ATS Van Caught Speeding, Failing to Signal

August 16, 2010

American Traffic Solutions or Above The Statutes, Inc?

An American Traffic Solutions / City of Mesa “photo enforcement” vehicle was caught red handed early Saturday afternoon breaking various traffic laws.

The incident occurred early Saturday afternoon on westbound US-60 in Mesa, Arizona near exit 181. A CameraFRAUD volunteer witnessed and recorded the incident.

The white Chevrolet Uplander was observed exceeding the posted speed limit on the US-60 and failing to signal a right-hand turn onto north Stapley Dr.

CameraFRAUD Tyranny Response Unit issues "Notice of Violation" to American Traffic Solutions

CameraFRAUD has collected details about the “tali-van” scofflaw, and in a twist of roles, will issue a “Notice of Violation” to American Traffic Solutions on Monday.

Much like the millions of notices the Scottsdale-based company issues each year, the violator will be given the option of paying an arbitrary “fine” or attending a hearing.

An “Assessed Donation” in the amount of $5,000 made payable to the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation by American Traffic Solutions is requested by CameraFRAUD to cure the violation and the flagrant disregard for the law exhibited by the photo radar van driver. (Disclosure: We are not affiliated with CCBF, nor are they a sponsor or part of our request).

Automated ticketing vendors have a long history of breaking various statutes and flaunting the law when it suites their needs. In September of 2008, a Redflex van driver was arrested for DUI while driving from Scottsdale to Tempe to set up the vehicle.

In September of 2009, another Redflex driver was caught on tape in north Phoenix driving recklessly in the fully-marked faux-DPS Ford Escape.

In addition, numerous high-ranking executives of both ATS and Redflex have ignored their own tickets in a blatant example of do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do.

ATS has never been shy invoking “the children” as a reason for the usage of automated ticketing. Now that they’ve been caught (again), it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is and make a donation to a worthy, independent cause.

We eagerly await a response from American Traffic Solutions and will keep you posted with what happens.

ATS Accuses Woman, 84 of Motorcycle Speeding

August 3, 2010

American Traffic Solutions scameras in Bluff City, TN accused an 84-year old woman from Lexington of speeding at midnight on a motorcycle late last month:

“I thought maybe I ought to send them the money and not worry about it, and that’s the last thing you should do.“

The victim thought upon receipt of the “notice of violation” that the ticket was a scam (and rightfully so) and got the matter resolved only after involving the local media.

Other ATS and Redflex FAILs this week include:

Changes bring DeLand red-light cameras to rolling stop
Officials will have to re-evaluate whether to pursue the use of red-light cameras now that… a new state law would take a big chunk of local ticket revenue.

Firm doubles Palm Coast’s fees
Here’s something to make Palm Coast officials see red: The company that runs its traffic light camera system is asking to more than double what it currently charges the city.

Seeing red over camera contract
A CITIZENS’ revolt against red light cameras in New Orleans has led to claims a Victorian company agreed to pay a share of the fines to a former city councillor if it won a contract.

Red light photo enforcement is no longer active in Yucaipa
“The program was not very productive in terms of paying for itself,” Hemsley said. The city anticipated a revenue of approximately $140,000, but has only collected $27,500. Since it is the court collection system that has resulted in lack of revenue, Hemsley said the Redflex and the city could not find a good solution or alternative to canceling the contract. “After negotiations with Redflex, we agreed to pay the balance due of $198,000 and terminate the agreement.”

Town’s Automated Traffic Enforcement Approaches One Ticket Per Citizen
Tennessee town of 17,000 has issued over 7,300 traffic tickets in half year since adopting system

ATS’ Dirty Corporate Family

July 15, 2010

Just a friendly update on American Traffic Solutions and their behind-the-scenes investor which controls two of the Scottsdale firm’s seven seat board of directors.

While ATS is busy draining local economies with snake oil “solutions” to traffic violations, their corporate overlord Goldman Sachs stands accused of heinous acts of profit-driven murder.

In a bombshell editorial from The Independent earlier this month,  Johann Hari exposes the conglomerate, which maintains a significant interest in ATS:

By now, you probably think your opinion of Goldman Sachs and its swarm of Wall Street allies has rock-bottomed at raw loathing. You’re wrong. There’s more. It turns out that the most destructive of all their recent acts has barely been discussed at all. This is the story of how [Goldman and others] have caused the starvation of some of the poorest people in the world.

“My children stopped growing,” a woman my age called Abiba Getaneh, told me. “I felt like battery acid had been poured into my stomach as I starved.

Now THAT’s a personal ad: “Single lonely corporation enjoys long walks on the beach and acts of starvation-caused genocide. Quirky side includes voyeurism and government-sanctioned extortion with our family members, Jim and Adam Tuton. Hobbies include selling BP stock right before the largest enviromental disaster in US history. Actually, scratch that long walk on the beach…

In more positive(?) news, Goldman Sachs was ordered today to pay $550 million to settle SEC allegations of widespread financial fraud.

Goldman Sachs and American Traffic Solutions: ideal corporations to immeasurably mingle with police and government operations? What could possibly go wrong?

(Note: We invite someone from ATS to email us a statement in response to this article and we’ll be happy to post it. Otherwise, we’ll accept the silence as agreement.)

ATS Leaves Building Unlocked, Open

March 21, 2010

A corporate security breach at American Traffic Solutions was uncovered by CameraFRAUD volunteers Saturday night. The photo radar ticket processing facility, located in the Phoenix-suburb of Ahwatukee, was left unlocked and unattended.

Numerous bundles of network cables were spotted throughout the building, potentially allowing anyone with a laptop to access internal systems containing vital “chain of evidence” data. A dozen trashcans full of unshredded documents were spotted, possibly containing  sensitive data on their “customers:” so-called “violators” who are accused of triggering the automated ticketing machines.

In addition, a strange childlike drawing was left on one wall, apparently detailing the flow of money involving notices of violation, Hertz rent-a-car (an ATS partner in toll road technology), and local police departments. While the crudely-drawn stick figures don’t mention safety, it’s clear the corporate hieroglyphics were used to emphasize revenue and money.

ATS has a history of leaving important things unlocked. A year ago in March 2009, CameraFRAUD discovered automated ticketing boxes at intersections left unlocked and open. ATS responded by installing cameras to —yes— watch the cameras at certain locations in Mesa.

In case you’re wondering why it looks like they’re leaving the building, ATS is downsizing to a smaller processing center on nearby Southern Avenue. Industry sources report plummeting toll road revenue, as well as a sharp increase in resistance to the company’s products and services. Litigation, class-action lawsuits, and canceled contracts nationwide are just the beginning.

Stealing From Constituents May Have Political Cost

September 28, 2009

photoradarRaking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from photo radar and dangerous red light scams (during an unprecedented economic recession) “may” have political consequences says Captain Obvious, who is apparently working for the mainstream media:

What’s unclear is the political costs to be paid by city officials when residents vote in November on whether to keep the devices. People on both sides of the issue are saying that public sentiment against the cameras could translate into votes against candidates who are seen as supporting them.

In Heath, where cameras generated $554,729 in fees in their first two months of operation, Mayor Richard Waugh said he understands why the anti-camera crowd would want to make him the poster boy for photo enforcement.

(From Columbus Dispatch)

St. Ptb Times: “Put The Brakes On Red light Cams”

September 24, 2009

postitFrom the St. Petersburg Times:

Florida local governments are trying to find new revenues as tax collections decline, but hopefully Tarpon Springs is not so desperate for cash that it will install red light cameras and issue expensive tickets to residents and visitors just to shore up the city budget.

During a recent City Commission budget session, Mayor Beverley Billiris suggested installing red light cameras to provide new revenue, saying, “There are cities making $15,000 a week off those things.” […]

There are even broader concerns about red light cameras.

When it comes to safety, there is not universal agreement that the cameras reduce collisions… If the goal is to reduce intersection crashes, better results are obtained by lengthening the time the light stays yellow as well as building in a slightly longer pause before the cross street’s light turns green. […]

Lawsuits have been filed against local governments because of such issues. Local governments in Florida are among those now fighting lawsuits — and incurring legal fees.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of red light camera use is that local governments may become so dependent on the revenue that they are tempted to toy with traffic light timing to increase the flow of dollars. San Diego and Dallas were accused of shortening the yellow light cycle on traffic lights so more motorists would be caught running red lights. Such behavior belies the claim that the goal is to improve safety.

Read entire article…

ATS Accused of Destroying Records in Florida

September 20, 2009

American Traffic Solutions or Above The Statutes, Inc?

American Traffic Solutions or Above The Statutes, Inc?

American Traffic Solutions, the besieged automated ticketing vendor, is in trouble with the law again in Florida.

Already facing a class-action lawsuit regarding constitutional issues in the Sunshine State, the news now is ATS has violated state law by destroying records:

The Florida Attorney General’s Office says video footage is a public record even if it is collected by a private company, like Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, if the company is contracted by a government agency.

And officials with the Florida Division of Library and Information Services say companies like that have to comply with the state’s record-retention schedule, which requires that the videos be kept for at least 30 days.

So, how does ATS handle challenges to its ticketing scheme? Blame the client: the city!

ATS and city officials Thursday pointed to each other as the party responsible for maintaining the videos.

But City Attorney Tim McCausland said ATS is the custodian of the records and that the company is responsible for being versed in Florida public records law, which the company agreed to abide by in its contract with the city.

Be warned council members, city managers, mayors, and project administrators: Theft through automated ticketing will always come back to haunt you, and the vendor will be laughing all the way to the bank.

(And re-election is never that far off…)

ATS Chief Booed During Awards

September 18, 2009

James " Jimmy Dean" Tuton

James " Jimmy Dean" Tuton

James Tuton, CEO of automated ticketing scam vendor American Traffic Solutions, was booed by fellow “Arizona Corporate Excellence” attendees while receiving an award Thursday evening.

The gathering is organized by the Phoenix Business Journal and was held at the prestigious JW Marriott Resort in north Phoenix (ironically, a city which just recently dumped ATS for crosstown-rival Redflex).

A CameraFRAUD reader was in attendance and provided the following account:

tuton3…hundreds of local business executives and employees of the top fifty private Arizona companies were recognized.

Once the audience realized who ATS was, about a quarter of those present actually started booing. There was very little applause; the situation was awkward. Safety was only mentioned once during the five minute speech.

tuton2Tuton also bragged in front of the audience that ATS was adding cameras and contracts at a very fast pace.  The hundreds of executives (voters) in the audience acknowledged this with even more silence.

If only Kanye was around…

"Yo James, I'm really happy for you... but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time..."

"Yo James, I'm really happy for you... but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time..."

ATS Acquires Steaming Pile of Crap

September 11, 2009

An unidentified ATS employee is seen scooping up the remains of failed photo radar vendor Nestor Traffic Systems on Sep 9, 2009

An unidentified ATS employee is seen scooping up the remains of failed photo radar vendor Nestor Traffic Systems on Sep 9, 2009

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. –(BS Wire)–

American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS), the second largest provider of automated ticketing and extortion systems in North America, announced the acquisition of Nestor Traffic Systems, otherwise known as a steaming pile of crap.

ATS acquired what was left of Nestor`s fragile remains and proceeded to forcibly violate the failed company in a cheap hotel room according to company spokesdrone Josh Weiss, who also happened to be a participant in the maltreatment.

“We picked up this cheap whore for a song on the streets of Los Angeles, one of the communities she often flashes,” said Weiss. “We couldn’t resist when we saw how she could work the streets.”

Nestor lived a troubled life, often being abused at the hands of her pimps who took “lavish salaries and bonus packages” while communities contracted with the company suffered.

“We found that Nestor’s pimps believed in a philosophy that was congruent with that of our primary investor, Goldman Sachs,” said James Tuton, CEO of ATS. “Recessions and taxpayer bailouts are no reason to cancel excessive compensation packages.”

As is often the case for victims of abuse, Nestor herself lived a life of crime, surviving primarily by stealing from unsuspecting drivers.


ATS Goes Boldly (and illegally) Where Redflex Won’t

September 3, 2009

American Traffic Solutions or Above The Statutes, Inc?

American Traffic Solutions or Above The Statutes, Inc?

Last week, we reported about American Traffic Solutions’ new legal nightmare in Florida in an article titled “RED LIGHT: ATS Future Uncertain in Florida:”

The headlines say it all. Miami Herald: “Legal challenges mount for Florida’s red-light cameras.” Daytona Beach News-Journal: “Red-light camera lawsuit looms.” Naples News: “[Suit claims] red-light cameras are unconstitutional.”

What’s most interesting is how American Traffic Solutions is risking so much in Florida. Their arch-rival, Redflex, never known for shying away from legally-questionable but potentially lucrative contracts, has avoided Florida like the plague:

“Legal opinions indicate that automated enforcement in the state of Florida remains illegal,”

That’s according to Redflex’s filing with the Australian Securities Exchange.

While there may not be honor among thieves, even a dumb crook knows when to mitigate risk.

ATS, clearly, does not.

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