Tucson Vice Mayor doesn’t like 24/7 video

January 29, 2009

big_brotherWhat part of, this technology will be abused, did you not understand!

Vice Mayor Karen Uhlich told Fox 11 News, “When the Mayor and Council approved the red light cameras, we were explicitly told that the cameras would be only be activated during a violation. We were told they would not be running all the time.”

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Maricopa County Judge: Photo Enforcement Unconstitutional

January 28, 2009

gavel-slamIt looks like the courts are finally beginning to catch on.

According to Judge John Keegan, the law violates the U.S. Constitution because it denies equal protection under the law.

He says it also crosses a clause on equal privileges and immunities in Arizona’s state Constitution.

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Cameras to be… Terminated?

January 27, 2009

The Terminator

The Terminator

More good news for foes of photo enforcement. A recent AZcentral column states that there is a ‘Termination of Convenience’ clause between Redflex and the State of Arizona.

But the article, written by JJ Hensley is a shining example of what CameraFRAUD and its supporters are up against when dealing with some media outlets. The first sentence of the article reads:

“Lead-footed lawmakers concerned about incurring costs for canceling the state’s photo-enforcement contract can rest easy…”

Lead-footed? The journalist implies that any politician who might oppose photo traffic enforcement is a lead foot, or a chronic speeder. Forget the idea that the politicians might be responding to the concerns or complaints of their constituents, Hensley assumes, then prints that these law makers are lead-foots.

It gets worse. Hensley dedicates a sentence to acknowledge some of the efforts to limit or ban the use of photo traffic enforcement, citing House Bill 2016. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that HB 2106 passed committee on January 22nd, but I have no idea what HB 2016 is about. One could argue that this is just a typo, but Hensley is a journalist for pete’s sake! It’s his/her job to be correct on facts, spelling, and grammar. Maybe the Arizona Republic needs to quit laying off their proof readers.

The article goes on to say that since the program started last September, the cameras have fired 500,000 times. That’s half a million times in three and a half months, resulting in 150,000 ‘citations,’ a whopping 30%. Further, only 25,000 have been paid according to DPS, a mere 16%. DPS will need a veritable army of dirty, dishonest, and corrupt process servers to catch up on that backlog.

Finally, there is the poll released by ATS, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies insists Arizonans in general are in support of photo traffic enforcement. But let’s bear in mind that the folks at POS (don’t forget what else POS stands for!) are quick to state on their website:

“As our roots are in political campaign management, our research is focused on producing information that compels decisions – and then results and across both political and public affairs research, as our tag line suggests, we work with our clients “Turning Questions into Answers.”

These folks are far from being unbiased, they compel decisions and results, and turn questions into answers for their clients. Just tell them what you want your poll to say, and they’ll make it happen!

So that’s what we’re up against Arizona… Shoddy journalism, government/law enforcement influenced by special interests, and a private sector all too willing to manipulate numbers and facts, to outright LIE to us, just to make a buck.

Keep your heads up Arizona, the cameras will come down!

“We’re taping you, 24/7.”

January 22, 2009

watchingyouThat’s the message that Representative Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, believes that everyone should be privy to.

State lawmakers were “surprised” to learn that the “photo enforcement cameras they authorized last year to catch speeders are actually taking – and keeping – videos of everyone who passes,” according to the East Valley Tribune.

“…they learned that the cameras do more than snap still photos of those clocked driving at least 11 miles over the speed limit. In fact, they actually are recording streaming video around-the-clock.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, said what’s worse is that Redflex Traffic Systems, the private company hired by the state to set up and operate the cameras, advertises that it has technology that actually can scan in the license plates of every vehicle that passes the cameras. And that, Biggs said, allows creation of a database that can find out where people have been at any given time.”

Of course, this isn’t news to the people who’ve read CameraFRAUD.com over the past 4 1/2 months.

In honor of their rekindled interest in representing the will of the people, we humbly present the following reading list. Feel free to send this list to your state reps (click for lookup/contact info).

Arizona Representative and Senator
Recommended Reading List


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