Attack of the Naked Body Cameras

November 9, 2010

FRAUD: Naked body scanners are repugnant in a supposedly free society and may harm health.

Why does Janet Napolitano hate privacy?

First she surveilled Arizona’s highways with intrusive, accident-increasing ticket cameras courtesy of Redflex Traffic Systems. The program ended in spectacular failure, leaving only local cities (and not the State of Arizona) operating similar schemes.

Now, the head of “homeland security” is actively pushing more technological quackery in the form of  “backscatter imagers,” —also known as naked body scanners— in airports around the United States.

Fool me once, shame on you…

We’d like to ask the question: Just what part of this nation’s founding documents are so utterly unclear regarding the inherent right of an individual to travel freely—unmolested by agents of government bureaucracy– unless on probable cause or reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed?

The scanners create an image viewable to federal agents of a traveler’s body, acting as a “camera” of sorts… and perhaps what better activism group than CameraFRAUD to challenge the spread of Janet’s newest mechanical plague?

The first step is to get informed!

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