CameraFRAUD Statement; re: trapster app ban request

March 23, 2011

For Immediate Release

ALERT 3:45 PM / Phoenix: BlackBerry caves to law breaking lawmakers, REMOVES Phantom Alert app from BlackBerry App World.
ACTION REQUESTED: Call BlackBerry Corporate NOW at 877-255-2377 and remind them who they work for,  and that censorship in a free society is unacceptable. Please RT #boycottRIM and start pushing this viral.

It has come to our attention that a collective of four U.S. Senators have decided to overstep their constitutional restraints and trample on the First Amendment by attempting to coerce Apple into dropping applications that report in real-time the location of law enforcement (or pseudo-law enforcement) activities around the world.

These apps are the modern day equivalent of flashing one’s headlamps at other drivers to warn of nefarious speed traps.

Instead of taking us down the road to an all-out police state, perhaps these lawmakers should question the legality of the alarming proliferation of internal checkpoints being deployed nationwide, including the terrible abuses of civil rights being demonstrated on a daily basis by Janet Napolitano’s “Domestic Surveillance Squad,” including but not limited to the TSA, Customs and Border Protection, and the United States Border Patrol; as well as Janet Napolitano’s personal connections with private, quasi-policing agencies such as Redflex and American Traffic Solutions.

During her reign as governor, Ms. Napolitano virtually deputized an entire, for-profit foreign corporation to patrol the highways of the State of Arizona, in vehicles marked as the State’s top policing agency, the Arizona Department of Public Safety. This disastrous program boldly attempted to capitalize on speeding as a form of state funding and track driver’s whereabouts utilizing automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

CameraFRAUD is the “largest and most-organized” of the groups pursuing elimination of automated ticketing machines according to the Associated Press. For related information, please see:, (and Roadblock Revelations),,, especially or even .

Media Inquiries:

Cops Go Ballistic Over Camera Dissent

July 10, 2010

Police were "hopping mad" as they attempted to remove a state-of-the-art revenue suppression device -a sombrero- from a scam cam

A giant sombrero placed over a Redflex ticketing machine in Paradise Valley, Arizona was stomped on and destroyed by town police officers before being placed in the back seat of a cruiser.

CameraFRAUD volunteers had gathered at the “scamera” location in the upscale Phoenix suburb late last month to assist a production crew from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in obtaining footage and interviews regarding two controversial Arizona policies: photo enforcement and SB1070.

According to witnesses, PV Ofc. Steven Chavira arrived on the scene and immediately demanded the production crew cease filming, using his hands and body in an attempt to obstruct the crew’s cameras, apparently unaware of the irony of his actions.

According to, “Chavira… then jumped several times in vain attempts to reach the giant hat that rested on the camera head just beyond his reach. After using a stick, Chavira and a second officer were able to knock off the sombrero, which he stomped on several times before taking it into custody in his patrol car.”

Did the officers act inappropriately? While covering or blocking a ticketing camera isn’t known to violate any local or state law, the officers actions appear to be unprofessional: the immigration debate is a hot topic; sworn law officers stomping on something racially symbolic is a public relations fiasco in the making.

Furthermore, destruction of evidence is a serious crime, and would be applicable if the town had decided to attempt to maliciously pursue the individuals responsible for the placement of the sombrero.

(Media Inquiries:

Scottsdale Launches All-out Assault on Freedom of Speech

August 28, 2008

Scottsdale Police has arrested a reporter who was videographing anti-camera activists. Two individuals were exercising their first-amendment rights by waving signs on a sidewalk on Shea Blvd when, incredulously, the Scottsdale Police arrested the person holding the camera. One of the charges was even for a non-existent crime: “disrupting the operation of a photo radar van.”

“A Scottsdale man arrested Wednesday night was accused of disrupting the operation of a photo radar van parked in the 6800 block of East Shea Boulevard, police said.

Shelton, 35, was holding protest signs and blocking the van’s cameras, Officer Dave Pubins said.

Last Friday, a grass-roots group called gathered at Scottsdale and Thomas roads to protest the use of photo-enforcement cameras.”

The Scottsdale Police is in such an outright tizzy that they even went as far as to issue a press release in a section of their website normally grazed with information pertaining to death investigations and armed robberies.

The arrested reporter is a contributor to local-news site, as well as his own Youtube channel, “RP4409.” He was released on his own recognizance on 8/28 around 5:30 PM.

Best of luck with your proceedings, Scottsdale. You’ll need it, because by acting illegally under the “color of law,” the TRUE law shines though as clear as day.

UPDATE: A few of our readers pointed out an interesting question: If it’s a crime to wave a sign on a city street near photo radar equipment, why didn’t the Scottsdale Police take enforcement action on Friday, August 22nd during the Thomas Road protest, in which footage from local channel KTVK-TV clearly shows activists who may have purposefully been blocking the equipment?

Is it because they were afraid of possible public backlash and blowback for being heavy-handed? Is it because the Scottsdale Police is afraid of the media? Or, perhaps the City of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Police are terrified of cameras catching them in the act when they do something wrong?

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