Tempe Man Files Massive Scamera Lawsuit – Redflex Named

October 11, 2010

CameraFRAUD has been sent a copy of a RICO suit that names a large contingency in the scamera criminal enterprise in Arizona as defendants. Here are some highlights of the list of money-grubbers:

*Redflex Traffic Systems

*City of Tempe

*Tempe Police Dept

*Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex

*Terry Goddard, AZ Atty General

*Hugh Hallman, Mayor of Tempe

*John Halikowski, Director AZ Dept of Transportation.

*Roger Vanderpool, (former) AZ DPS Director

*Thomas Ryff, City of Tempe Chief of Police

*Joel Navarro, Tempe City Council

*Judge Louraine Arkfeld, Tempe Muni Court

There are many more listed on the official document here. The plaintiff, Mr. Daniel Gutenkauf has filed the suit under the grounds that all named parties are acting as a criminal syndicate, committing extortion and fraud in order to profit from scamera tickets.

Eventually the scam of photo ticketing will come to an end in this country. If this RICO suit is heard and goes through, it will be a giant step in the direction of a nationwide ban.

The state of Arizona and it’s elected officials have shamed themselves by allowing the criminal behavior of scamming motorists with photo tickets to continue. If it takes a lawsuit to put it to and end in our state, so be it, but our public officials have had plenty of chances to do the right thing and have looked the other way. This shame is theirs.

Lip Service and Lobbyists

March 17, 2010

As promised, the action is starting to heat up. Over the weekend, The Arizona Republic(Gannett Co.), a famed pro camera publication, ran a story about newly appointed DPS Director Robert Halliday’s assessment that DPS patrolmen needed to be more visible on AZ roads. Channel 12, also owned by Gannett Co., aired an accompanying story that night.

The gist of both stories is that Halliday favored more “Cops Not Cameras,” which is a change in tune from the DPS during the term of Roger Vanderpool. That tag line should sound familiar if you’ve been paying attention to this blog since its inception in August of 2008.

Courtesy of The Arizona Republic, Nick Oza

A CameraFRAUD volunteer called DPS Director Halliday’s office on Monday to ask for a clarification on Halliday’s position regarding photo enforcement and a message was left with his assistant. It’s been 48 hours and the phone call was not returned, so we can only assume that Halliday is not willing to denounce photo radar or come out in favor of banning it.

***UPDATE*** DPS responded to CameraFRAUD and they are considering our offer to bring Director Halliday in for an interview. Stay tuned.

He and Governor Jan Brewer, who recently appointed him, seem to march to the same beat in that regard. If you remember, she mentioned on the record and on the air with Jay Lawrence’s KTAR Radio Show that she did not like the system. When given the chance to terminate the state contract with Redflex, she shrunk from her position, using the excuse that it would be too expensive due to penalties for ending the program early.

Halliday is now pushing for an increase of 280 DPS officers from the current level and Brewer is pushing for an 18% (one cent on every dollar) increase in the state sales tax. While their interests could go hand-in-hand, that connection has not been made yet. What’s clear is that neither is willing to do the right thing and admit that the state of Arizona was lied to by Redflex Traffic Systems about the safety record and the nature of the program during the term of former Governor Napolitano and end the dangerous practice of photo enforcement.

As if that weren’t enough to pontificate on, a story on TheNewspaper.com on Monday described our friend Jay Heiler’s latest game of media and public manipulation. Heiler has now contrived some type of road safety association by registering it through a lobbyist firm. The main goal of this group is clearly damage control after countless public relations disasters for the photo radar industry and namely his current company, Redflex.

A volunteer called the Arizona wing of APCO Worldwide, the lobbyist firm which registered the web address for for The Partnership For Advancing Road Safety (PARS), there was no answer and the voicemail belonged that that of one Jay Heiler. It’s not too difficult to connect the dots on that association, but what’s unclear, is what Heiler plans to do with PARS and if it will have a presence in Arizona.

The contract for the freeway camera system between Redflex and the state of Arizona expires on July 1st. Governor Brewer has indicated that she will not renew it. Signatures for the Ban Photo Radar in Arizona initiative are due at the same time and a public vote would happen in November.

Happy Birthday Photo Radar: DPS May Cut 350

October 13, 2009

Roger and Karen

DPS Director Roger Vanderpool seen mingling with Redflex's Karen Finley. Cops be damned: To these people, its all about the cash and cameras

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Arizona Department of Public Safety politicos outsourced their officer’s duties to an illegitimate, foreign-owned corporation on an unprecedented scale. When Redflex was granted the authority to take the department’s insignia and vehicle dress and apply it to photo radar vans, protecting life and property suddenly took a back seat to shareholder profit.

PHOENIX — Budget cuts could leave as many as 350 Arizona Department of Public Safety employees out of work, according to the DPS officers’ union.According to the union, the budget proposal sent to Gov. Jan Brewer calls for 250 rank-and-file patrol officers to be laid off.An additional 100 civilian support jobs would be eliminated, the union said.When asked for comment about the 15 percent reduction in budget, DPS declined.

DPS Dir. Roger Vanderpool, a strong supporter of photo radar and a Janet Napolitano appointee, probably won’t survive this fiasco at the agency: his contract is up in February.

Don’t worry, Rog: Redflex has a history of hiring former top cops.

Redflex: Crooked Company, Crooked Signs

August 12, 2009

Dear Redflex,

While we know that your “sexy-mama” employees like to drink on the job, forge documents,  and, well… go to federal prison, we have higher standards for you. Seriously. Stop making our job so easy, as you did today by posting this sign on the Loop 101 westbound just past Scottsdale Road:


An owl acts the fool (left) while a Redflex / DPS sign is displayed improperly for hours on Aug 12, 2009 on the Loop 101 in Scottsdale (right)... MUTCD standards be damned.

While initially funny, improper signage can be a serious driving distraction, leading to increased collisions and even fatalities.

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