Roll Out! Janet Orders Vans Every 20 Miles

November 26, 2008

Janzilla has done it again. From

Napolitano has wasted no time in getting her photo radar plan operational. She ordered the first 42 mobile ticketing units stationed every twenty miles on Interstates 10 and 40 over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Gobble, gobble! Is turkey-neck Janet showing her lame duck colors? But wait, there’s more:

This means that an out-of-state family, unaware of the new program, could be hit with a total of twenty tickets while traveling with the flow of traffic between California and New Mexico. With court fees, the total cost of the citations would $3700.

These numbers don’t take into account the stationary (“flashing money tree”) units already littering the shoulders of our right-of-way.

NOTE: As far as we can tell, DP$ hasn’t figured out a way to serve out-of-state drivers, leaving the burden on in-state residents.

State Treasurer: Cams are Unconstitutional

November 26, 2008


Dean MartinAnother top elected official in Arizona has spoken out against photo radar in response to increasingly vocal resistance from the driving public. State Treasurer Dean Martin (R) on Monday wrote to the state’s solicitor general instructing her to side with the League of Cities and Towns — and against himself — in a lawsuit brought against the state budget. …

“The governor and legislature cannot raise taxes or ‘log-roll’ provisions into the budget that violate the constitution,” Martin explained in a statement. “These laws are unconstitutional since they did not receive the 2/3 majority vote of the legislature which is required to raise taxes.” …

Martin singled out this provision, which was adopted without debate in the legislature, as “a tax increase without a 2/3 vote” (view text of photo radar law). Article 9, Section 22 of the state constitution requires a super-majority vote on legislation that creates a net increase in state revenue from “any new state fee or assessment” or tax.

ATS To Introduce Overweight Photo Scam Cams

November 16, 2008

No, we aren’t making this headline up.

In fact, the official press release headline from American Traffic Solutions is this discombobulated, almost incoherent wall of text: “American Traffic Solutions to Unveil Overweight and Overheight Vehicle Photo Enforcement Systems at World Congress on ITS in NY.”

Freakishly tall? Overweight? Our first thought was that Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano was going to become the “Photo Enforcer,” a Godzilla-like monster attacking motorists and ripping wallets from back pockets as she desperately tries to balance the budget on the backs of the citizens. (Imagine the screams: “Ahh! Janzilla!”)

To our disappointment, it turns out ATS is instead pitching a new revenue scheme to photograph and cite vehicles that are too tall or heavy:

ATS’ Axsis(TM) WIM-300 (Weight-in-Motion) system uses a combination of quartz weight-sensitive sensors embedded in the road and a roadside system that automatically monitors and isolates heavy vehicles. The sensors “read” the weight of a vehicle and can detect an overweight vehicle. Similarly, the Axsis(TM) Overheight photo enforcement system uses a laser to measure the vehicle’s height and detect violations. Images and video clips of the offending vehicles are captured similar to red-light and speed camera images. Images and data are transmitted to an ATS Data Center for enforcement.

First ATS sues “rival” Redflex for a smooth $100 million, and now they want friggin lasers on the friggin freeways to “measure” you?

Dr. Evil would be proud.

Press Release: Press Conference and Rally

September 19, 2008 has announced a press conference and public rally in response to recent revelations regarding a video showing a photo radar process server using a derogatory racial slur while interacting with a member of the community.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 23rd at 1:00 PM
WHERE: Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ

The video allegedly shows a process server yelling “you’re a f—ing wetb—, go back to Mexico” after attempting to serve an individual with a Redflex-generated photo enforcement citation. The video shows that the family’s children were present during the slur. The video will be released prior to Tuesday.

“Just in the past six months, private photo enforcement companies have been found to violate state laws repeatedly. As if the recent arrest of a drunk photo radar van driver wasn’t enough of an insult to the people of Arizona, now it looks like Redflex and their associated companies may be using racist intimidation methods,” said a volunteer in a prepared statement.

“This Governor and the Department of Public Safety want to reward these same companies with multi-million dollar contracts to place hundreds more of these cameras around the state with the primary mission of raising revenue.”

(Members of the media may reach by emailing

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