creating a dangerous situation. During daylight hours drivers face entering the darkness of an overpass only to be confronted with the possibility of a powerful arc-weld flash.

Previous studies, including one performed by ASU Professor Simon Washington and commissioned for the State of Arizona (page 137), directly caution against this type of installation:

Design of [photo zones] should consider the element of surprise to drivers and should aim to minimize it.

For example, the placement of cameras in close proximity to high information load locations (e.g., on- and off-ramps, underpasses, billboards,
weaving sections, directional signs, etc.) should be avoided.

Placement of cameras in sight-restricted locations should be avoided.


Many police officers have been seriously injured or killed due to drivers stopping in gore and transition areas like these.

More troubling is the deployment of the DPSRedflex “tali-vans,” which are responsible for what can only be described as driver terrorism due to their typically close proximity to traffic, blindingly bright strobe lights, and false use of DPS’s badge insignia and vehicle design.

Alert CameraFRAUD readers notified us of this van parked on the Loop 101 northbound, only a few hundred feet in front of the Southern overpass. The van, which was monitoring Loop 101 traffic, was illegally parked in the gore area between the 101 and the US-60 to 101N transition ramp. As seen in the picture, the van is only a few feet away from traffic on both its left and right side.

These hazards are the rule, not the exception: just yesterday, CameraFRAUD volunteers captured a precarious situation where a foolish DPSRedflex van driver almost rolled their vehicle on the embankment of the 1-10 west approaching 43rd Ave.

Pro-camera apologists argue they want safer roadways, but the actions of those in charge of deployment show it’s all about the money. It’s imperative that these revenue generation schemes end within the Grand Canyon State. If you haven’t already, we urge you to get involved with the ballot measure outlawing photo enforcement by joining our Meetup group.

The Cameras are Coming Down.

San Jose May Reject Scam Cams

October 8, 2008

From TheNewspaper.com:

Police in San Jose, California want nothing to do with red light cameras. Department officials made their views known at a city council transportation committee meeting on Monday where members were urged to drop plans to install traffic cameras in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley because of the potentially negative impact on public safety.

“Studies reveal an awful lot of ambiguity and dissonance,” Deputy Chief Donald Anders explained. “Some jurisdictions have noted a reduction in their traffic accident rate. Other jurisdictions have noted an actual increase in their traffic accident rate. The reason for that increase primarily seems to be rear end accidents. As people become more aware of a red light running program, a more vigilant attempt to try to ensure compliance with the law has actually resulted in an increase in vehicle accidents.”


Police Chief Robert L. Davis filed a written report to emphasize that implementing a red light camera program would require diverting officers away from crime-fighting duties into a laborious vendor selection effort with all of the contracting paperwork needed to document the process.

Press Release: CameraFRAUD.com Slams Redflex over Extreme DUI

September 9, 2008


CameraFRAUD.com, the leading Arizona-based group advocating the removal of automated traffic enforcement systems, has issued the following statement in response to news that a Redflex driver was
arrested for extreme DUI on Saturday, Sep 6.

“Our rallying cry is that cameras can’t catch drunks,” said a CameraFRAUD volunteer. “Now, we’re finding out that Redflex is actually providing the drunks and giving them the keys to
vehicles that look identical to real law enforcement vehicles. It’s the ultimate insult to the real men and women of local law enforcement.”

ACTION ALERT: Call Redflex CEO Karen Finley at (623) 207-2000 (press “0″ at auto-answer prompt) and tell her drunk driving on OUR streets is unacceptable!

Breaking News: Redflex Van Driver Arrested for DUI

September 9, 2008

From AZCentral.com:

SCOTTSDALE – Police arrested the driver of a Redflex photo radar van on suspicion of DUI.

Roderick M. Ruffin, 53, had a blood alcohol content over 0.15 on Saturday while he was driving to Tempe to set up the van, police and company officials said. The legal limit is 0.08, and Ruffin’s blood alcohol level is considered an extreme DUI.

The motorist, in a tape of a 911 call, described the van to a dispatcher.

“On the back of it, it says photo enforcement vehicle on the back and the guy is deuced,” the caller said.


ACTION ALERT: Call Redflex CEO Karen Finley at (623) 207-2000 (press “0” at auto-answer prompt) and tell her drunk driving on OUR streets is unacceptable!

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