Redflex Cameras to Watch Cameras

February 27, 2009

100_1477Like something out of a bad Stephen King novel, Redflex has the perfect solution to stop people from blocking their automated ticketing machines: more cameras!

Infuriated that the 24/7 video recorded by the main ticketing machines can be rendered ineffective with a simple Post It Note, Redflex has taken it upon themselves to install “cam cams.” These pictures were taken on the AZ51 southbound near Bethany 100_1476Home Road.

Of course, in their zeal to protect their revenue stream, they didn’t factor in that these cameras could easily be blocked with any number of objects, ideally gift-wrapped boxes carried by Santa Claus.

100_1475It’s unclear what part of the DPSRedflex contract authorizes Redflex to expand their capabilities into non-traffic related surveillance, but then again when you use illegal, non-certified devices to win a contract for unconstitutional revenue generation, laws be damned.

Welcome to Arizona: The Grand Canyon Surveillance State.

Stationery on Stationary Cameras Irritates DPS

November 29, 2008

The onslaught of Post It notes on photo scam cams has lead DPS to assign an investigator to “determine who is obstructing speed-enforcement cameras on Valley freeways.”

“DPS officials say the acts of vandalism are attempts to prevent speeders from being ticketed.”


Wikipedia defines vandalism as: “the behaviour attributed to the Vandals in respect of culture: ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable. Such action includes criminal damage, defacement, graffiti and crass erection of an eyesore.”

Crass erection of an eyesore? Sounds like the cameras themselves.

Sticking It To The Man

November 18, 2008

postitAn unknown group of people have been quietly expressing disapproval with Arizona’s new freeway photo scheme by taking a unique approach, potentially putting Redflex in a “sticky” situation.

The end result of the mystery activists’ efforts is the placement of Post-It notes on photo scam equipment throughout the valley. Reports have surfaced that numerous cameras have been involved over the past two weeks. At least two local Phoenix television stations are known to be researching the incidents.

In a photo obtained by, activists left the words “honest mistake,” possibly a reference to an incident earlier this year when Redflex CEO Karen Finley claimed that their usage of unapproved and non-FCC certified equipment was an “honest oversight.”

Redflex is no stranger to the convenience of Post It notes as detailed in the article “Arizona Official Confirms Redflex Falsified Speed Camera Documents:”

Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer last week confirmed that documents used to convict motorists… contained elements that had been falsified. Brewer revoked the license of Cheryl Krough, notary public for photo enforcement vendor Redflex after concluding that she violated four Arizona laws while purporting to certify a speed camera deployment form for use in official hearings.

The secretary of state’s office expressed a certain amount of indignation that in response to an investigation of the matter by the Arizona Attorney General’s office, Krough, “wrote a short response to the complaint on a post it note.”

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