Phoenix Gives Up on Additional Red Light Cameras

July 23, 2011

The proposed additional red light cameras, sold to us by criminals, are going nowhere. Can we hurry up and take the rest down, Phoenix?

Now we know why Phoenix City Council would not give CameraFRAUD volunteers or even local media a straight answer about the proposed addition to red light cameras.

While a few city council members like Thelda Williams, Bill Gates and Michael Nowakowski told our members that they were in favor of the scameras and wanted the city to add more, most were silent on the issue.

A media conglomerate owned newspaper in Phoenix which supports both American Traffic Solutions and Redflex has mentioned that Phoenix scrapped that plan due the “economic climate.”

Translation: We know you’re pissed and you’re not going to pay Redflex any more of your money.

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Red Light Camera Debate Heats Up in Phoenix

June 30, 2011

Government money grubbing knows no bounds in 2011 Phoenix.

Phoenix City Council continues to suppress all info on what discussions have been had regarding the fool’s pursuit of adding red light cameras in multiple new locations.  The false pretense of “making intersections safer” has been thrown around by city bureaucrats but members of council privately admit that this is yet another money grab.

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