Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program

April 25, 2011

American Traffic Solutions could be out of another major city, if the people of Los Angeles make their voices heard.

One man whose voice is being heard and hitting the airwaves is Jay Beeber, of Safer Streets LA. He was interviewed on KABC this month and his sentiments about red light cameras sound very familiar. Jay advocates the true method of making intersections safer, which is longer yellow light times.

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Loma Linda, CA Shuts Off Red Light Cameras, Extends Yellow Light Times

December 6, 2010

In a rare moment of sanity for easily manipulated City Council members, those in Loma Linda decided that, well, “enough was enough” with red light scameras.

Not only did they shut them off, but incredibly, in the name of actual safety, a full second was added to all yellow light times where the cameras were removed.

Pretend safety “experts,” Redflex Traffic Systems, who ran the Loma Linda spy camera ring were taking home the lion share of the money from the citations that were in excess of $500. And you thought your $181 ransom note from AZ DPS was profitable for the Australian operation!

Undoubtedly, just like everywhere else that yellow light times are extended and overall traffic signal timing is improved, Loma Linda is sure to see a dramatic decrease in accidents across the board. Congrats to the people of that city who will surely be happy with the exit of Redflex.

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