Congressman Ron Paul, Champion of The Constitution Comes to Phoenix, ASU!

November 15, 2010

As Esquire Magazine said this summer, “It’s impossible to dislike Ron Paul.” Well actually, we love Dr. Paul! He stands up for the rights of the people as protected by the United States Constitution.

The elder Dr. Paul, who is up for Chairman of the House Banking Committee and whose son was just elected to the US Senate, is coming back to ASU for a rally. The only word that comes to mind, is, well EPIC!

Here are the details from a Press Release obtained by CameraFRAUD:

On Friday, November 19th, from 12-2 pm, the rally will be held on Hayden Lawn at ASU’s main campus in Tempe. Later that evening the congressman will be at a private reception dinner which is being held at the Phoenician, located at 6000 E Camelback Rd in Phoenix. Tickets to this event are available on The Campaign For Liberty website.

Saturday’s event is the 2010 Campaign for Liberty convention, which will feature Dr. Paul as well as Mark Lerner of the Constitutional Alliance, Tom Jenney Executive Director of Americans for Prosperity, other guest speakers, vendors and co-sponsors, and world class political training.

Tucson Saturday 4/17: CameraFRAUD and Campaign For Liberty

April 16, 2010

For all those lovers of freedom and liberty out there in The Old Pueblo, Campaign For Liberty of Arizona is going to school you! They are offering the renouned “Activist Boot Camp” tomorrow for $25 at HomeTown Buffet on Oracle Road tomorrow, Saturday April 17th, starting at 9 am.

Also, CameraFRAUD volunteers will be present to collect  filled out signature sheets for the Ban Photo Radar In Arizona Initiative. Even if you don’t plan on attending the Boot Camp, you are welcome to stop by, drop of your sheets and pick up new ones. Thanks a million! Or should we say, thanks 300K…. that’s the goal!

Special Message from AZ Campaign For Liberty:

Guess what: the politicians see you coming.  They know how to deal with people like you.  They don’t want to give in to people like us.  They know how to confuse you, discourage you, make you waste your time, make you go away, and if all else fails, buy you off.

Effective political mobilization is not taught at major universities.  It is not taught at think tanks, it is not taught at mass demonstrations, and it is rarely even taught by grassroots organizations, who for the most part only expect their members to send letters to legislators and send them money.

It is not taught because the political class doesn’t want you to know about it.

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