Redflex Profits Down 92%

August 25, 2010

Redflex doesn’t seem to understand the art of negotiation. They recently rejected an offer from Toll Road Operator Macquarie to buy their company for more than it’s actually worth, hoping to spark a bidding war. That part was laughable enough, but after releasing their Fiscal Year 2010 (FY2010) earnings report, you’ve got to wonder what they’re putting in the vegemite at Redflex HQ.

Profit is down 92% according to their own  report. Let’s get this straight. NOW Redflex execs think companies will be lining up to buy them for much more than they are worth? That makes about as much sense as a screen door in a submarine.

We know water swirls the other way in the land down under, but the last we heard, money still goes in the same direction.

At this point it’s becoming clear what needs to happen. The first would be drug testing for the Redflex brass, of course. But secondly it seems so much damage has been done to this scam peddler with bad press that it’s our duty to auction them off to the public, one scrap metal birdhouse and video camera at a time.

Do we have an opening bid on the soon-to-be decommissioned scameras at McDonald and Tatum?

Photo Van Driver Attacks Demonstrator

October 24, 2008

Tempe Police arrive on scene behind Redflex photo van

Trouble: Tempe Police arrive on scene behind Redflex photo van

Tempe Police has released a damning report detailing the violent actions of a Redflex employee against a demonstrator holding an anti-photo radar sign earlier this month. PDF File Report in PDF format, courtesy

Corey M. Fleetwood was operating a Redflex “photo speed van” on the night of October 3rd when a demonstrator contacted police to report that the van was blocking a fire hydrant.

Before police arrived, the driver of the van exited the vehicle and charged at the demonstrator, forcing him to take multiple steps backwards. According to the report, Fleetwood then ripped the sign away from the demonstrator’s hands before throwing it on the ground.

An independent witness on the scene was videotaped saying “I really though he was going to hit (him) I thought he (Fleetwood) was going to hit (the demonstrator).”

Backup Arrives

Backup Arrives

According to public records, a complaint was filed in February against Fleetwood for “Speed Greater Than Reasonable / Prudent,” which resulted in the suspension of his license.

Another complaint from December of 2007 accused Fleetwood of “Assault / touching with intent to injure.”

Redflex is no stranger to controversy. The Arizona Secretary of State’s office recently condemned a Redflex notary for violating no less than four laws relating to document integrity and accuracy.

In early September, a Redflex van driver was arrested for extreme DUI while driving a photo scam van destined for Tempe’s streets.

Police question Corey Fleetwood, Redflex van operator

Police question Corey Fleetwood, Redflex van operator

Just last week, a Redflex employee was found to be in a state of undress, sound asleep, inside another Tempe photo speed van.

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